Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

Remembering Dorie D’Angelo, the Angel Lady of Carmel


Today, her birthday anniversary, a photo from 1983, with Jenny D’Angelo, whom she trained and adopted as granddaughter/next of kin, beloved of the Angels.

Carrying on her work in a new way, Jenny will be in Carmel to introduce her book, Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone.

When you meet Jenny, you may feel a touch of Dorie too, as you come into your own connection.

Come and say hello.       Feel the Angels’ blessing.

Meet & Greet

Saturday, 16 May 2015    1:00–3:00 pm

Pilgrim’s Way Books and Secret Garden

Dolores between 5th & 6th, Carmel, CA 93921

(831) 624-4955




3 Responses to Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

  1. kalani goins says:

    Hello to you,
    I first saw this special lady on the morning show with Ross McGowan and Ann Frazier. She was so sure about angers I am I was unsure about most things. She spoke about watching for one’s angels, and about 6 weeks after the show, I was walking though a dark hallway when all of a sudden there was a tiny, brilliant spark of light in a kind of a star shape. I knew immediately that I had seen my angel.

    She was and is an incredible being, and she changed my life, truly.

    Rev. Dr. Kalani Goins


    • oangels says:

      Dear Kalani,

      Thank you for sharing your memory and the changes that came to you because of Dorie. She was incredible. I think you may have seen her on one of the last shows she did. Fortunately the Angels help me to continue her work. Sending you many blessings on this day.


  2. I am so very excited to see this. I attended Dori’s
    weekly angel groups in Carmel in 1980s.
    She helped me very much. Through her help and the angels I move to Los Angeles the City of Angels
    Now 27 years later I have Dori’so book in my hand and I’m thinking about all the good things that I learned from her and the angels. I am currently hosting, 4 archangels for 5 days. I’m sorry I missed you in May do you ever make it down to Los Angeles please keep me posted I’m so happy you’re carrying on doors work blessings to you


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