Arriving at Destination

Welcome. Welcome home to the quiet heart. Such ease as you feel—this is what we offer together when the people come. Natural and easy.

Our delight is in assembling with you, for you, around you. Our delight is in becoming real to the people—for we are very real. Living in a lighter frequency, we love to watch your frequency soften as we begin to mingle.

The journey may have been long and with its own aspects of tangible support. You have been steadfast. You have been open and you have been grateful. Now we are together.

Now let us open even more. Let us begin to imagine the world we are creating together here on Gaia. A world where heart is the leader, where trust is the currency, where hope is alive and growing every day, where good will is evident in your interactions, where healing is natural and genuine—and easy. Now we are with you in such a world. Welcome.

Our time together in the garden is begun. When you take your shoes off to enter the room, leave off your doubts as well. Leave your old concerns of survival and worthiness. Leave your confusions in a pile by the door. Come into the clear light of heart, the Divine Plan unfolding here and now, in your heart.

Nothing to do. Just come. The field of quiet radiance expands for the good of all.

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