Small Steps

We are with you now. This morning, any morning, you open your eyes and your hearts to us and we are there. These rumblings within are your small holdings-on when met with the next wave of the universal Mother’s great love. It is reaching you, cleansing you in its abundant purity and grace. You feel it subtly or strongly as it moves across your world. Blessed people, it is your immense good fortune to be alive, to be in Her love right now.

So what come up, again and still, are the vagaries and anxieties of your old human existence. They arrive now for further cleansing and release. It will be done. Your places of tension—in thought or in body—will be loosed. Each time a wave washes through you, there can be a time of discomfort or fear or confusion. But be certain that each time you feel your own small self holding on, it will be within Her vast and gracious holding. Each time you trust a little more that you will make it, that you are making it through. Things work out for you.

You are such worthy beings. When you do not know this or forget this, your oldest patterns and limited beliefs are activated. Maybe when you were children you did not have places to turn to, maybe it seemed there was no one there to hear your cry. The deeper truth is that we, your Angels, and of course the Mother and Creator/Source were and are always, throughout the universe. Once you did not know, but now you know. Now you can recover from anxiety, you can feel the release as you let all the forces of light assist you. Call on us. Once you did not know, but now you know. Call in the great I AM Presence to flush you through with light.

Every time you take this small step of stopping, asking for support, trusting us to be with you, and then feeling somewhat better, you will be strengthened. You will be heartened. You will be encouraged to remember. Large peace comes in small steps. Let yourselves have it. We love you so much. Be in ease.
Be at peace.

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Love Comes through You

You found us straight through the heart. That’s how it is done. You have always been this kind of heart-truthful One. Do not worry now. The time is for Being, which you are, a spark of wonder. Over the months now and years you feel how much love comes through. It comes through you. This is true. It’s what embody means. Wear your body around your light, as the light shines through everything, everywhere more and more.

Just being comfortable with such lovely light is a big stretch for some. In just this way, you are perfect, you see? Do not doubt now, when all is so close. The higher frequencies are strong upon the Earth. Meetings are becoming possible. You have relationships with beings of light. You have many, even if you don’t know us individually. That word does not really clarify, but we continue. We are many. How that is, is less important than the knowledge of it.

We are many with you and all who ask. If at first you don’t believe, just say, “Hello” and “Welcome” in an honest way. “I don’t know you exactly, but it feels good to talk with you, so I will. OK my Angel, help me.”

Maybe later, you could say, “Let me feel your grace through my day, through my body; let my eyes see what your eyes see.” That should start the grace rolling in. We mean no disrespect. Grace is evident in every aspect of true life on Gaia. She (grace) will be your constant companion now. We bless this expansion of your light and insight. In this extraordinary time, we surround you and we bless you.

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Trembling With and Within Grace (Redux)

We greet you with your closest breath. So near, even nearer. To your dreams and wishes also; we hear your calls. So you do right to call, in whatever way it leaps out of you. Call us. Send us. [Whenever you don’t know what to do for yourself—Call us in. Whenever you don’t know what to do for someone else or any place that troubles you—Send us out.] Unrecognizable turns that can have great impact come from such moments.

Bless you all as you go through these tense and dense unravelings. The old ways, thoughts, and paradigms serve you less and less. You begin to comprehend this. Again, great leaps can come from small intersections (time with space). We understand the dilemmas of steadiness amidst rapidly changing circumstances. Experienced as energetic waves, they allow these old ways to be shaken out again—and one more layer is released.

It is your own story you are living, and the release is personal, yet the good that comes is for many. This you must know. All who are alive now are participating in the global event of great Gaia’s exquisite rise in frequency. You are all active in the energetic web that is consciousness evolving. Now slipping forward is also easier and many will go. It is not everyone’s “cup of tea” to rock and frolic as the new rolls in. Yet it is and it will continue.

There is a quiet, subtle perfection in the way the angelics can assist. As you get used to talking with us—your own Angels especially—you begin to allow us into your larger awareness. So the inside of you evolves to entrain with Earth/Gaia. We can help in every possible, unique way.

Let this way of seeing—things work out for you—let this manifest in your life. It is so perfectly precise how each story evolves. Every moment or episode or vasana that arises is brought in touch with the Light that you are now. And so the old lessens. Each step you take helps everyone, everywhere. All the various kinds of letting go occur for the best good of all. Each One of you on a web of interconnectedness; each moment the thrilling ripple of grace there for you.

We love you.

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Your Flame of Truth (Redux)

We are with you when you waken, as you prepare your food for breaking fast, as you ready yourself for your day. We help you to be in best alignment with spirit in ways that benefit you, for goodwill and smooth effect. The days can go well no matter the weather or the temperature. It is your internal thermometer—your measurer of truth—which is all important now.

