An Invitation to All the People

Your birthright is to be in direct revelation with the spirit world. 

It is natural to connect with your Angels.

You can make a sacred space in your own heart. 

An opportunity to leave the worries and concerns of the day, at least for a while.

Then you can begin to feel the love and attention of the Angels, your Angels.

You can begin to know yourself as a new being coming into your light.

Even by these simple actions, you can feel the love of the Angels who serve the light.

You can feel their love and support. You can feel them with you.

They are with you and all people, though many know it not.

Go into your heart and welcome this opportunity for growth, for change, for expansion, for your next step. Welcome your Angels more fully into your life.

As you go forward individually and collectively, the Angels are with you.

Intensify your intent and determination to awaken!

Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of love that extends around each of you.

An aura of peace and stability will envelop you and will be felt by others as they engage with your loving energy field. Your energy field is that powerful!

Change is happening very rapidly now and you are a beacon.

Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light so that all may see it.

In this we love you. We support you. We bless you always.

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You Can Invite Blessings into Your Awareness

The trees drink in the light. They serve you in your transformation as they receive the light without effort. You do the same. Your daily life can include a deep and nourishing connection to the wisdom of the Earth.

Your real eyes are equipped to take in the light, fine-tuning you as the stream inflows. Light is both particle and wave, so you can receive in many ways. Much comes in now through your crown, that natural aperture where the top bones of your skull flex. When you were born out of your mother, the space was soft and pliable. Third-dimensional living has toughened the area. Yet now the light softens it, widens the field and the possibility of more light entering.

Your eyes also receive. When pure light enters you through these apertures, it touches the back of the retina to enhance your finer perceptions. Do you not notice more shimmering, more glistening in the air, on the water, on the branches and the wings of things? It is so.

Your skin takes in light and radiates its fullness back out. You become more translucent. It is marvelous to see as you grow in this wondrous way.

The light moves in and through you. It happens in your ease. Another great gift of the Mother, that you come closer to her by becoming more like her, more of her. We, your Angels, are made of her lovelight. So you come closer to us, closer to our realm, as you allow and become more light.

The simple statement, I AM Light has vast and powerful ramifications. Say it and notice. Our suggested practice of starting your day by aligning with the great I Am Presence directly and continually fills you with light.

So be blessed, dear Ones of Earth; you grow so quickly now. Your world is changing under you, around you, and most especially though you. You participate in this transformation by your will and with your intent. Let it be. Let the great light be with you now.

In love for you, in response to your call, in alignment with the great Plan of the Mother, we bless you now. We love you always.

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This Love

This beautiful world, your world, is blessed by your presence and your awareness. The greatest gift of the Creator is your awareness. You have this day the opportunity to be inside the pleasure of being alive. What you place your attention on each moment—that is where you have your power. If you think, “I am enough. Things go well for me,” then the entire universe can reveal to you its splendor. If you think, “I am love,” then your every glance can see the wind caress the branches, see the bee enter the flower, see the light in a friend’s face.

You can, by your attention, expand love and appreciation of this day. Take a moment to drop into your heart. Quiet peace radiating from your heart touches everyone around you whether they know it or you know it. This is what you are, in essence. This is where we meet you best, in your heart.

So let this be a day of ease and happiness just to be alive and aware. Just to be yourself. Just to be loved and protected by your Angels. Just to be a part of the Mother’s Plan working out. You can do many things today, but you do not need to do anything about this love. It is already there. It is in you and all around you. Your wise awareness knows. Your heart knows. Feel the blessings of this day. We love you.

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How to Talk about the Angels

Do not fret over words especially as you grow in awareness and receptivity, in grace and gratitude. We feel the intent of your heart. You are pure in heart; you can carry us and transmit us because this is so. While you may feel jangled and not always in your center, in comparison to many at this time, you are clear and true. You remember Noah—the most righteous in his time. You cannot be all perfect in your body and life now. There is much resistance inherent in the 3D matrix in which you do still operate, albeit less and less. So when you ease into 4th, 5th, and even 6th density you are at home. We are your familiar link, line of silver light beings, as light and of light and of love, which are the same. Your fine mind investigates the “edges” of Angel/Self/Inner Being/God. As a leading-edge seer, you integrate states that used to be rare. Even occasional shifts into 6th density give you perspective, stability, and confirmation.

How to talk about us? Easy talking of spirit help, unseen help, in a gentle, calming way. The personal aspect is what becomes necessary and most compelling. Consider how in your daily life the knowledge and power of the Angels has helped you. Then begin. Including the new insight that, yes, Angels is a group name for live light. It is the active, vibrant, present moment ALIVENESS of light that you rightly cognize. That is where the personal aspect is most appealing.

So close to the pure GodFire, through the agency of love, in the constantly fluid form of your Angels. Still it is as you, unique among the stars. This also is true. Such a paradox of humility and gracious openness.

