What I Needed to Hear

Even when you are a jumble of doubts we love you. Many deep and sour, old thoughts and connections can be rising up. It’s good. The old rises and is seen as it leaves. Very good. Less stringent ways come without effort. You notice that you are more patient. You want to be more kind and generous. You have a good life, a sweet life. Do not bother going over what is not so perfect. Take pleasure in this very moment. Catching our words on paper gives pleasure and comfort. Is that not enough?

When you take an appointment for a session, know it will be beautiful. It will be deepening and inspiring. It begins by you making the effort, setting the energy, and calling in the circle of the unseen Ones. You bring us wherever you go. You call us forth and we are there. Your job is not in proving there are Angels. Nor is it in claiming us as your fabrications.

You are a vessel and we are around you, flowing through your eyes and hands and voice. Let that just be said. You can’t make anyone believe.

You can offer a good way to live. You can model it. You can bring joy and laughter and happiness and deep understanding, expansion, and wider love.

We do these things through you. Don’t doubt it. And don’t take on the proving of the whole celestial realm. What we want is for the actual joy of knowing Angels to be your reality, unshakeable in you.

We are your allies, whether you have human family or friends or neighbors. We are your close, close lovers. We are. We love exactly you in exactly the ways you are. Be your whole self with us. That is the useful sense. That is why we stay with you and flow with you—always. Be glad without being heavy-handed. You can’t make anyone believe. But you can believe—easily and surely.

In all ways, in all things, we love you.

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