Another New Beginning

I have loved ‘catching’ every one of these messages from the Angels. 

It is an honor to be their vessel. 

Then to post words for you is a special joy; I am grateful for all these years. 

All the receiving/editing/posting done by me, no-one else involved. 

No money has come to me although other sites have taken these messages, translated them, and charged their readers.

The Angels are my team.

While I will not be posting regularly, this blog and archives will remain here for you.

The messages are timeless.

I am being called to make more private sessions with the Angels available. 

The huge influx of Light is a benefit to all who partake.

You help carry it out into your world. 

You can read about this service in the pull-down tab.

Please continue to enjoy these words of grace, comfort, and love from the Angels.

I invite you to contact me if you have questions.

Thank you for your wise and open hearts.


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3 Responses to Another New Beginning

  1. Darlene D'Angelo-Wilson says:

    I am so grateful to finally find some family from Dorie D’Angelo. I have spent many years since 1995. I even went in search of her church. I looked through the phone book in 2002. I have search the Internet many times and once again I made a search. To my surprise you have been here all along. Maybe I just wasn’t ready yet. A little of my history might explain my constant thoughts of Dorie. I was a survivor of domestic violence and turned my life around in 1991, went to nursing school and after graduating I was able to afford a divorce in 1995. I wanted very badly to change my married name at the same time. Since my middle name was my father’s name (that too was a bad experience) I wanted to change my middle name to my mother’s as she passed when I was a little girl.
    This was something I thought about for a long time and struggled with all of my younger siblings about. I went to my church in Oregon and prayed that my angels would send me a messages. After church I wandered though the new and used books and I picked up a book with no cover. It appeared to be a church flyer with writing on it and I looked around for the person who dropped it. It was Dorie’s book or at least part of it. I set down and read the whole thing. My message from the angels was there in her name and her writing. I had thought about my last name to be D’Angelo because it means “Of The Angels” and changing my middle name to my mother’s it was the answer I prayed for. My years in nursing were a blessing and whole other story as I became a Bereavement Consultant. But that day at church when Dorie spoke to me was the most wonderful day for me. I have since looked for her book and some small symbolic memory of her. I will cherish this web site and I am looking forward to reading every message from now on. Thank you so much for carrying her legacy on.


  2. Lauri Morgan says:

    Holding this renewed intention in love and support. May you continue to spread the light to those who come to you. 💜


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