Your Direct Connection Now Fires Your Being

You have been the receiver of a Blessing for Many. At the time leading into the eclipse—the minutes preceding—you suddenly felt such dread. Ooze and much primordial matter at the edge. As totality took hold, Moon in place those minutes to block any transmission, you felt the utter loss of Connection. Felt that devastation.

From such emptiness of space a yearning arose. Tendril of hope, greening from inside the darkness. When totality moved into crescent light, its edges ignited your Greater Galactic Flame. Greater and behind your personal flame, this one now burns, like a forest of radiance within a single tree.

Humanity’s collective awareness reached this opening, this pure connection by peaceful and reverential gatherings, prayers, meditations, rituals, and celebrations.

You are one place the flame caught. Now you carry that. Galactic human, connected directly, irrevocably to Source/Creator. And so you expand the Family of Light.

The Anchara’s hold over you is permanently dissolved, dismissed, rejected, overcome, soon to be lost and forgotten in your ancient memory bank.

Your growing awareness blazes out from you. Your direct connection fires your being now, informing you. This is the beginning of the group Ascension. You anchor one stream of it here, in this Light House. Blessings and Greetings.

That thrill of fleet, complete knowing. A spark, a current runs through as the comprehension forms itself into word/thoughts, “This is what I’m made for. This is who I AM.”

As a species you reached the hand that was offered you. Like the whales choosing to leave Gaia’s land masses and live in her waters instead, you will leave 3D reality as you continue now your confirmed collective Ascension. All who want this timeline come. One portal, Light House is here.

We love you and bless you deeply.

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Strong in the Onslaught

The time comes near to emerge fully from the darkness. Not a sky of darkness, but from every shred of pain in your beautiful bodies or minds or memories. Any sorrow you have experienced has taught you; any joy has enhanced your ability to be light. Every experience has been in keeping with your actions, thoughts, and wishes. The most subtle level of energy—your conscious attention—is the director of the movement. You do well to find stopping places, moments of quiet, moments of peace, moments of gratitude, and moments of pleasure. A soft breeze, a piece of fresh fruit, the easy sound of a bird singing, the voice of a loved One—all can be nourishing for you. This secret center can keep you strong in the onslaught.

Let the beauty of this world be available to you amid the chaos and harsh circumstances that still make up the headlines. Death and mayhem may be occurring; in the larger context even this is in the direction of peace-making. We say again, there will be no war. War is of the old. The new ways of living are emerging from within you, from your visions and your dreams. These include new ways of using resources and new ways of forming communities with joined purpose. It will not be long.

The dirt and sludge of corruption rise to be washed away. Do not be afraid of being a peace-keeper in your heart. Your mission is powerful in this way. Every time you hear a city or a place name with trouble, every time you see a face in suffering or an animal in distress—send light, send us. Send Angels immediately.

Let your mind begin to be settled enough to see. Just a flash, just an instant, you may see or sense it. The felt presence of good. From your hearts, send light. From your benevolence, send lovelight.

There are so many ways to stand for peace.

We love you.

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Each Day Is Momentous

These are times of mastery and deep magic. Overflowing light floods and penetrates all of humanity. All the creatures, all the trees, the plants and birds, the rocks and crystals receive fully. The awakening of humanity is ongoing. It is inevitable. You are part of it.

We are ready to help you, to sustain you, to comfort you, to offer soul nourishment, and to love you. Always. We can help you reach your dreams if you are in alignment with them. That means you are open to our assistance; you are holding no doubts or fears or any kind of resistance. If you find resistance within you, let us help you dissolve it. Each step of every way can become easier and clearer.

We ask that you center yourself, feel us with you, so near. Let our peace penetrate you. Be it, even for a moment, calmly and deeply. In these days of transformation, you can be in touch with your calm and peaceful Self. You can radiate ease. Smile with your eyes and your heart. Then speak your words of truth.

We are your Angels. When you remember to invite us in, you remember that instant ease and it is true again. We are with you. This is how we move with you. When you walk into a room, call us to walk by your side. We can be this calming presence.

Joy is at the heart. Do you feel it? Joy is also your birthright. Do you allow yourself to find and feel joy? Small joy too—the smile of a friend, clouds in billows and shapes, birds on the wire, things that work, fresh fruit, clear water. All day long you can find joy. It is your own soul you nourish by this attention. It is your choice, your eyes, your seeing.

Each day and each week of your time is momentous. Change from within is evident every where. Do you see it? Are you part of it? Invite us, your Angels, to be with you through it all. We love you. We delight in you. We surround you.

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Light Tower

Thank you for your ever-present love.
I put my life with the Angels and the Company of Heaven.

Yes, and we receive you.

Every instance that you can see yourself in the light-frequency existence, you strengthen your connection to that You and All That Is Coming.

Be blessed for your good heart and your human foibles. No need to be perfect in the tiniest ways that you attend to; the true and real perfection is the way you are living out your life. Are you not essentially finding moments of contentment even within the maelstrom? We think Yes. This is your art of living now.

