We Are With You

You cannot do this alone and you are not doing this alone. All are involved in this immense and profound transformation. All animals and birds, fish, plants, trees, vines and fruiting branches—all participate in the expansion. They participate by their living essence.

Naturally, by your inhale and exhale, by your movement throughout your day, by your deep interaction with star beings in your night, you are active in it.

So when you find yourself in a state of frustration, anxiety, anger, or unclarity, our best good for you is to love you. No thinking. Nothing but our rippling and swirling the air around you. Soft now. Nothing to do.

You are so earnest, so passionate in wanting Nova Earth, Terra Gaia, to be your peaceful reality. That is the ground for your wishes and your yearning. What breaks you (open) again and again.

Now the sun falls warm about you and the day brightens before your eyes. Only your part can you do. And what is that? Be exactly who you are, truly, in your integrity of feeling. Feel, acknowledge, allow, and be. Then, even in this instant, you feel 1% better, or 2% better, or more. The tiniest turn with you alive in it is what you can do. Then you feel your strength again. Within our ministerings you feel our love.

Perhaps it shows in the house finch singing, or the dove, or the many-voiced mockingbird. Maybe the sound of water lapping, or the trees beginning to exquisitely leaf out. The world is filled with beauty. When you can see even one corner of a leaf in this way, your eyes are opened again. Each time a revelation. Each occasion a gift you choose to receive.

The beings of light and the Company of Heaven are ever alert to your needs and cries. Also to your wonder and delight. Now as the planets align with great power, you must acknowledge again, “I cannot do this alone. I am not here alone and unaligned. I am here present with my Angels. We have made every move thus far together. And so we will continue.”

Yes, we are with you. We are with you in your great gatherings and in your silent meditations. We love you now and tomorrow and the next day too. And so we will continue. Always and all ways we love you.

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Another Turning of the Great Wheel

Before religion our ancestors marked
these days of Equinox and Solstice
by casting circles, creating sacred space.

We called in the four directions,
the guardians of the watchtowers,
the creatures from the land, the sea, and the air,
all those great ones, our friends, above and below,
both seen and unseen.

We stand in gratitude for the increasing light.

Bless us all.

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How to Be in Peace

You are a swirl of feelings as the very atmosphere of Earth is charged with change. It is everywhere occurring, in places and in hearts where previously the steady drumbeat of “life as usual” has been the prevailing attitude and belief. Now so many millions are awake or waking up that it is not possible to deny it—your life is not the same. Your world is not the same. Your stable feelings are not the same. Your future is calling you forward.

You can drop into your heart, dear Ones, and be in our peace. We hold you within that heart, our tender love soothing you now. There is nothing to fear and nowhere you must go. Breathe and be and let us minister to you this minute, this now. Do not deny our love for you.

Only be yourself. Be your natural self, your kind self. Be your clear-eyed self, the person who understands. You do not have to be other than you are to carry the finest vibrations of the angelic realms. Your good heart is the necessary opening.

Living with the Angels means you allow the Angels who are closest to you to reach you, to touch you, to speak to you and to move through you. It is so natural to be in connection. As you allow these tender and subtle impulses from your Angels, you see just how natural it is. You feel the rightness. You feel the hope. We are with you.

Many scholars and erudite individuals make this connection seem very difficult, very ponderous, very rare. We tell you again that is not so. For you, in your life right now, you can realize the pure love and ease in the relation with us. We know you. We have been with you since your first breath. We know your hopes and dreams and we know the best ways to guide you to their fulfillment. When you allow this help, you open to the many subtle and marvelous interconnections at play in the universe. What some call miracles, you can begin to know in your daily experience.

The specifics of our interactions are unique for each of you because you are unique vibrations. You are each so special in the universe. And now, as you are coming into your fuller expressions of self, let your Angels and the Company of Heaven into your lives and your awareness.

These are certainly extraordinary times—the best times of your life, as you will see. Breathe and be easy. Be easy and breathe. We are with you.

There is only good coming even if the waves look strong. You will not go under now.

Be strong and brave in the love that enfolds you, dear Ones of Light.

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A Welcomer of Grace

You are a welcomer of the grace of Heaven. Let the lovely Angels, your Angels, into your day right now. Say it in words so simple, “Dear Angels, be with me today in all my ways, in all the ways you can guide me and support me.” As you say these words, feel your breath ease and your shoulders relax. We are with you. Every situation can be bettered by your invitation, your allowing the great forces at play in the universe to flow through you. Easily they can flow through you today, right now.

Whether meeting an old friend or greeting a large group, your energetic emanations are nurturing. When your interactions start from the heart, good is the natural outcome. In any situation, if your intention is for good will and clear transmission, it will be so.

You have lived for many months with the outer turmoil increasing. Big changes are on the horizon—a great storm you might say. You can feel it in the air and in your bones. Within you, old patterns may still arise, but seen with clarity they are opportunities for growth. There can be stunning openings. Know that we are with you through all these fluctuations. Let some small magic also come in with the storm.

Again we say Trust. By your example you inspire trust, which benefits everyone. Carry this trust surely and know it for yourself. Great things are unfolding. Your strong and steady Light is a grounding force. You are perfect just as you are. Even now you are doing more than you know. It will be all right.

