Let the Light Pour through You

We love you and your fine tuning. Let this beautiful lovelight pour through you as you work. Being in our “field” is deep and calming, peaceful, soothing. You may not want to be in the Mall or the dance floor after such a night as was brought on by the Moon. But a walk in the sea air or in the forest or through a meadow or holding a baby. Pure and natural is what feels best after being awash in grace.

You are all getting ready and you know not exactly for what. You prepare internally by your practices, body postures, meditations, prayers, intentions. You eat with care. You drink clear water often. Mostly you sleep deeply, for there are healing journeys you participate in with the Mother and with us. Things speed up. Days are getting longer, the Sun sets later, and the huge full Moon was red in the sky.

Dear children of light, we are with you. Instances of grace and perfect timing occur frequently. Your old patterns of thought, annoyance, and disturbance are less, and it all happens in quiet ways. The increase in light in your body, in your cells, in your consciousness is unmistakable. Your growth is steady now. Yes, there will be waves of change, for this is a momentous time. You are ready. The onslaught of light is no burden. It is joy made manifest in your days. That connection with the morning towhees, with your frisky dog, with the children in the park, with a friend without saying a word. Your lives are connected and the connection is love. It is lovelight. It is heartfelt. It is who you truly are. We are with you as you grow accustomed to it—to grace, to blessing, to love.

This very day be in peace with yourself, your heart, your beautiful, emerging world of light. All will be well. In the heart, all is well right now. Go in peace. Be in joy. We love you.

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Angels Are My Familiars

Angels are my familiars.

I open the top of my heart and they fly out.
See them as light streamings—instant and in perfection.
Feel them as soft feathers
like those of the grey wren.
Ever new,
the frictionless outpouring. Sourceless.
Through me,
I allow it to the last.
My great glory
and the crumbling of my fallen edges.
Claim nothing!
Streaming familiars.

Quivering on the wide quiet dawn,
we see the upcoming silver light
before the world does;
it is us dancing
without question.

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Do Not Begrudge Yourself the Light that Is Available to You

We love you. We see you from our view of love. And so we see you whole. We see you splendidly alive. In your world of distraction and corruption, it is most excellent if you still can look out of your window and see a bird in flight.

Any time you stop and breathe, gaze outside yourself or center within, you can come back to your true self, your natural self. Your greatest ability is to be aware. Your turning or returning to us is natural. It is deeper than you know. What is important is that you are attentive. You might even be expectant. Your more innocent self is ready to be amazed. Our love is ever-present. Let yourself have it.

We suggest a very simple practice. Take one minute to stop and state your intention to connect with your Angel and the Light. Say it out loud, “Dear Angel, Thank you for letting me feel you, feel your Presence, feel your love. Thank you for your light.”

If you will say this from your heart each day, you will feel more certainty. We are holders of your joy, awaiting your receiving it.

In the morning, when you wash your face, when you do all of your ablutions, imagine that you are washing your doubt away with each splash. When you look in the mirror, allow the felt presence of your own Angel, that flash just out of your field of vision.

To really populate the globe with Angels is easy. The more conscious you are of the presence of us and the many beings of light who support you, the more you are contributing to this rich and nourishing environment. We will come with every wish, every invitation, every flicker of hope. Our joy is to attend to you and love you.

Yes, dear Children of Light, these days are exceedingly full of possibility.

Invite us in. Let us into your life today, an honorable day to begin again.

We love you and bless you now.

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You Are Cherished for Your Being

You are doing so well. You are all doing so well. The upwelling of feeling, even doubts, but more so hope, is clearing you at deeper levels, getting you ready for the new.

Dear children of light—at any age you are like our children because we love you and look after you—we see you grow in your expressions of kindness, in your graciousness, in your acceptance of differences. You see you are more alike now than you are different. You are made from holy substance. You are held in highest respect for your dedication. You are cherished for your being here and now.

You came into the world to be part of this immense transformation and every day you participate in it. In the nights too, we go together with the Mother to areas of distress to give ease to those souls.

This great cycle of growth is made up of love, comfort, compassion, trust, and ease. Then the circle turns again and you are at another place in it. Offering and receiving are both important. Emotions that diminish you are less, those that expand you are on the increase. This is how you grow.

These times are of such momentous change that you literally cannot imagine. You cannot because you are not yet in the full knowing just how well the grand orchestration of the Mother’s Plan is playing out. This unfolding is utterly and completely beyond words. You won’t need words nor will you want words when you live in the fullness of the divine perfection that is working out.

So you are in your particular places, honing, smoothing rough edges, deepening; you are relaxing more and breathing more. Each one of you is reshaping a part of the world, be it through renovating a room or a property, starting a new project, relocating, beginning a new phase of your life. Many are departing, for their work here in body is complete. Those loving souls can assist you now in your greater expression of wholeness and new hope. You are coming into clear alignment with your dreams and your visions of a better world. You each work on a piece of the Plan.

You know this but you forget. We, as your Angels, are one with your wholeness. We breathe you. We are your light with no shadow. Such impossible conundrums of words, yet such unutterable bliss and delight, which you will know: your magnificence as sovereign beings in the universe.

Until then, we are your Angels. You are not alone. Even ‘solitary’ is too confining a word. In your growing awareness of being—in your sovereignty—you feel connected to the animals, the trees and plants, the birds, the waters, the stars. We are with you throughout the beauty of this very day.

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We Ask You to Trust

We love you so much. Even if you are feeling frazzled, confused, troubled, feeling loss or less than. These are some of the oldest thoughts and belief threads of your human condition. You do well to let them pass through you. You need not take them and re-own them. Your good work makes you more fluid, so this deep strata can arise. Please do not chastise yourself here. When you feel this ancient muck, do you not sense the pure silence of the Divine around you, underneath it all? You are held gracefully in the night in your dream body. Your light is not dimmed even when you do not feel it. You are so much stronger now, delicate in that strength, vulnerable and tender in it, not rigid.

