A Splendid Time, Even Now

There will be sun today and warmth. You will feel much better in the warmth of the day. Do not fret in your reaching. It is time for more deep rest. Do nothing. Or things that help you feel good. We wish you to feel good. That is what is important. Not what anybody else thinks or feels. Today is a day for your ease and contentment.

You cannot reach or grasp to make your happiness. But you can allow it. You can let it reveal itself by what your eyes fall upon and what your senses lead you to. Like the leaves on the maples and birches that change their colors so brilliantly at this time of year, you are in the midst of dramatic changes too. The reds of the leaves, the oranges, the yellows—these pigments are within the leaves all the time. But now, with the shorter days and lower temperatures, the greens fade. What is within, what is underneath the normal is revealed. Brilliant days and glorious colors.

You are not a leaf and you will not soon flutter and die, but you are a changing element amidst this vastly transforming world. The brilliance of your appearance is in the realms of light, so much light. The leaves cannot cling to their green pigment, not even to the limbs that hold them. They can only allow the magnificence that is hidden to be unmasked during this splendid time. You also are in your splendid season, whether you know it or not.

All of life is evolving to more light. You are in it; you are part of this expansion. Let this day be for you, then, with nothing else to do. Let what processes move in and through you. Let your true nature be just as it is. It is you becoming.

We are with you on such a day, unchanging in our love. Always.

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The Basic Practice

Every day do this first thing, before you are even fully awake. Do it many times throughout the day.

Every time you start up your device, do it in those seconds. Just that amount of focus is enough.

Your Prana Tube
Put your thumb and middle finger together. That is the size of your prana tube. It is part of the sacred geometry of your body, that your prana tube is that exact dimension. Once you have the sense of the size, you need not put your fingers together each time, but it’s a good reminder.

So that is the size of your prana tube, from up above your head, where the fontanel, the soft spot is/was.
Imagine the tube of light flowing into you, entering at that spot, your crown chakra. Everybody’s is exactly right in position and has the capacity to receive and translate light. [More on this later.]

The power comes when you invoke, align with, the great I AM Presence.
I align with the great I AM Presence.

The tube of light runs down your core, along your spine. You can feel the light moving exquisitely and slowly, reaching each area, each chakra, each organ system. Or you might feel it like a rush of silver, straight down in a flash. In any way that moves, it moves through your whole body. Out through the root chakra, down into the ground.

Imagine in some way that means something for you that you are sending this shoot of light down into the Mother, down, down into Her core. You latch it on, or fasten it, or blend it. You anchor it or meld with Her core. Find your image of connection; you want to feel that you truly are connected.

Here’s the further magic. As soon as you are connected to Earth, the Heart of Gaia, this shoot of light comes back up through your core, out your crown, and out into all the atmosphere around you. You are in your vortex of creation.

St Germaine and the Violet Transmuting Flame
I invoke St Germaine and the Violet flame. I ask them to burn up anything that is not truly of love.

Imagine a bonfire of violet flames. You are in the center of it. It burns up everything unwanted or old, but it does not burn you. It transmutes energy back to pure prana. It feels thrilling, cool and pleasant.

You might feel little violet flames flickering at your fingertips, burning up small irritations of the day.

• You have centered, you have aligned with the great I AM Presence.
• You have sent light through your prana tube and anchored it to the Heart of Gaia.
• You have received back the surge of light thought your core, up and out the top of your head.
• You have transmuted the latent karmas and accumulations of the day.

By this simple practice you have blessed Gaia, yourself, and the world around you.
The more you do it, the more potent it becomes.

You are strengthened in your core of light as you become a fountain of light.

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Wherever You Are

We meet you where you are. We meet you in your heart. You need not be in joy in order to feel us and connect with us. All the universe is available for joy, and if you do not feel it in this moment, our connection with you is not lessened.

You think joy must mean big leaps and splashes of happiness, and it often is that. But quietly feeling the warmth of a cozy bed on a cold morning counts. Seeing the sky so clear and blue after the rain counts. Hearing the big crows hopping on the roof counts. We help you build some momentum out of these moments and awareness.

You will today walk and drive and buy fruits of the season. You will see the leaves and the changing landscape. You will talk with friends and be glad for them in your life. What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring to the things you do and say. So when you pick out the apples, let yourself feel the limbs and the wind and the sun that produced them. When you buy the orange squash, feel its round fullness in your hands. Breathe in the scent and the beauty of trees as they transform. We delight with you in the senses. You have them for your joy.