We love you. We love you, dear Ones of Light. We love you.

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Breathing In and Out

Your doubt is part of your humanity; your knowing is of your soul. They intermix now, more and more. Each time doubt arises, it feels familiar, a lean into an old way of thinking or an old thought, like what am I doing here? or what can I do about this?

Take a few deep and conscious breaths: In through your nose, out through your mouth. Each time you breathe, you take in the companionable love of your own Angels, so near and close with you. In addition, at this astounding time, the great blue breeze of Peace from Archangel Michael flows in and out on every breath. The Mother’s Plan, the outworking of her love and this enormous peace will be in your realizable life. Immense energies support you right now.

In this manner, you let the truth of who you are rise and be nourished. Of its own, doubt fades. You have transformed yourself by this smallest attention. This is how it goes now. One moment at a time. Breath by breath.

The light increases so steadily. There will be more light, longer light. This is occurring in you. You have had enough of darkness, greed, fear, blame, and worry. Now the complex weaving together of your cellular intelligence with this lovelight stabilizes you at a new level of function. Within it you are calm. You are steady. You are graceful as your quiet ease increases no matter the circumstance.

We love you so much, dear Ones of humanity. You are each and all expanding out the glory of God by your existence and your breath. It is so. When a moment of doubt or fear visits, know that in its wake will be greater strength and greater clarity. Let this be a keen reminder that your Angels love you always. Let them. Let us love you now.

With blessings, breathe and go forth into the increase of light.

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Each Time You Ask, We Are with You

You are holding the light. You are beaming light out when you pray, when you meditate, when you send us and our legions to places of struggle. We easily overlight an area, an entire region. We soften the atmosphere around the animosity. Then, within the moment, in the face-to-face, as you say, we can inspire a wider view. Old patterns of attack give no satisfaction. The action is hollow. You cannot focus on the details of a problem to uncover a solution.

At this time in your world’s transformation, another perspective, a broader expression acts as a softening agent. In the constriction of struggle you can cut yourself off from your connection to your Source. But with your thought of us, your wish for support, your cry for help, we are there. Each time you ask, we are with you. You are not alone.

The Mother’s grace is around you as her Plan is unfolding. Within the turmoil, the ceaseless love of the Mother is outpicturing through you in waves of understanding, compassion, and relief. There is no end to the love being sent to you. We are transmitting the Mother’s love as we watch over you.

If a critic within or outside says this is too simple an approach, we ask you to breathe for a few inhales and exhales. Then we ask you to focus. Your good minds and hearts can find one thing to be grateful for: a window of blue sky, one green sprout in the snow, a bird on a wire. Your beautiful world is around you. Find it in some small way. Look and see. Within the safety of our embrace, you can watch the change.

You were not meant to live in struggle and adversity. You were meant to live expressing light, your divine essence. We do not generally discuss suffering because it is not our best focus and service. We do not lend more energy to an already too-well-fed aspect of the illusion. We do not suffer. If you have your attention on adversity, it drains you. We fill you up, always. Let that be your inner question to yourself: Am I drained? Am I filled? Such a small noticing will lead you even as old ways of thinking and acting fall away. Where will you place the power of your focus?

Now you are going to place your attention on your hearts, with your Angels. You are going to breathe and you are going to relax. This you can do—always. This you can do with us. We hold you; we hold your hearts. We love you as you grow in trust. This is how it is accomplished.

Dear children of the increasing light, your Angels are woven through your life. This very moment, feel us. We are with you now. We love you so much.

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You Are Part of the Radiating Peace

Love and Peace. It may not seem so on the surface, but let yourself feel and receive the great breeze of peace. It is a gift from Archangel Michael. From his mighty being, it floods the world. It touches everyone. When you breathe, it moves through you, saturating your every cell. By your own breath then, you are carrying peace.

This establishes peace in you and on your world. Let yourself have it now. Radiate it forward for the good of all on this day that is also centered on loving expression. Bless you, love-holders and peace-carriers. Now it is time.

The heart of the matter is this: You are not the same as you were even a few months ago. Your body is receiving highest frequency light, which translates into pulses that instigate a higher integration of function. There are new ways your body sends messages to its parts. And new energy centers are being brought into finer function, coordinated with your not-so-ordinary body. This has never been done before. In this transformation, each body responds differently.

You are accommodating this energy and will continue, aided by your Angels and body guardians. You may experience shifts in your equilibrium, your sleep, and in your senses—how you perceive, what you notice, where you step.

The dynamics of your life are in flux. What you care about is changing. Where you put your attention is moving now ever more towards beauty, truth, harmony, equality, and freedom. The deepest values of humanity center on peace. And peace is being realized now, individually and in the collective. You help the rising energy by receiving it and accommodating it.

Archangel Michael’s proclamation establishes peace. His great blue breeze of peace touches everyone, touches you. Do you not feel it, even in the midst of your activity? Something is settling, underneath the story. You have been preparing for this peace. Now you are establishing this peace, by your very breath. You are grounding it. You are expressing it. Yes. It is so.

Take care on this day of good heart. Be calm. You are part of the radiating peace. We bless you now and always. We love you.

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