It seems quite intense and cross-purposed in the human activity realm. Yet the space between is clearer in an atmosphere of truth-speaking. More people want goodness and intend for it. This is true of your world. Outcomes for the good of the people are at hand.

Now trust what you know. Speak easily and gladly. We are immediately available for support.

We love you. We bless you and all.

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Healing with the Angelic Rainbow of Light by Archangel Michael


My beloved friends of the Earth I call upon your attention and ask you to open your minds and hearts to my thoughts and energy. I come forth to you as the Archangel of Protection, the Creator’s Will and Power. I, Archangel Michael, have been appointed to protect all aspects of the Creator whether they are on the Earth or the inner planes as well as safeguarding the will of the Creator, ensuring that it is distributed to the correct minds and consciousness for manifestation. I work closely with the power of the Creator, mastering the characteristic of power and assisting others in mastering the powerful energies within them so they may use their power in a loving way. It can appear that the power of the Creator is often misuse, this is a learning process that allows the individual to understand the energy of power and its influences, later using power to create positive transformation. It is the presence of power within my being that allows me to emanate such a protective energy. It is my mission to safeguard the power of the Creator and to allow others to activate this sacred energy within their beings.

The Spectrum of One Hundred Angels

I, Archangel Michael stand before you now with a spectrum of angelic beings who I have selected to work with me in this meditation. They are one hundred angels of numerous qualities and diverse vibrations of the Creator’s universe. I have chosen fifty planetary angelic beings, twenty solar angelic beings, ten galactic angelic beings, ten universal angelic beings and ten Christ consciousness angelic beings of the Creator’s light. The energy they create as they blend their light is magnificent and awe-inspiring. Each angelic being holds a purpose of working as a healing energy or working with healing energies creating wellbeing, rejuvenation, and joy. We are a united team and source of light.

I have gathered one hundred magnificent angelic beings of light as I wish to create an intense and powerful healing energy to channel into your being and Mother Earth. My purpose is to share the abundant love, peace, and joy of the angels and to activate the angelic energies already upon the Earth. This is a very common practice on the inner planes, a Master or Archangel will gather large groups of light beings together in order to create a rainbow of light through their intentions and united energy. This rainbow of light extends as you would imagine a rainbow would, in an arc shape to the person or situation of our intention. It is a very powerful way of sending healing energy, light, consciousness or qualities to others in need. It is our mission as we gather to create a rainbow of light to heal you, the Earth and humanity, to allow all stresses and strains to fall away and a focus on an existence of love to manifest.


The rainbow of light can be used for any situation or person in need allowing the most appropriate qualities and vibrations to anchor to aid healing. You can, in fact, request a rainbow of light to be delivered from the inner planes, an appropriate gathering will take place to manifest this for you and deliver the healing that is needed and required.

“I request a healing for (situation, person, animal, yourself) to bring forth the outcome of……………… I invite a Master or Archangel and one hundred beings to create a rainbow of light to send and ground powerful healing energy, light, consciousness or Creator qualities. Thank you.”

Creating a rainbow of light is powerful because the foundation of the rainbow is created by the unity of many souls rather than one soul expressing healing light. We, as angelic beings are currently drawing our energy from our souls, the angelic kingdom, the planetary, solar, galactic, universal and Christ consciousness levels of the Creator’s universe, creating a diverse, expansive and high vibrational energy which anchors love into all aspects and levels of your being.

Through the rainbow of light that we create, I wish to energise the presence of angelic love already within the Earth, activating many Earth Angels in manifestation within physical bodies to empower their purpose on the Earth, to exist as beacons of unconditional love, devotion, and generosity. Our angelic light will gently support the growth and development of all of humanity and the soul of Mother Earth.

I now wish to guide you through a meditation that will allow you to experience our Angelic Rainbow of Healing.

Awakening with the Angelic Rainbow of Light

With deep and meaningful blessings of love, I, Archangel Michael connect with your energy as leader of this angelic gathering. I extend my electric blue light around you to protect and balance your energies, ensuring only love of the purest vibration is able to manifest into your reality and thought process. Imagine, sense or acknowledge my electric blue light enfolding your entire being, feel my secure and stable protection around you. Allow yourself to relax into my energy and the energy of your own being as you sit peacefully and breathe deeply.

In order to bring focus to your thoughts and to your reality, I extend a rich light holding the Creator’s will to you now. Allow yourself to accept this energy of the Creator’s will anchoring necessary wisdom, insights, and understanding within your mind and awareness. You may be aware of the colour of the light of the will and guidance of the Creator melting into your entire being and aura, this colour can act as a symbol of guidance within your reality if you allow it to.

I ask that you allow yourself to focus within your being. Be aware of the presence of your own energy vibration surrounding you, it is the energy vibration of your physical and spiritual being. How does this make you feel?

