I Can Allow More Grace in My Life

You are doing so well and we love you so much. These are days of movement from old and ancient and lineal patterns into the new thought of Oneness, harmony, contentment, peace, and ease. Gracious ease. These words become your allies as we become your companions. There is no use in struggle. The great wave of love from the Mother is penetrating you as well as each animal, each tree, each blade of grass, each drop of rain from the sky. Coming into you as blessings, softening your hearts. Be easy as you receive. This is how you learn now. All things for good begin to appear before you. A project well done, a blessed rain, a healing in a situation that looked before as if it could never alter—but now it has.

Let your noticing grow. Let your storyline go forward. It is good to state the ease in your experience. Give yourself practice in acknowledging it: This went so smoothly. I felt guided. I have been feeling good for some days now. I will trust that my Angels are watching out for me and helping me come into my greater good, which contributes to the good for all. Yes, I can allow more grace into my life.

When you go about your day, let your eyes notice what grows in beauty around you. Let your ears hear that bird in the tree near to you. Even at traffic lights and city corners, there are things to notice to give you moments of pleasure and connection.

You have been conditioned to call it “news” when tragedy or mayhem are told to you, but the real news is your own daily emergence from the darkness into the light of awareness. This is happening in each of you. It is happening in every country, in every locale, in every heart.

The grace of the Mother’s love sweeps across your world in waves of compassion, as you perceive the beauty of Gaia and all her creations. You are part of the beauty. It begins in your hearts.

We bless you now, each and all who read these words, who feel the growing ease. The great wheel turns and you move into more light. All is well. We love you.

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2 Responses to I Can Allow More Grace in My Life

  1. Lauri Morgan says:

    Ease, Grace, Smooth, Goodwill…..what beautiful words that cut through all the dim and temporary chaos. Thank you that our hearts can rest in our awareness of you.


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