Falling into Place

Everything falling into place. The day unfolds as it will, with guidance from the Angels. What could be better? No thought and guided action. What a lucky life.

No worries now. Just smooth accomplishment of tasks. The energy gathers, under exquisite direction. All goes well, from the first light of morning after cleansing rain.

Let yourselves become aware of and enjoy the feeling of your guidance. Feel the ease within which the day moves. The fine threads of light around you begin to lean in this direction. Coming to Skålsjögården is the happy cry.

The healing room has quite a lot of power already. Now the energy runs in smooth streams, swirling near to ground level. It will increase with each peaceful hour. Throughout the day and night we lead you. Then a great white blazing when you begin.

Be glad for the ones who prepare themselves to come and meet together. Be glad for their growing joy, their eagerness, their increasing trust. Kindness and good-will prevail.

We are eager to join again. One more beautiful circle. One more spot of gracious radiance on your planet as she throws off darkness and stands in light. All who come are first participants in such joy. Many more will benefit from their dedication now. In the end it is only lovelight that claims the heart.

Be well and easy as you prepare. So joyous are we, your many Angels, for what is soon to be.

With love always, we bless you now.

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