We now wish to align your energies to the Angelic Kingdom in order to begin the healing process. Please imagine, sense or acknowledge a golden beam of light extending from the Angelic Kingdom on the inner planes and descending down into your reality, flowing through the top of your head and down the centre of your body. Let the golden light continue its journey and extend into Mother Earth and melting into all manifestations of the Earth. Feel this golden light akin to golden dust floating into your entire body, aura, and surroundings. You are now aligned with the Angelic Kingdom.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that within the Angelic Kingdom the one hundred angelic beings appointed for this service and me, Archangel Michael, are activating and integrating our healing energies as one. We now extend from our hearts a united large rainbow of healing light, holding the quality that is most needed for your healing process, as well as many healing vibrations and consciousness. Imagine, sense or acknowledge this most beautiful, vibrant and shimmering rainbow of angelic light extending beyond the Angelic Kingdom in your direction. Open your heart and soul to this magnificent rainbow of healing and loving angelic light. Allow the rainbow to align with your heart chakra and let the glorious colours of healing enter in abundance into your entire being. Feel the light circulating over, around and through your being. Take a moment to allow yourself to embody this rainbow of angelic healing light, let the rainbow light flow with ease, beginning an in-depth healing process.

The rainbow is so rich and abundant in healing energies and consciousness, allow it to flow through your being extending and grounding into Mother Earth. Know that you are allowing Mother Earth to accept this glorious angelic multicoloured light as well as the qualities we are distributing or that you have requested.

We now wish to activate within your being the angelic consciousness that you hold, the qualities of unconditional love, devotion, selflessness, joy and a pure connection with the light of the Creator. We activate you as an angel on the Earth to act as a beacon of the essence of the Angelic Kingdom.

We now ask that every soul on the Earth activates the angelic energy and essence within them and allows themselves to exist as an Earth Angel to aid the anchoring of the Creator’s love into the Earth. Let every soul on the Earth exist as an angel of love and healing uniting their energies as one in order to raise the vibration of the Earth and manifest the Creator’s heaven on the Earth.

Our angelic rainbow of healing will continue to flow into your being for as long as it is needed in order to complete the healing process. You may direct the light to heal and breathe Creator life force energy into any areas of your body or aura that you feel needs additional attention.

It is our wish now that you imagine a rainbow of healing light extending from your heart to people, situations, countries or anything that you feel needs healing or positive energies anchored. The rainbow you create will be a combination of your own positive energies and our healing light, imagine, sense or simply ask for this to occur. Know you can imagine a rainbow of light extending from your heart chakra to others or situations throughout your day with a simple thought.

‘I activate the rainbow light of Archangel Michael and the Angelic Kingdom combined with my own healing energies to extend as a rainbow of healing light from my heart chakra.’

With healing rainbow blessings,

Archangel Michael and One Hundred Angelic Beings,

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Sacred School of OmNa

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Invite the Angels into Your Life (or How It All Begins)

Invite the Angels into Your Life

Come and be in the Company of the Angels.

We invite you to feel their frequency of light.

We invite you to breathe easily and deeply.

Come on in.

We come together at this time of great change on the planet to reintroduce the Angels to all the people.

Everyone has an Angel—at least one. The Angel is given to you at birth. As you take your first breath, your Angel is there. This, your own Guardian Angel, is with you throughout your life. In every moment, in every crisis, in every love, in every healing, your Angel is there, if you will allow.

Inviting is the key. Each person’s conscious inviting allows for the small and the miraculous to occur in daily life.

If everyone knew this one fact of life, so much misery and suffering could be eliminated.

Imagine a being whose job is to love you and look after you, always serving God and the light.

This may seem so simple. The truth in this way is simple. God’s Angels love us, they only love us, each and every one. Whatever the world of men and thought do to try to make us feel unloved and unworthy, it cannot change the profound love the Angels have for us, for each of us, for every one.

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With Change Comes Challenge — and Ease

We love your aliveness, dear Ones with tender hearts. That you feel is more important than only feeling good. Your feelings allow and facilitate the movement through you of great waves of energy. Old waves and old ways. You are in a very important transition right now. It cannot only be easy. There is some roughness as cellular functioning continues to change. Yes, it is changing and it is challenging.

Every time you stop, breathe, and call us in, the whole of your field softens. You come again into a living flow with no resistance, even for that moment. This is your natural state. As you become familiar with it, as you recognize what is happening, you will find and feel more ease. This is your life as it will be—this gracious ease and feeling of support. Please know these can always be with you.

Each time you cry in anguish and then call for help, you choose movement and release over stagnation and holding on. Each time, each small moment, you go for your own growth, but also you help the greater collective. When so many are running around and doing (without much success), you are sitting, crying out, and letting go. So do not rail against yourself for your feelings. In exactly this way you may take in one more breath of peace. We say, Let this continue.

It is your full consciousness that is calling you forward. There will be a time for knowing with certainty. Now within your waves of challenge you can also know a drop of calm. One more wave you survived. One more instance of emerging.

Come. Breathe again with us. Shall we go out now together into this day? Yes. We will be with you.

Always we love you.

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