You Have Your Silent Knowing

Your world changes daily. Now the light quotient is so great, we say the Light Victorious. It is made up of each of you shining your light in your life. Many are now having experiences of things going well, projects moving smoothly ahead, plans materializing. Longtime dreams are coming into focus to be realized.

Dear Children of Light, this day may be your day for a quiet understanding to flood you:    I AM doing well. I feel more ease. I understand a lot better my place in the world. I know what I can do to assist in the transformation. I know I AM part of the community of light workers. Things go well for me. Things are going well for us all.

Not everyone can see the increasing light, the ease that is before you, but you can. So we ask that you find your steadiness and truth in it and keep the light bright. Turn up the flame of your heart and let it shine. Others look to you. You carry the hope for those you do not yet know. You. Each One reading these words.

You are our forces of light on the ground. Holding the light, noticing the light, sending light—these are your tools available always and easily. You may think it is nothing, but it is quite something. Every time you consciously choose to have your attention on light, the power of the light for clarity and healing, every time you have your attention on the lovelight, you enhance it. Such a small thing—your moment. You help all the people in your life. You help your community and your country. You help the entire planet rise in frequency by your act of courage in choosing the light.

We bless you as you go forth again this day. Yes, soon this work will be visible to all, but even now you have your silent knowing. You are contributing to the New Earth by your steadfastness and your courage.

The moon will soon show its dark face. Yet your own true light is not able to be hidden; this is what is truly growing. We see you in your magnificence. We love you in all your phases of growth. We love you now and bless you.


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Trust the Great Forces at Work Here

We love you so much. Even if you are feeling frazzled, confused, troubled, feeling less than. These are some of the oldest thoughts and belief threads of your human condition. You do well to let them pass through you. You need not take them and re-own them. Your good work makes you more fluid, so this deep strata can arise. Please do not chastise yourself here. When you feel this ancient muck, do you not sense the pure silence of the Divine around you, underneath it all? You are held gracefully in the night in your dream body. Your light is not dimmed even when you do not feel it. You are so much stronger now, delicate in that strength, vulnerable and tender in it, not rigid.

The light that is transforming you is operating at the finest cellular and molecular levels. In the process every single aspect of constraint or condition is being affected. All the subtle movements inside you make for shifting feelings. It is doubt that is leaving by this process; it is not lodging further in you. So we ask you to trust. Trust yourself. Trust your guidance. Trust the great forces at work here in the elegant ground of your being. We have not been with you through the ages to abandon you now.

Waves of nameless anxiety may come up. You are not doing anything wrong in this. Rather, you are alive to the molding of the clay by your attention. Ease can come between the waves of release, like a woman in labor. It is your new self that is emerging. Let not your old thoughts re-constrict you now. All is well.

cloudsAll will be well. When you see the sky so vast above you, one little cloud cannot hide it. In yourself, great ease is around every ripple of unease. You are the home of ease, even now. Go now and feel it in your stride, your stance (your dance), your clear eyes. All is well.

We love you so much.


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Coming into the Grace of Existence (Redux)

Your life is for shining out the light that you are: the light of the Mother, the light of the Divine. You do this as a human, but gradually you change by such an infusion and transmission. You need not have the long-life plans in order to be of service to humanity.

Sitting here in the morning, watch the sky touch the day into light, rosy and gold in between the branches, silhouetting the shapes of birds. You need not do more this minute than feel it. Feel the warmth from the wall heater as it reaches you, seems to wrap around your feet, your legs, your shoulders. You breathe easily. You accept this day from its beginning. You accept yourself in this day just as you are. You accept your responsibilities for they call you out into action.

Allow it to be once again that you are precisely where you need to be, that outcomes are forming even now from your seed thoughts and intentions. Follow the quiet promptings of your heart. You can ask for support. Your Angels are at the ready to assist you. It brings such gladness to your heart every time you consciously invite and then receive assistance from the higher realms. You are coming into the grace of existence. You are doing it every day, from your smallest personal insights, from your gestures of kindness, from the positive turn in your thoughts.

