The Emergent Self

See yourself and your world emerging more fully each day, from light into light. In our view you have been cleaved in pieces and now the emergent Self shines more brilliantly through as the old continues to fall away. You have nearly broken free; the old ways are dissolving. You are the live One. Ah yes.

This feeling of freedom is true for many of you now. The old ways have no power over you. Watch instead as the pathways of equality, peace, and justice grow. See vitality and hope. Today. In you.

We encourage you and we cherish you, in this rough and tender time. Be gentle with yourself. Go easy. There is no rush in your inevitable move toward wholeness. You are learning joy. You are learning it in yourself, day by day, even moment by moment. It will be the new currency and you will know it and possess it in abundance.

How to move though such a day? In grace. In gratitude that you have the ability to grow in consciousness, that you have the ability to change a thought, that you have the skill to choose a better thought if you find yourself in worry or fear or regret. How brilliant that you can do these things.

We love to be in connection with you. Let our love streams fill you instead of any old limiting, confining, constricting thought. This is how our love for you can support you in every circumstance. Stop the thought. Feel our loving you. Go on from that. Some say it is like rain, or breeze, or ocean air, like flowers, or a meadow.

Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking. Let us love you now.

This is so simple and yet so effective. The love you receive is then pure and flushes out any other vibration. In any moment you can start fresh.

We love you in your continual emerging.

Bless you now.

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1 Response to The Emergent Self

  1. Joan Vorderbruggen says:

    Your transcribed Angel messages always come at such perfect times, Dear Jenny. Thank you for continuing to share them with us! Much love, Joan


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