The Basic Practice

Every day do this first thing, before you are even fully awake. Do it many times throughout the day.

Every time you start up your device, do it in those seconds. Just that amount of focus is enough.

Your Prana Tube

Put your thumb and middle finger together. That is the size of your prana tube. It is part of the sacred geometry of your body, that your prana tube is that exact dimension. Once you have the sense of the size, you need not put your fingers together each time, but it’s a good reminder.

So that is the size of your prana tube, from up above your head, where the fontanel, the soft spot is/was. Imagine the tube of light flowing into you, entering at that spot, your crown chakra. Everybody’s is exactly right in position and has the capacity to receive and translate light.

The power comes when you invoke, align with, the great I AM Presence.

I align with the great I AM Presence.

The tube of light runs down your core, along your spine. You can feel the light moving exquisitely and slowly, reaching each area, each chakra, each organ system. Or you might feel it like a rush of silver, straight down in a flash. In any way that moves, it moves through your whole body. Out through the root chakra, down into the ground.

Imagine in a way that means something for you that you are sending this shoot of light down into the Mother, down, down into Her core. You can latch it on, or fasten it, or blend it. You can anchor it or meld with Her core. Find your image of connection; you want to feel that you truly are connected.

As soon as you are connected to Earth, the Heart of Gaia, this shoot of light comes back up through your core, out your crown, and out into all the atmosphere around you. You are in your vortex of creation.

St Germaine and the Violet Transmuting Flame

I invoke St Germaine and the Violet Flame. I ask them to burn up anything that is not truly of love.

Imagine a bonfire of violet flames. You are in the center of it. It burns up everything unwanted or old, but it does not burn you. It transmutes energy back to pure prana. It feels thrilling, cool and pleasant. You might feel little violet flames flickering at your fingertips, burning up small irritations of the day.

  • You have centered, you have aligned with the great I AM Presence.
  • You have sent light through your prana tube and anchored it to the Heart of Gaia.
  • You have received back the surge of light thought your core, up and out the top of your head.
  • You have transmuted the latent karmas and accumulations of the day.

By this simple practice you have blessed Gaia, yourself, and the world around you.

The more you do it, the more potent it becomes.

You are strengthened in your core of light as you become a fountain of light.