Preparing the Way

We have been whispering to the people already. Preparing the way for them to arrive well and be of open mind. They want to come. They want connection. They want these joinings to be powerful and deep, confirming experiences. That is what you wish, that is what they wish, that is what will be.

Your job is setting the space, holding the pure energy of love. You know us as real and loving. Our love flows through you tangibly. The whole purpose of the exercise, if you will, is to demonstrate and allow EASE. So meeting us, joining with us, letting the healing lovelight flow out and through, around, inside each person—and their loved ones, others in their thoughts and prayers—become actual and easy. The healing circle is perfect to accommodate this joyous experience.

It will be smooth and natural, following one word to the next as the hearts open and awareness expands. We are already in the Conference room and in the pure nature and serenity of Skålsjögården. Be not afraid. Additional support will be there. Your love and trust are immense as you have been letting us flow in and through you these many years now.

Be of good cheer. We love you without end. Nothing will go wrong. You will have the perfect words and understanding for each one in session. It will be guided.

This whole exercise is also about knowing, following, and gaining peace from following guidance.

1) Watch for and notice how your guidance comes to you.

2) Acknowledge this is happening.

3) Speak it as you feel comfortable.

4) The knowledge of and support from the angelic realms grows in this way.

5) All benefit. Best for all is the way.

You are doing your/our work beautifully. We love you. Your honesty makes you real. Your steadfastness makes you trustworthy. Your light makes you shine. Your faith carries you forward into a truly wonderful, memorable, and magnificent time.  We are with you.

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