Dorie D’Angelo was internationally known as the Angel Lady of Carmel. She was the first person to bring the Angelic realm down to the mainstream. Her book, Living with Angels, is considered a classic in the field. She adopted Jenny as granddaughter/next of kin in a private ceremony in 1983. It was then she formally took the name Jenny D’Angelo.

2 Responses to Dorie

  1. Sharon Davidson says:

    I was thinking of Dorie today even though I never met her. Years ago I read her book and was taken by it. I’ve always believed angels are around us. When my daughter died in 2007, I started to collect angels, and again, I thought of Dorie and her beautiful book. I loaned it to a family member years ago and haven’t been able to find another since. Dorie was an amazing, lovely spirit who embodied the idea of angels on Earth–though I doubt she ever felt that way about herself. Today, I was sitting out in my angel garden, a place we created to rehabilitate plants in the garden that needed a change of place and some extra attention, and we long ago filled it with angels as well as plants in rehab. The plants there are so happy and healthy now and for many years it’s become our special place in the garden. I do so wish I could find another copy of Dorie’s original book that I bought all those years ago at The Thunderbird! If you can help me find it, I would very much appreciate it.
    Lots of Love,
    Shay Davidson


    • oangels says:

      Hello Shay, I’m so glad you wrote and revived in your heart your memories of Dorie. So many people carry her still in their hearts, minds, and memories. She was so extraordinary in part because she didn’t think of herself that way. Her love was and is real. I am glad you know that.

      To speak to your question, I tried many times to find copies of Dorie’s book, through old booksellers and online. They were always duplicated books of Dorie’s words, maybe with a black cover, or something like that. Not originals of her book with purple cover.

      Because I am her next-of-kin, I applied to the Office of Copyright, to obtain the rights to her book. I received those rights. It had been my wish to reprint her book, but I have not been able to accomplish that yet. My holding the rights does not preclude other people from offering bootlegged versions to the public. Maybe you will be lucky and find an old original. I hope you do. I wish you well in every way—in your garden and in your life.

      I send this to you with many blessings,

      Jenny D’Angelo


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