Your Empowerment Grows Every Day

The focus of humanity today may be on storms and safety in traveling. Our focus always is you and the pure light within you. This brings you “home” again and again. Be easy amid the bustle. Nothing is wrong. All is well around you and within you. We are your Angels. We see you as you are—in light and fine, high-frequency vibration. You close the gap between your daily self and your soul with every breathe. Be easy now.

The great turning of the Earth and the Sun and the stars goes on. The great turning of your hearts toward truth, kindness, compassion, and freedom goes on also; it accelerates and deepens you. Wonders will you see in the skies and in yourselves. Many write of changes. All contribute to the understanding that these are extraordinary times of opportunity and choice. You can choose and you do: a kind thought, a loving gesture, a gracious offer, a smile of welcome. We are with you in and through these all. Each moment and each conscious choice is important. Your empowerment grows every day.

The river of truth calls you, it carries you once you jump in. So be glad you are alive this day. Be not caught in mind mazes or doubt. Be easy and be glad for your blessed life. Humanity is rising in awareness. You are a door of clarity in words and brightness. You need not be other than you are, exquisite in your grace and truth. Be easy being yourself. We love you now and always.

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