This very day, this ordinary, beautiful, clear and shining day is yours. It is full of riches—the sunlight on a branch, weather moving across the landscape, the sea, the clouds, the flights of birds, the tremendous strength of the trees. Let beauty find you. Let your eyes see.

Let your heart be calm. Let your own peaceful presence be the center of the day, around which so much grace and loveliness can flow. In this quiet moment now, be blessed.

We love you.

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To Be Alive Now

For those in the storm: Stay inside. Be inner. Be calm. Enjoy what you have before you. The Mother holds the world within her gracious embrace.

What has been foretold for eons is unfolding now. And you are ready; dear Ones, you are ready. You have studied what has attracted you. You have received wisdom transmitted by the masters. You have cleansed yourself. You have watched your doubts diminish as your knowing has increased.

We are with you, nearer than breath. You can sense us more closely around you. We appreciate your skills and talents and especially your pure hearts. You have persevered and now you are part of your own shining reward.

Dear Children of the Light, we see you with so much pleasure. From our view, the sight of you is as light. Your own light, lit from the eternal heart flame, which now expands in brightness and range. Your Angel has protected this flame since your first breath. Your Angel who loves you in these days of transformation.

Call on your Angel. The simplest words are from your heart: Thank you, my Angel,  for being with me. Thank you as I take this breath and feel some ease. I know that you love me and hold me in your care. Let me feel you close and know you ever more deeply.

When you are so aligned, standing with millions and millions of others, the combined heart light of humanity is immense. Can you imagine that each of you is surrounded, embraced, held by your own Angel. And all these gorgeous Angels are in communion. Touching, if you will, into the realms of peace. Peaceful all together. Harmonious Presence throughout. You are there.

We give you this image, this feeling of being surrounded and held by Grace.

Accept it. Use it. Have it. Feel it. In the coming days it will be useful.

To be alive now, to be here and present in your heart, to be conscious in your changing world. To be open and receive the great love that is being poured into you—from the Angels and the whole of the Company of Heaven. To be an essential part of the evolution of Gaia and all of humanity. This is the truth of your being.

We love you, each One, every One. All One.                 Blessings abound.


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Anchoring Light

This is a great time for humanity. You are no longer on the brink of change. You are in it and there is no going back. You can only go forward now through the seeming chaos of surface dynamics.

Know that we are with you. We are with you in your clarity (of desire) and in your unclarity (of emotion). These human words try to define the fluid texture of your world at this time. Sticky, flowing, moving, changing, morphing. All to the good.

The moisture of the rains and snow, the burst of tears have made you and the Earth ready. Now in the finest spaces—in the sweet air, the pure water, through the fog and mist—the quietness settles. No rushing. You are attending to your fluid Self by coming to points in the stillness. You are anchoring light within the movement. This you do by your very presence. So with every breath, every blink, every swallow, you are moving and integrating light. This is a primary service to Earth and to the unfolding of the Mother’s Plan.

Anchoring light becomes the ongoing blessing that you embody by your very being. Thus every moment you are participating in something of immense value. We wish that you might rest in this knowing.

It takes some pressure off you regarding your daily actions and decisions. You see, dear Ones, you struggle and fret over conditions that change every day and will soon be gone from your world.

Alternatively there is a river of grace that you can have and receive and be part of. We are the grace of the divine in concert with divine love and will. To love you is our natural state and always our inclination. That is so without end.

Such a grand plan is unfolding. It is inexorable and fully self-determined. You are perfect expressions of its deep and unique beauty. We bless you, every One, as the anchoring continues. We love you.

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The Onslaught of Light Is No Burden Still

What advice or view can you offer for the people today?

We love you and this fine tuning as the year begins. Being in our “field” is deep and calming, peaceful, soothing. So you may be drawn to an ocean walk, breathing the sea air, a walk in the forest or a meadow. Pure and natural is what feels best for being in our field of grace.