You are a strong light house like the grand right whale in the southern waters. In the deep night she sings direction and protection for all the pod.

In your house and your neighborhood you are standing as such a steady light. And like the whale, you need not beam out all the time. This day, this night of full moon and the next, are for you. To receive. Take in. Let in. So much light to carry and integrate. Let us be with you as your companions Ease and Grace.

Standing steady. Being ready. So much light, clear and resonant.
Be glad for the steadiness of your legs.
And for your heart, so pure and good, gorgeous in its steady beating too.
Strength becomes you. As does valor. Standing as a Light Tower.

We do love you.

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Traveling through the Light (Redux)

Just this: you traveling through the lingering light of late summer, casting blessings on the land and the water. The trees are their own sentinels of strength and enduring, grounded light.

This is how blessings come. From heart- and light-filled eyes as they overlook the changing landscape. So many blessings for our great Gaia as she rises from polluted air into clear purpose once again.

All praise for this subtle and quiet work which builds on the foundation for the big changes coming so very soon.

All will go well, we tell you, all will go well. What you have shared and deeply experienced is so much more than you know on the levels of solid Earth. A light Earth manifests out of it. Subtle, tender, but completely and surely.

What you have seen in the flashes of sight on the high-heart frequencies—so open and full with trust. Keep these like seed pearls. You will see the larger picture as more parts come together. They show themselves to you because you can see. This sight has been coming in for a long time. You easily continue to follow it, grow with it, and through it. And throughout it all, we love you. We work together day and night in ease and joy.

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New Possibilities and Beliefs Come Naturally into the Collective

We are with you in the morning and in the clear night. We tune to your sleeping mind to send you pictures of things to come. As you integrate such images and ideas, your vibration accommodates them and rises. Then the whole atmosphere is charged with clear thought/light for the good of all.

You can begin to imagine how this might be when it occurs in so many. Each morning now on the planet another whole segment of humanity has risen in vibration; their natural, normal frequency is finer, more refined than even one week ago. What were once dreams of the far future are now clear ideas. Plans and blueprints, projects and applications become clear; their development into real prototypes and systems can happen quickly and organically. People meet the right people for their growth. In this way new possibilities and beliefs come naturally into the collective mind and heart; old patterns and limiting beliefs fall away.

This kind of energy is electric and magnetic. When people join together, especially in a location where they can be soothed by the forest and the streams and the clean air, they can become pure receivers. To join is to touch, enhance, enliven, ground, center, and distribute light.

That is what you can do as individuals and joining together. All participants benefit by their energetic contribution. The area too will grow in its light potential.

Much can come through when you come together. Many will benefit later by such joining now. It is time for new ideas to flourish.

We say again and still: You are doing so well. We love you always.

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Stop and Feel This for a Moment

We are with you closely. You are more in the Now, which is where we are. We love your quiet diligence to speak well and notice good, to honor light. We bless you now. Stop to feel this for a moment. We are around you.

You receive the thoughts of many who are troubled or distressed. Mayhem and illogical decisions have their endgame across the headlines. This will be done and without war. The Company of Heaven will not allow a war, however hard the old sides try.

The changes that we have been speaking of are now greatly accelerating, becoming visible to more people of heart. More good is available to recognize and participate in. Good grows. Do not despair, dear Ones. Do not fear. Humanity is turning toward the peace it has yearned for. It will be accomplished. Not all at once, but quicker than you imagine, in regions, in areas, in cities, in villages all across your vast and beautiful world.

Your ease is valuable. Send it out under every thought. The more conscious you are of your own ease amid changing circumstances, the stronger the broadcast of that ease and the larger its reach. It is good work to simply be aware of yourself and the subtle power of your own field.

We overlight you as you expand. From a clear and steady place of calm, you are well placed to send out light. Put your hands up and send light. Send light to the troubled lands. Send light to the people and the places. Send Angels. It is the same. Send from your heart of benevolence to the hearts of the people involved. Send to their hearts. You can only help by sending light. There are small miracles everywhere.

We ask you to cast your mind and memories back to 6 months ago, or to 1 year ago. Look at who you were then, what your thoughts were, what your concerns were. Do you see the tremendous growth and expansion in your self in this relatively short time? See not only outer movements, but your inner calm and level of delight. It is clear from our view. You are the change as it happens across the globe.

In the northern hemisphere, you are in the fullness of summer, with the long light, fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables. In the southern hemisphere, the harvest is done and the inner realms are where your abundance lies. All things thrive by your love and attention. No growth is unnoticed. This is the time you have waited for.

We have surrounded you, encouraged you, loved you, and supported you through the darkest days. Now let us be with you in the days of release and the coming celebrations. There will be peace. Those who have been working for the good of all will be rewarded. Go with gladness in your heart. Quiet certainty spreads out. O people of the world, be ready for your good, for it comes in.

We love you.

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