Just the Beginning

Things are going in a good direction. You can feel glad for your participation in the movement toward Light—more light for all the people.

You can feel strengthened by your efforts on behalf of the sacred lives of the animals, the trees, the mighty stones, and the holy waters. This is your beautiful Earth, Terra Gaia.

The calendar page turns distinctly and the changes will come. And just the beginning . . .

You new Earth begins her show of strength and solidarity. You will behold marvels; you may say miracles. Fire and Light are partners in this transformation.

The blessings and oversight of the Ancient Ones are with you.

So we encourage you to be joyful in your true and deep hearts. Courage in needed, yes, and you have it. The seeds of joy are in this day.

As you watch the coming of the new year, place by place, all over the world, see the people gathered. See the faces, see the eyes of clarity and beauty. See the hope.


May you all know how blessed you are.

So many Angels on Earth now.

All around you, helping you.

With you in your days and nights.



Peace be with you now. Peace in your heart. Peace in the new year.


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