You are all getting ready and you know not for exactly what. You prepare internally by your practices, body postures, meditation, prayers, intentions. You eat with care. You drink clean water often. You sleep deeply, for there are healing journeys you participate in with the Mother and with us. Things speed up. Days get longer as the Sun sets later, lemon golden light upon you and the waters.

Dear children of light, we are with you. Instances of grace and perfect timing occur frequently. Your old patterns of thought, annoyances, disturbances are less, and this happens in quiet ways. Things just fall away. The increase in light in your body, in your cells, in your consciousness is unmistakable. Your growth is steady. There will be waves of increase, yes, for this is a momentous time. You are ready. The onslaught of light is no burden. It is joy made manifest in your days—that connection to the starlings at twilight, with a frisky dog, with the children in the park, with a friend without saying a word. Your lives are connected and the connection is love. It is lovelight. It is heartfelt. It is who you truly are. We are with you as you grow accustomed to it—in our grace, with our blessing, with our love.

This very day be in peace with yourself, your heart, your beautiful, emerging world of light. All will be well. Go in peace. Be in joy. We love you.

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Ready to Greet the New

I call in the great I AM Presence and the Violet Transmuting flame. Cleanse me of all that is old, unwanted, useless, unloving, or of lack. Let me end this year well. Let me greet the new year well and open. May I continue to ask you and feel you and know you throughout my days. What words do you have for us this day? Thank you.

We love your simple prayer and the words of hope and peace. Let each woman and each man, let every child have moments of ease, of hope and grace in these days. The old world is dissolving. Your real world of light is emerging—first in you and then in the wider view. Know the Divine Plan is working out in its timing most exact—the timing of perfection—which you know in confirmations you receive.

Be easy in this ending for it is remarkably an end and a huge new beginning. You chronicle in years as you turn the calendar page and name it anew. This new year will be significant, so you do well to let your old memories rise and let them leave you. Like shadows of clouds they move out of you.

The intense, immense light in which you have been flooded is reaching its own flashpoint. So much light self-ignites. Be easy. Breathe. More help that you can yet imagine is at the ready. Be yourself. Be yourselves. Be aware. Your discernment has been honed for this.

Your own Angel is with you, perfectly focusing the great light of the I AM Presence into you. Through you it moves now. Stop and feel it. It moves from the top of your head down, in and through your entire neck area, your throat. Down into your chest it floods. Straight through your heart it flows. Moving easily into your stomach and through all the organs, so smoothly the light moves. It fills the bowl of your pelvis before it moves through and out. Into the ground this stream of light pours, deep into the Earth, into the core.

What you need to know is that it is good to allow old images, memories, and situations to come up briefly in you so you can see yourself choosing to let them go. You are actively choosing again and again to let these pass out of you. Be done. Again and again. Be not discouraged. You can be empowered by the steadiness of your choosing, again and again. With each wave of recollection that arises, you allow it to surface with its details (that kitchen, the way it was; that room, the color of the couch), not holding to them. The great river of light is so powerful, it pours down through you. You give it willingly to Earth. Give her all. She takes all.

What you do of consequence is you attend to your feelings. This is more important for the awakening world than any effort or action. For the moment you are emptied of troubles, you are clear, a vessel of God’s love. It shines out whenever you are at ease.

Your Angel overlights you always. When you are troubled, the light is specifically focused to assist you, to aid you in clearing. Your Angel adjusts it for your best good. You only invite, allow, accept, and release. It is energy that moves, corralling those old thoughts out.

These are subtle workings, which you can feel. So paying attention for these few minutes gives you the strength and freedom to live with some composure and some blessing too.

We love you so much. This is the purpose of sadness. To feel the ache of it and then the choice, each time fresh, to not indulge it, instead to gently turn. In that slight gesture, you have accomplished much. Never doubt the potency of internal change. So small a change in the center allows for huge transformation in the outer world. Just such a cry for help is instantly attended. Your needs are met. We are with you going forward.

We have loved you long and love you still.

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