Love Is Constantly Flowing to You

As your day begins, we are with you. You offer to us the organizing of this day. You speak your quiet words of gratitude and alignment. You begin to radiate light. These first moments of joining give you a foundation for grace and beauty through your day no matter what the circumstances.

Our constancy is love. The more you know, the more you partake, the more you receive, the more you allow. Whether forgiveness is spoken or not, it must be operating and unlocking old walls for so much lovelight to infill you. When you see how much light you already are, you will thrill in your joy.

You are all being washed and tossed about in the waves of energy infilling and intensely intersecting at this time. As the light grows, the new world, your Terra Gaia, comes in. The light within and around you is steadily increasing. The darkness is diminishing in you and in your world, though you may not see this on the surface. Nevertheless it is so.

Your world is shaking, changing, transforming at the deepest levels. The weather patterns seem unusual. Your beautiful Earth is doing her adjustments as the energy frequency rises. You of humanity are adjusting every day as well. Do you notice you can feel moments of contentment and calmness in your day? The sun on your face, a breeze, wind through the trees, your animals who love you—even such moments as these can be overlit. A moment of grace is not hard to find; it is never far from you.

As the conditions of your world continue to dramatically change, we wish you to know that there is no use to fear or worry. Keep your attention on what is good for you, what is working for you in your life right now. What is in front of you and around you that supports your peace? What sustains your gratitude? Many people worry out of habit. You may find that habit is naturally lessening in you as it serves you not at all.

What serves you is beauty, creativity, love, appreciation, and kindness: words for feelings and states of being that enhance your awareness and your joy. You are all growing in your light frequency, your light capacity. Quite naturally you are radiating more of who you are.

We are with you in every stage of your expansion. Our light enhances and feeds your own. So you might have a moment of utter happiness in the middle of an afternoon, even today. Have it. Feel it. Allow it. This is a way your joy intermingles with your Angels.

This is one way we constantly love you.

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At This Point of Expansion

The changes that you are feeling in your awareness, in your bodies, in your emotions, in your dreams are happening everywhere. Your planet is alive with great change and it is good. When you see your neighbors, know it is happening in their lives too. In your classrooms and conferences, the new energies are apparent. The desire is for ideas and outcomes that benefit everyone. And this, dear children of the light, is what you can notice and participate in. Let your dreams and ideals lead you. See your future rising out of them. Now is not the time to study old movies of war and destruction, nor twisted stories of violence and dark acts. Now as the light penetrates your awareness constantly and cumulatively, let it do its great work in you.

You are learning to follow the subtle promptings of a vitally alive and interconnected universe. You are becoming more aware how you receive. What is changing, enlarging, is the way you interpret what comes to you. You find yourselves moving toward things and ideas that interest you rather than fighting and worrying about what you do not want. Finally you simply turn.

You have become familiar with us, your own particular Angels, and the vibration of the Angels, and you know how easy it is. Allow yourselves to receive more of the blessings of this abundant universe. To surrender in openness to the workings of the universe means you have come to a place of profound trust. You build that trust every time you feel us near, every time you listen and receive guidance. Notice and be glad for the subtle sensitivities that help us to connect with you.

To be at this point of expansion is remarkable. You are doing so well, you shine out with such light. We love you so much.

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Closer to Truth

Every day you come closer to truth—the truth of light, the truth of benevolence, the truth of kindness. Even in the midst of war-mongering, the truth of peace is growing in you and in your world. It becomes the greater calling. You do not want people separated. You want families together, living in hope and peace. You do not want war. No people want war. Governments, arms dealers, oil cartels want the false power and immense wealth of war. People want peace. And you shall have peace. In the not-too-distant future, a world of peace. It will come.

Now what will be your focus, dear children of the light? In today’s rising waves of consciousness, within the Mother’s Great Plan, you bring your personal truth to the collective. With each thought you offer another possibility. You can stand for peace and justice. You can hold it in your hearts. You can refuse to be entangled in conflict. This very day, you can march in your streets as beacons of peace, light, and freedom. If you are riding a subway or a ferry or an elevator you can quietly radiate. Call us in and we will help you to be a peaceful warrior in a peaceful place.

After the storm, the air is clear and clean. The grasses rise up to the sunlight. Let your own hearts rise too, to the greater light of truth.

Bless you, every One.

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Hope and Expectancy

Your hearts are tender now in these remarkable times. You feel hope. You feel optimism. And you feel concern. It is reasonable to be roused by injustice. Your hearts are leading you. Peace among nations begins in your hearts. We are pleased to see you as individuals turning toward peaceful means; this is the way massive shifts occur in populations. There are more grassroots movements for positive, sacred action. You will see the results as the balance shifts. This will become a most transformative time.

