Be the Calm, not the Storm

Be not afraid. The waves of energy and light that engulf your planet are for the best good; for each of you, the energy is for your good. This benevolence of light and clarity come as gifts from the Mother. It is her Plan working out through and around you. This is the inevitable outcome of the clearing and releasing you have all done thus far. And so it continues.

Can you find a place of calm within you? Perhaps it is your hand resting by the side of the page. Just there. Or the steadiness of your beating heart. The natural functions of your body go on through all the waves of energy and emotion. You are made of strong bodies and free will intertwined with Divine Light. This blending is your identity now.

As you go out into your world today, it is good practice to first connect with us, your own Angels who love you so much. If you feel our love, if you even remember feeling our love, it can assist you now. The idea is to be the calm, not the storm. When you walk along the water’s edge as waves crash along the shore, do you appreciate the steady ground under your feet or do you jump in to be tossed about?

We hope you will walk in such a place today and feel us with you. We are with you, but your conscious invitation, your awareness of us in the precise ways that you recognize us—these increase your ability to connect and our ability to assist. Such a blessing is yours, available to you always. We are with you now.

Can you feel us even as you read these words? In the looking, we are with you.

We bless you now, dear people of light, people of good will, of good heart. A rumbling in the water or the air need not catch you unawares. Peace is large and can spread with every step you take. So take the first step of calling us in. Then take the next step in comfort and in peace. These are the times you came to be part of. We love your courage and your growing awareness. We bless you now, again and again. May you be happy and peaceful in this minute. We love you.

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1 Response to Be the Calm, not the Storm

  1. Diane Knoll says:

    Beautiful Jenny! Thank you.


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