On the Train

LakesetJust now, just this, you on the train through the lingering light of late summer, casting blessings on the land and the water. The trees are their own sentinels of strength and enduring, grounded light.

This is how blessings come now. From heart- and light-filled eyes as they pass the changing landscape.

So many blessings for the great Gaia as she rises from poisoned into clear purpose once again.

All to be praised for this subtle and quiet work that makes the foundation for the big, “industrial-strength” changes coming so very soon.

All will go well, we tell you, all will go well. What you have shared and deeply experienced is so much more than you know on the levels of solid Earth. A light Earth manifests out of it. Subtle, tender, but completely and  surely.

What you have seen in the flashes of sight during sessions ride on the high-heart frequencies—so open and full with trust. Keep these like seed pearls. You will see the larger picture as more parts come together. They show themselves to you because you can see. This sight has been coming in for a long time. You just continue to follow it and grow in it, with it, through it.

Throughout it all, we love you. We work together day and night in ease and joy.

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