The light that is transforming you is operating at the finest cellular and molecular levels. In the process every single aspect of constraint or condition is being affected. All the subtle movements inside you make for shifting feelings. It is doubt that is leaving by this process; it is not lodging further in you. So we ask you to trust. Trust yourself. Trust your guidance. Trust the great forces at work here in the elegant ground of your being. We have not been with you through the ages to abandon you now.

Waves of nameless anxiety may come up. You are not doing anything wrong in this. Rather, you are alive to the molding of the clay by your attention. Ease can come between the waves of release, like a woman in labor. It is your new self that is emerging. Let not your old thoughts re-constrict you now. All is well.

All will be well. When you see the sky so vast above you, one little cloud cannot hide it. In yourself, great ease is around every ripple of unease. You are the home of ease, even now. Go now and feel it in your stride, your stance (your dance), your clear eyes. All is well.

We love you so much.

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Our Simple, Beautiful, Holy Connection

We love you and we bless you now on this last day of your calendar year. The day is only a turning of a page, yet you have arrived at a tremendous milestone in the increase of light.

There is no stopping this great expansion in yourselves, your thoughts, and directly into your world. The changes are deep and rising through you. The many global meditations allow you to feel your connection through light. The growth in your consciousness is remarkable.

You have all come to this time and may be truly acknowledged. You can look back, even through the last year, to see the depth and growth of your awareness. You are kinder, more compassionate, living closer to your feelings, listening and speaking from your heart.

We grace you and bless you for your steadfastness. You know the pure truth of light. You have called us in as light. You have felt your body infused in such a stream of healing light. Always so simple. Always true. Yet to know it and do it takes courage. This quiet, daily practice to be in connection with more than the ordinary reality—this we see. To this we respond. Our simple, beautiful, holy connection.

We give you an image: You, each of you, standing easily and comfortably. The energy vortices you call “chakras” we see as portals or windows. Your work with your chakras has allowed you to sense as the areas lighten up. Imagine these fine portals utterly clear in you. Now let us stand behind you and shine an extra measure of divine lovelight through you. Your Angels and the Divine Mother shine through you.

We give you this image as you start the new year. Use it. You can open this door toward anyone. We and the Divine Mother shine through you. A silent blessing goes forth in each instance, as from your throat, the light of Namasté.

We gift you this image. We gift you in this way again with the radiant love of the Divine Mother. You are Her door.

We love you for the light you carry, for the increase in light and frequency that you realize. The new year will bring explosions of positive change in so many areas of your life. The Mother’s Plan is unfolding and you will see dramatic transformation. It will go well. You are Her window. Open and shine.

We love you. We bless you now and always.

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Your Needs Are Met

I call in the great I AM Presence and the Violet Transmuting flame. Cleanse me of all that is old, unwanted, useless, unloving, or of lack. Let me end this year well. Let me greet the new year well and open. May I continue to ask you and feel you and know you throughout my days. Thank you.

We love your simple prayer and the words of hope and peace. Let each woman and each man, let every child have moments of ease, of hope and grace in these days. The old world is dissolving. Your real world of light is emerging—first in you and then in the wider view. Know the Divine Plan is working out in its timing most exact—the timing of perfection—which you know in confirmations you receive.

Be easy in this ending for it is remarkably an end and a huge new beginning. You chronicle in years as you turn the calendar page and name it anew. This next year will be significant, so you do well to let your old memories rise and let them leave you. Like shadows of clouds they move out of you.

The intense, immense light in which you have been flooded is reaching its own flashpoint. So much light self-ignites. Be easy. Breathe. More help than you can yet imagine is at the ready. Be yourself. Be yourselves. Be aware. Your discernment has been honed for this.

Your own Angel is with you, perfectly focusing the great light of the I AM Presence into you. Through you it moves now. Stop and feel it. It moves from the top of your head down, in and through your entire neck area, your throat. Down into your chest it floods. Straight through your heart it flows. Moving easily into your stomach and through all the organs, so smoothly the light moves. It fills the bowl of your pelvis before it moves through and out. Into the ground this stream of light pours, deep into the Earth, into the core.

What you need to know now is that it is good to be able to allow old images, memories, and situations to come up briefly in you so you can see yourself choosing to let them go. You are actively choosing again and again to let these pass out of you. Be done. Again and again. Be not discouraged. You can be empowered by the steadiness of your choosing, again and again. With each wave of recollection that arises, allow it to surface with its details (that kitchen, the way it was; that living room, the color of the couch), not holding to them. The great river of light is so powerful, it pours down through you. Now you can give it willingly to Earth. Give her all. She takes all.

What you do of consequence is you attend to your feelings. This is more important for the awakening world than any other effort or action. For the moment you are emptied of troubles, you are clear, a vessel of divine love. It shines out whenever you are at ease.

Your Angel overlights you always. When you are troubled, the light is specifically focused to assist you, to aid you in clearing. Your Angel adjusts it for your best good. You only invite, allow, accept, and release. It is energy that moves, corralling those old thoughts out.

These are subtle workings which you can feel. So paying attention for these few minutes gives you the strength and freedom to go out into the day with some composure and some blessing too.

We love you so much. This is the purpose of sadness. To feel the ache of it and then the choice, each time fresh, to not indulge it, instead to gently turn. In that slight gesture, you have accomplished much. Never doubt the potency of internal change. So small a change in the center allows for a huge transformation in the outer world. Just such a cry for help is instantly attended.

We are with you. Your needs are met.

We love you so much.

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