Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

Remembering Dorie D’Angelo, the Angel Lady of Carmel


Today, her birthday anniversary, a photo from 1983, with Jenny D’Angelo, whom she trained and adopted as granddaughter/next of kin, beloved of the Angels.

Carrying on her work in a new way, Jenny will be in Carmel to introduce her book, Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone.

When you meet Jenny, you may feel a touch of Dorie too, as you come into your own connection.

Come and say hello.       Feel the Angels’ blessing.

Meet & Greet

Saturday, 16 May 2015    1:00–3:00 pm

Pilgrim’s Way Books and Secret Garden

Dolores between 5th & 6th, Carmel, CA 93921

(831) 624-4955




8 Responses to Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

  1. Caria Tomczykowska says:

    How nice to feel Dorie’s presence lingers in so many people. I first met Dorie in 1974. My first daughter was born with a heart defect and Down’s Syndrome. Not much support in those days, so a friend of my Mom’s who lived in Carmel put me in touch with her. I had been so stressed out, that instead of working with my baby girl, she worked on me. “If Mom isn’t around, who will take care of this little angel? ” Oh my, the dozens of times we drove from San Francisco to see her, and each time we all got stronger in faith, in spirit, in love. I still have most of the angels collected over the years, yet some of them have found new homes with other babies. The numerous tapes that Dorie recorded for/with me are still in a special box amny of which just looking at the title, I recall the message. Courage. Vision. Strength. Fulfillment. Trust. ….. I went on to have four more children, all of whom were in Dorie’s presence or Andre’s. Just writing this I am smelling the sweet aroma of her healing room. There were many more times where I needed the touch of her hand to know that I would get through the difficult time which brought me into her home. I can feel her smiling now, next to her Dr. Kirck, Andre maybe letting her get a word in edgewise, and hovering over us during these especially trying times. Angel Blessings to all of us! Namaste.


  2. Michelle Frye says:

    I met Dorie when going to an open healing(?) with a friend who had TBI. I was young, strong and healthy. Dorie spitted me from across the room, made a beeline for me and took my hands in hers. Her eyes gently demanded I look deep into them and hold her gaze. She smiled and said “ Everything will be fine. You’ll be fine. Everything will be alright. It will all be fine”. She foresaw the deadly diseases I would develop and also saw that none of them would result in my death. Nothing like that would ever kill me. Very powerful moment. Everyone else was staring at us and only now do I understand why they stared. She had delivered a message straight from God and I was the blessed recipient. I’ve survived 17 years longer than anyone with my type of acute leukemia and no marrow transplant Dorie knew 16 years before I got aml. Wow. I still miss her and think of her often.


  3. Jessie Appenzeller says:

    I met Dorie when I was about 8 years ago while she was sitting with her husband Andre. She gave me a little angel figurine. I’ll never forget. I’m 46 years old now and have been seeking out spiritual connections with my higher power and trying to understand my place in the universe. I pray on regular basis and for some reason I woke up this morning thinking about Dorie.


    • oangels says:

      Hello Jessie. Thank you for writing your memory of Dorie. So many people say they remember how they met her, what she said, how they felt. It’s a beautiful thing to remember her and the gifts that she gave you, both physical and spiritual. She has been on my mind a lot in these days as well. Waking up remembering her and feeling her and the Angels is a blessing.

      Maybe you would like to have an Angel session in current time. You can write me through Contact if you feel so moved. I send you blessings right now.


  4. kalani goins says:

    Hello to you,
    I first saw this special lady on the morning show with Ross McGowan and Ann Frazier. She was so sure about angers I am I was unsure about most things. She spoke about watching for one’s angels, and about 6 weeks after the show, I was walking though a dark hallway when all of a sudden there was a tiny, brilliant spark of light in a kind of a star shape. I knew immediately that I had seen my angel.

    She was and is an incredible being, and she changed my life, truly.

    Rev. Dr. Kalani Goins


    • oangels says:

      Dear Kalani,

      Thank you for sharing your memory and the changes that came to you because of Dorie. She was incredible. I think you may have seen her on one of the last shows she did. Fortunately the Angels help me to continue her work. Sending you many blessings on this day.


  5. I am so very excited to see this. I attended Dori’s
    weekly angel groups in Carmel in 1980s.
    She helped me very much. Through her help and the angels I move to Los Angeles the City of Angels
    Now 27 years later I have Dori’so book in my hand and I’m thinking about all the good things that I learned from her and the angels. I am currently hosting, 4 archangels for 5 days. I’m sorry I missed you in May do you ever make it down to Los Angeles please keep me posted I’m so happy you’re carrying on doors work blessings to you


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