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There are many beautiful and timeless messages in the Archives. Enjoy them.

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Crazy Enough for You? Call in Your Angels

We are always at the ready to assist you. We can help in many ways once you open your heartmind to us. This you know, because you join with us each morning. It is for your growth and freedom that we continually support you. Things are always working out for you.

In your world now the movement is forward, even if it seems not so on the surface. You have taken a collective in-breath and now it is the out-breath. A big sigh. So much that has been going on below the surface is bubbling up. The stalling and shenanigans by factions of your government have moved you collectively to a new level of awareness. In spite of it all, you see new ways of learning from each other and coming into agreement.

Have you noticed that inside, you are calmer even amidst the storm? This is so for many. While the surface activities may have roused you into irritation and anger, our energies, the love and clear light of the Mother, and the energies of the whole Company of Heaven have been infusing you with more light, more ease, more comprehension. So you can continue to move forward. You are part of this cycle of change. You are ready. 

We are always ready to assist you. You call and we are with you. Simple. Too simple for some, but still it is the truth. If you want help, we are with you, for you, and around you. Your comprehension of us in your life—how you hear or know us, what you follow, how you feel when you follow our subtle encouragements—these are your leading edges of growth.

Imagine. Listening and conversing with your Angels and others from the Company of Heaven is becoming your reality, a quietly growing daily reality. The comfortable way your life flows gives you a taste. Know that you will be living from your fullness and your overflowing heart of gratitude.

Corruption—ancient, stagnant, and latent—is rising to the surface. Your Earth and all her inhabitants see the necessary rising. Your blessed Earth will be cleansed. More old patterns rise in you for release. It is deep water, here. Know we are with you. If you find yourself feeling irritated, frustrated, impatient, caught in small thoughts and old patterns—oh release, dear Ones, and call in your allies of light.

There are more Angels now, by your inviting and invoking. Call forth more Angels. Let yourself have the pleasure and the deep, unmitigated joy of calling in more Angels. See the small things turn so beautifully; see true smiles behind the eyes; hear guidance more clearly from your own Angels and guides.

This is a strange and glorious time. The ugliness and corruption comes to the surface and at the same time the inner light gets stronger and brighter. Call us in. Call us in more. Invoke us. Send us. Let us help with the unfolding of your happiness, day by day. Underneath the upheavals, feel your own growing joy.

You are part of, participant in the Mother’s great Plan. Her wish for all life everywhere is unfolding in your life now. Go in confidence and peace. All will be well. We love you this day and every day.

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Finding Courage Again

You have been brave this month. You have found your courage, again. Amid all the tumult, you have stayed connected to your heart. This is the threshold and the doorway. It has ever been, and now even more so. We applaud your steadiness while attacks, verbal and energetic, have been waged. Your visions will see you through, with your minds setting the words and actions after the fact. Be brave still. You were made for this time; you are here for it. We are with you. You are not alone in this endeavor.

While many actions make a lot of noise on the surface and the underground realms are crashing, we ask you to be aware of the still quiet graciousness in your lives. You have food. You have water. You have a breeze. You have, some of you, the sea, or the mountains, or the forest. You have a calm lake. You have the birds returning to feed. You have the sun rising and setting.

You have help. You have encouragement. You have support. You have gifts and skills and resources. You have us, your Angels, to call upon. You have the enormous, continuing wave of love and clarity from the Mother. You have a connection to Source at your core.

You have the fruits of your labor and the songs of your soul. The most impossible possibilities can arise within you and through your collective efforts.

Now is not the time to be in fear. Your calm appreciation and steady goodness will see you through.

We love you, dear Ones. We overlight you and send you our unending love.

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For You Just as You Are

We are loving you even when the mind wavers, goes off its equilibrium, or ventures into old territory. These surface patterns of your mind cannot touch the purity and gracious openness of your true being. This is where we know you. Always it is so.

You have enough awareness to catch yourself when such old thoughts arise. Then you have enough wisdom to say, “Stop.” You may release a thought and you may find something else on which to place your attention. Your own body is a lovely place to begin. Your heart beats. Your breath easily flows in and out. Your eyes open to colors in the changing landscape. Your toes wiggle. Your hands can touch rose and jasmine blossoms; reach them and enjoy them.