One day at a time, you say. We say, One minute at a time, one second, this instant. We are with you in it. Feel that ease drop around you; it is one of your ways of knowing. Know it now. We are here.

There will be a time, now soon coming, when you will know with complete certainty and clarity that you are not alone; your Angels have been with you through everything. Yes.

We love you.

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May I be happy.

May I be peaceful.

May I be free.

May my friends be happy.

May my friends be peaceful.

May my friends be free.

May my enemies be happy.

May my enemies be peaceful.

May my enemies be free.

May all beings be happy.

May all beings be peaceful.

May all beings be free.

Buddhist Prayer
From Andrew Harvey’s Light the Flame: 365 Days of Prayer

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In the Ease and Grace of Your Life

The energy builds and old resistances dissolve. Every day it is more true. Now as the seasons change, be in ease and feel the grace of your life: the still morning air, the Harvest Moon high in the sky, first birds on the wire, fine golden light across the quiet trees and the waters. In this, we are with you.

You have grown so much. With every breath you take, you include higher energies. In the clarity of your awakening consciousness, you can enhance each moment, each thought, each discreet action. The thought of support brings it; you need only pay attention. This gift of awareness if yours.

Everything now shows you how fluid life is. Never before on Earth have the energies been so strong and decidedly for positive and for the good of all. The controlling powers of fear and hatred diminish. Exciting to witness, but such change can seem utterly terrifying up close. So we urge you to know your steady point, steady center, steady stream. In one breath you can be there. In it, we are with you.

We are your helpers in every situation if you allow. Call us in. A growing part (heart) of the population knows how much more smoothly and effortless days can flow with connection to the Angels and all the realms of light. Some of you have begun to talk with your Angels. A simple practice to start the day, saying out loud or in silence, “Thank you, my Angels, for being with me today. Help me now as I begin.” With every call, we are with you.

We delight in entering your lives more fully. We comfort you and we soothe you. We support you. We guide you. We overlight you. Always and again we bless you. We love you.

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It Is Natural to Have Angels

We have been leading to this time with you for so long. Now it is here and well done, well held in your hearts. Let us fill you up. Let us shine out from your hands and your hearts, quietly seen and sensed. You have been in training to hold so much lovelight. Now there is no faltering as the flow is fluid and effortless. Let it be so—and still grow.

Call us in. Include all your Guides and Teachers. Let the Hosts commingle with you. You are marvelous beings of light—and so much more. Begin to taste the more, feel it pulsing through you.

In today’s supremely heightened energies, coming together in such a blessed field is a gift for each and for all. The combined power of the entourage can flush out and melt through resistance, fear, or old thoughts of unworthiness. Love & Light & Support are the standards of the time.

To know, accept, realize, and allow the angelic realms into your lives in daily tasks and in your changing emotions becomes a simple Yes, a choice, a knowing with beneficial outcomes for all. It translates in the world as ease.

It is natural to have Angels and to connect with us. Let the wonder of it be in your life, we say to each of you.

You are all blessed. And still we bless you, each One. Bless you all.

We love you.

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Your Inexorable Move to Wholeness

We see your Self and your world emerging more fully each day into the light. An image you may have from our view: you are cleaved in pieces and the emergent Self becomes more brilliant even as the parts of the old fall away. You have not completely broken free, yet the skin of the old is like a dead shell. You are the live One. Ah yes.

The feeling of this image is true for more and more of you now. The old ways lose power over you. The ways of equality and justice grow. Vitality and hope grow. Yes, it is true; this is you today.

We encourage you and we cherish you, now in this new emerging. Be gentle with yourself. Go easy. There is no rush in this inexorable move toward wholeness. You are learning joy. You are learning it in yourself, day by day, even moment by moment. It will be the new currency and you will know it and possess it in abundance.

How to move through such a day? In grace. In gratitude that you have the ability to grow in consciousness, that you have the ability to change a thought, that you have the skill to choose another thought if you find yourself in worry or fear or regret. How brilliant that you can do these things.

We adore to be in connection with you. Let our love streams fill you instead of any old limiting, confining, constricting thought. This is how our love for you can support you in every circumstance. Stop the thought. Feel our loving you. Go on from there. Some say it is like rain, or breeze, or ocean air, like flowers, or a meadow.

Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking.
Let us love you now.

This is so simple and yet so effective. The love you receive is pure and flushes out any other vibration. In a moment you can start fresh.

We love you in your continual emerging.

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