Yes, there are many people—both young and old—passing into the light. These souls have finished the work they could do in body and now continue their service from the other side. There may be sadness, but a deeper knowing in the hearts of the family members is being felt and recognized as true. This change in the patterns of sorrow is a great advance, which is also happening person by person.

You continue to outpicture and build your new world—Terra Gaia. Inventions for the good of all, beautiful buildings wherein good heart gatherings will be convened, systems of transport that do not rob your great Earth of her riches. Your discoveries, your insights, your creations in art and music and all the forms of self-expression are being enhanced by the greater light you now carry. You are becoming Ones who hold so much light it is now impossible for you to be destructive to yourselves or to your world.

Because you are reading these messages, you are in more ease with your own Angels. Calling on us allows grace to pour into your lives. Saying to your friends, “Yes, I know I have Angels who are with me and love me,” opens them to more ease too. This is both a sudden and a gradual unfoldment. Great leaps of thought and insight come to you. You simply know things that before you did not. You know and trust yourselves more. And you know you are not alone.

We bless everyone who walks in the beauty way, the way of spirit. Notice all the ways in which light increases. You begin to know this from your own lives.

We love you so much. We are with you. We bless you now and always.

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All People Have Some Light

We love your growing ease even amidst the changing landscape. Inside of themselves, all people have some heart, some light, some love. Many have quite a lot. The young Ones have much to offer. The world is increasingly ready to receive good ideas and new concepts from them, from you, and from us. You may be surprised how well it can go, this next part of the journey.

Apprehension is old fear and tension that has no new air. So let the sky breathe you where you are. Let yourself find Light—in the eyes of the people on the street, on the bus, on the train. Walk with our peace in you. Walk with our love.

You heal the unspoken past by walking up to it in your centered, open, light-filled Self. More than you are healed in this journey. We say again, this is big work. You are ready and you are doing so well.

Notice the difference between moving forward in joy and anticipation or feeling a push from behind to get out there. These are the subtleties of your changing state. Consciousness is expanding with every breath, every wish, and every good intention. The old way is, “Do it. Do it right. Do it now.” Our way with you is, “Be Calm and Be Easy.”

The opening to peace and healing is here in this moment. This now moment is full of ease and beauty. The air is rich and sweet. Let us go out into this day together.

We are with you. We love you.

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You Are the Change as It Happens

We have been closely with you—under the full moon’s light, within the changing seasons and your growing awareness. Always in the Now, which is where we are. We love your quiet diligence to speak well and notice good, to honor light. We bless you now. Stop to feel this for a moment. We are around you.

The changes that we have been speaking of are now greatly accelerating, becoming visible to more people of heart. More good is available to recognize and participate in. Goodwill grows. Do not despair, dear Ones. Do not fear. Humanity is turning toward the peace it has yearned for. Now is the time. It will be accomplished. Not all at once, but in regions, in areas, in cities, in villages all across your vast and beautiful world.

We ask you to cast your mind and memories back to 6 months ago, or to 1 year ago if you can. Look at who you were then, what your thoughts were, what your concerns were. Do you see the tremendous growth and expansion in your self in this relatively short time? See not only outer movement, but your inner calm and level of delight. It is clear from our view. You are the change as it happens across the globe.

In the northern hemisphere, you are coming into the fullness of summer, with the long light over green fields. In the southern regions, the harvest is nearing completion; the inner realms are where your abundance lies. All the world thrives by your love and attention. No growth is unnoticed.

This is the time you have waited for. We have surrounded you, encouraged you, loved you, and supported you through the darkest days. Now let us be with you in the joyous release and the coming celebrations. There will be peace and you will know it. Now is the time. All who have been working for the good of all will be rewarded. Go into your day with gladness in your heart. Quiet certainty spreads out.

O people of the world, be ready for your good, for now it surely comes in. Know how to look and you will see.

We love you. Always. Our love is with you.

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Bless Your Life

In the end it will be gratitude, appreciation, and loving service that will turn things around. This is the long view. Everything you look for in others must ultimately be found within. Every moment of Now may not have it, but you touch it even with the thought, and catch it also in these words.

How well you are doing, we say again and again. So much is in flux, yet your entire sense of yourself and your world can be changed by what you place your attention on. Every moment offers you this.

Appreciate your body that functions so well, managing trillions of cells automatically, without you doing a thing. Please breathe a breath of appreciation now. Bless your own life.

You are integrating enormous amounts of high-frequency light. The light of the moon, the increasing daylight, and the movements of the great stars and constellations all heightened the high registers of experience. Sun light, moon light, and star light currents are very strong across your planet. Breathe light in for maximum absorption. Bathe yourself in this way.

It is a powerful time. You are powerful beings in it, ready and capable. Through the tumult, the sense of presence. After the night, the sky is clear. We are watching you, supporting you, comforting and guiding you. Always we are loving you.

Please hear us this day: All will be well.

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