Spring Breath

The air is thick with light. See the spaces between the eucalyptus branches. The edge of the individual fronds show themselves as the sun moves between them. The light is so delicious now. You can almost see the pathways the birds soar on, the way the wild wind moves them through the solar atmosphere at the end of the day.

Sun makes long strides, streaks of light as humming, swaying, lilting branches hide and reveal her. Minutely, circles and streaks of spiny rainbow light access the trees structure. What rings in the ears as she slides down their trunks is your own steady heartbeat

The noise is all below now. You and the light and the golden pulsating radiance linger on everything. Just as the sun goes down, the inherent pulsating radiance on each thing shows. The whole land singing, ringing in silent ecstasy of being.

Boom. Every day, on the edge of the world. Day and night. Light as particle and wave. And available for your eyes to see. Stunning velvet radiance. Rainbow whorls calling the light back across the hills, back from your eyes, back from the saturated-with-green trees.

Delight in this day, this moment. Now.

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1 Response to Spring Breath

  1. Christine M Bakalis says:

    Beautiful, simple, connecting and real are the images brought in – what a lovely picture with words is painted


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