End of a Wave

Our joy is in this time of circles. Our light is circling you still. The rooms alight with joy. Peaceful healings in the heart, whether the people know or not yet.

Some great Openness occurred, which now floods out. We see it in the stream’s sparkle, the burst of stars, the radiant aurora. How gracious.

We are all part of the happening. The verb and the noun; we are it itself happening.

What you experienced in the quiet, settled atmosphere of Skålsjögården——together and individually in private session——pure light Presence. Undeniable. You were touched and you were lit. This is grace.

The light balance has been deeply affected. Some have had headaches, fever, throwing up, sleeping for many hours, naps, vivid dreaming, gastric distress. In such changing physical/mental landscapes, there is room for surprising insight. Sometimes the purpose of the purging, sometimes the burst of relief when that old thoughtgarbage is released. Gone. Done.

It is important to work on your physical structures, which are integrating these vast amounts of light. Thanks to your body for transmuting so much energy from the high space worlds. Even more celestial light is pouring into this Earth Gaia now as both she and you continue your transformation into full, blessed consciousness.

The vision is blessed. Let your soft eyes see. All is made of light. All will be well.

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