There is no fault in thoughts. You have power in such discrete and subtle ways that you can turn from any line of thinking. And if you do not want to think at all, you can simply sit and connect with us, your Angels, for joyous ease and peace to fill you. We love you. We embrace you. We quietly help you in every way that you allow.

What is going on in you is the real-time transformation of a human life through grace, love, attention, guidance, and choice. You can be both pleased and proud of your engagement in this endeavor. Just as you are, just how you are doing it, is the way you grow. Every day we love you. Every day we support you.

We bless the turning of your thoughts toward wholeness. 

We bless you now and always.

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Sending a Love Stream

You have to know you are big enough to carry light. And then, of course, the more light you carry, the more light there is. You get lighter by admitting more light into your life. We speak as if it’s a quantity, and it is in this way. Archangel Michael teaches that light magnetizes adamantine particles of sacred fire light to itself and adds to your light.

We call it clean love; no stickiness at all. Pure unconditional love. It is easy to send it out streaming, palms up, to each one you see. Often you have the thought sense of someone. When you send a love stream, a wave of bliss rolls over you. This chair, this window, the stripes of the curtain— interwoven with light. Every thing, everyone you see. See yourself as a volcano of light, up flowing from the top of your head, rippling down, out over you, out to your country and your world. 

Now we also send healing through these words. They hold a vibration. It is thrilling to watch the light-filled work unfold—holding, sending, carrying, radiating ever-present, healing, loving light. Angel light. Divine light.

We call forth light on this day, using these words as a vehicle for light. By the great love of the Angels, it is here in the lines, in the thoughts, in your hearts. Let the light seep out through you all this day. Let light infuse every moment. Let light in, in this lovely, subtle way. This is a way to freedom.

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Where You Are Is Where We are

We meet you where you are. We meet you in your heart. You need not be in joy in order to feel us and connect with us. All the universe is available for joy, and if you do not feel it in this moment, our connection with you is not lessened.

You think joy must mean big leaps and splashes of happiness, and it often is that. But quietly feeling the warmth of the sun first thing in the morning counts. Seeing the sky so clear and blue with no clouds or streams counts. Hearing the big crows hopping on the roof counts. Now we help you build some momentum out of these moments and awareness.

You will today walk and drive and buy foods of the season. You will see the waters and the changing landscape. You will talk with friends and be glad for them in your life. What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring to the things you do and say.

So when you pick out fresh fruits, let yourself feel the trees and the wind and the sun that produced them. When you buy them, feel their round fullness in your hands. Look into the eyes and faces when you speak. We delight with you in the senses. You have them for your joy.

“One day at a time,” you say. We say, “One minute at a time, one second, this instant.” We are with you in it. Feeling that ease drop around you is one of your ways of knowing. Know it now. We are with you.

There will be a time, now soon coming, when you will know with certainty and clarity that you are not alone, that your Angels have been with you through everything. Yes. We love you. Always.

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An Invitation to All the People

Your birthright is to be in direct revelation with the spirit world. 

It is natural to connect with your Angels.

You can make a sacred space in your own heart. 

An opportunity to leave the worries and concerns of the day, at least for a while.

Then you can begin to feel the love and attention of the Angels, your Angels.

You can begin to know yourself as a new being coming into your light.

Even by these simple actions, you can feel the love of the Angels who serve the light.

You can feel their love and support. You can feel them with you.

They are with you and all people, though many know it not.

Go into your heart and welcome this opportunity for growth, for change, for expansion, for your next step. Welcome your Angels more fully into your life.

As you go forward individually and collectively, the Angels are with you.

Intensify your intent and determination to awaken!

Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of love that extends around each of you.

An aura of peace and stability will envelop you and will be felt by others as they engage with your loving energy field. Your energy field is that powerful!

Change is happening very rapidly now and you are a beacon.

Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light so that all may see it.

In this we love you. We support you. We bless you always.

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