Aware of the Movement and the Light

Your unfoldment follows the seasons. [In the northern hemisphere of your planet] more light, longer light, greater light. And so in the upswelling movement, old memories and habits of thought rise. They rise like sticks in a stream. They are dry and brittle, have no power to stop the flow, but yes, they can drift together. They can trap leaves—your old impressions that are not useful to you now. The rush of water is strong, as is the light. So for a day or an afternoon or an hour you feel caught. In that quick bundle of leaves and dirt there are tumbling pebbles. There are also flashes of sunlight on the water.

All this is going on in you, dear Children of Light. Even when you feel trapped, you are aware of the movement and the light. It calls you always on. Some may stay longer in the nest of the past, with hurts and betrayals to poke and scratch. No matter if you tumble, you are aware in your core that these sticks and stones do not hurt you as they once did. Harsh words do not pierce you; criticism from others indicates where they are, not where you are. A sudden moment of clarity or insight. The wind shifts. The small obstacle/one more bundle of twigs is loosed. The stream flows on over the smooth stones.

You are leading the way, by how you manage every day—to find your ease and feel your freedom. There are so many helpful tools and many Great Ones to assist you. The stream flows on. What grows in you is unstoppable. You don’t have to be perfect in some old, stale way; you are perfect in your fluid motion now. We are with you and we love you now.

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