As the days get longer in the northern regions your inside world also expands. Your inner flame can burn so bright with even a few minutes of attention. That is where we meet you, where we are with you directly. The flame is your flame of truth, the divine spark in you.

As your Angels, we are keepers with you of this inextinguishable flame in your heart center. We encircle you and our energies protect this flame. We love you unconditionally, so the flame is always fed of that love. You know it and you feel it by your quiet attention.

As the season and the light change outside, it is good to be aware of, be reminded of the simple, central light of your Self, your flame, which burns bright. Even these minutes of attention now are fanning it. Do you feel it?

Yes, children of God’s love and light, we are with you now. We are with you always.
It is love that goes across all dimensions, goes to you, right now. Bless you.

Have a day worthy of this love, filled with light to overflowing.

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Finding a Place of Calm Within

Be not afraid. The waves of energy and light that engulf your planet are for the best good; for each of you, the energy is for your good. This benevolence of light and clarity come as gifts from the Mother. It is her Plan working out through and around you. This is the inevitable outcome of the clearing and releasing you have all done thus far. And so it continues.

Can you find a place of calm within you? Perhaps it is your hand resting by the side of the page. Just there. Or the steadiness of your beating heart. The natural functions of your body go on through all the waves of energy and emotion. You are made of strong bodies and free will intertwined with Divine Light. This blending is your identity now.

As you go out into your world today, it is good practice to first connect with us, your own Angels who love you so much. If you feel our love, if you even remember feeling our love, it can assist you now. The idea is to be the calm, not the storm. When you walk along the water’s edge as waves crash along the shore, do you appreciate the steady ground under your feet or do you jump in to be tossed about?

We hope you will walk in such a place along the moving water and feel us with you. We are with you, but your conscious invitation, your awareness of us in the precise ways that you recognize us—these increase your ability to connect and our ability to assist. Such a blessing is yours, available to you always. We are with you now. Can you feel us even as you read these words? In the looking, we are with you.

We bless you now, dear people of light, people of good will, of good heart. A rumbling in the water or the air need not catch you unawares. Peace is large and can spread with every step you take. So take the first step of calling us in. Then take the next step in comfort and in peace. These are the times you came to be part of. We love your courage and your growing awareness. We bless you now, again and again. May you be happy and peaceful in this minute. We love you.

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Unstoppable as Spring

We are as close to you as always. This you know more with every day’s passing. Hundreds of millions of souls waking up—to who they are and what they can be. The possibilities emerge. New scope of variables. Wholly new resonances. New frequencies of sound and color. These are what you are integrating in your sleep and dreaming.

Dear Ones of humanity, you continue to awaken. As you do, you deepen into a wider awareness which is growing with you as well. This field of awareness includes everything, in both subtle and pronounced ways. You are integrating all the time. Sleep and nap as much as needed.

In these fluid times, your thoughts can switch and flicker rapidly. Be not perplexed. We offer light-hearted ease and humor as you are learning new ways to respond.

Your growth into full consciousness continues, unstoppable. The outward story has not much to do with this most profound and awe-inspiring inner journey that you are on with your Angels, your allies, your guides in the realms of the deep spirit world, and blessed Gaia.

In your unique, slippery, non-linear process, you are doing so well. We love you always.

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You Are Sovereign Beings

You are gracious holders of light, embodying the frequency as it is translated through your activities and thoughts into the myriad ways of peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment. Every act you do—driving along the waterway, chopping vegetables, looking at faces and words on the screens in front of you—these, even these, offer ways to enhance your life and the lives around you.

You are sovereign beings. Your wellness is the wellness of the planet. Your attention on this personal sphere of influence is where you are naturally drawn; it is also one of the most effective way to influence the well-being around you. It is where we, your Angels, can assist you so easily and so closely. Call us around you each morning and throughout the day. Allow your subtle noticings to grow. How will it feel in you to be so well met, so encouraged, supported, loved, and appreciated, even in such times?

This is what we do. We see you with eyes of love and we help you to see the world in this way. Beloved Ones, the days of change and transformation are now. A world full of fear and corruption is splitting open and the light of blessing can be seen. You are receivers of this blessing, participants in its expansion.

Every day we can assist you. Each day. Right now. Feel the grace of the Mother’s love as it permeates our love for you. If there is a place in your bodymind where you feel pain or tightness or doubt, use your powerful focus to hold some light there. We will bring extra healing power. An ocean of light can assist you as easily as a drop. Let the forces of light be with you now.

Ground light through your body and release it into your beautiful Gaia again and again. This simple practice is of enormous benefit. It clears out old residual thinking, old patterns, old beliefs. What you no longer use becomes fodder and compost for Gaia. Nothing is wasted, but you are so much lighter. Let the great forces of the universe work with you, in you, and through you.

Let your own Angels be with you. Now and always, we love you.

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