Be Glad for Your Life in Grace

It is grace to be alive now. The very air thrills with the love of the Mother as it floods through you. Each of you now is a vessel, a vehicle of grace. You can be this easily and consciously. There has never been a time like this and you are in it, alive now, for this grace.

Dear Children of Light, let your hearts feel it. Such grace in your eyes, which can perceive beauty. A small bird hops before your feet in a puddle of fresh rain water, its little eyes bright at the seed found, the wind that lifts it again to flight. In the Mother’s vast and gracious universe you are held even so. Once you know this you cannot be alone or worried or grieved. It is so now—more than ever before, and closer to you.

In this grace is peace found. Not the peace of inactivity, but the radical peace of certainty and trust. Then your dynamic activity can follow, can flow out of you in harmonious endeavors that serve your needs and uphold the good for everyone. It is your new world unfolding around you, with immeasurable blessing.

It is grace to be each the great Self that you are and the more that you are becoming. Such quiet rejoicing in the heart, such power for the complete and total evolution of the spirit, right here and now.


When you say, “Thy will be done,” it is through you now, easily aligned with the divine. Your personal will a sliver of light in the great stream that is moving all of humanity forward. So much grace. More than enough for everyone, every creature and twig and bug. Each sunrise your welcome into another day of majesty. Your unfolding is now, dear and precious Ones.

We are with you, holding you, supporting you, loving you. We are blessing you now in riches. See them around you.

Be blessed. Be grateful. Be glad for your life in grace this very day.

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You Are Safe and You Are Nurtured

You are our dear Ones and we can only see you in grace. We support your growth in many ways. When you ask for comfort, it is immediately given. When you ask for clarity, the whirl of others’ thoughts and determinations stops and you are in the pure moment. From there you know what is next to do or say. Doubt is not real in such a configuration of spacetime. Drop into your whole heart. Be glad you have the opportunity to notice, to ask, to open, and to hear, to feel again the trust underlying all that you do.

Ones in other dimensions who love you, who are devoted to your world’s good, they work hard to create larger energy grids above and below your present reality. They help structure the environment that will hold you and receive you as your old world crumbles.

You have had now some sense of the turmoil that is possible. You have seen some faces showing anger and also greedy determination. Know that such tactics move the changes forward too. Throughout the phase of shifting, know in your heart that you are safe. You are nurtured. You are fed by much more than food. For so long you have been ready and alert to subtle changes—in yourself and in the world before your eyes. Now you see more shifting on the surface. Your structures of commerce are the first. Who you are and what you really have of value is your light, your consciousness, your growing sense of self. Bless you all in this time of flux.

The ways of energy use are next to demonstrate dramatic change. Excitement is also in the air because of new possibilities in technological innovation. With the help and whispers from the company of heaven the right people receive the ideas and build them. Many inventions are already made, with more coming every day. Such innovation moves fast. And all to the good.

So even on this one day you have reason to be grateful. You are never alone. Greater forces than you can perceive are guiding you. And those of you who do perceive some of this grace know it for sure and can inspire others.

Keep on in your lightlove life; that is the best way. Our love is with you, surrounding you, assisting you, supporting you. It is so.

All will be well. All will be so well, our dear and precious Ones.

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Your World Begins Anew

We greet you with clear delight in this new day. The world begins anew today. Every day can be so. Yes. For you who gather here, grace falls all around. Your eyes are soft to notice grace. This is the beginning.

on the lake. JPG

The waves of energetic lovelight have been penetrating all of you for many months. Longer for you who could feel or see early on. But now for everyone the encouragement from the realms of light is stronger than ever before. It means humanity is ready.

The light realms are in accord with the Divine Plan, the Mother’s Plan, and your soul’s plan. It has come to this: Adaptive readiness. You have learned to feel and follow the flow of lovelight. It is natural for you to move in that direction. Now, as you do, inexorably things go well. This is how Awakening happens.

What is new, what is noticeable—the numbers of people affected by the light. Our love is part of your receiving and so the flow goes smoothly. Most people have in their pure hearts some remnant or memory of being loved, being held, being heard in the night, being comforted, being known. Such threads of memory are stirred in this most fluid time. Call it Angels or call it divine support, makes no difference. Something is enlivened. You want more good for all. You look for more ways to have it so. We assist at every turn.

Your lives unfold in the best manner, minute by minute. It is for you that this vast unfolding happens. So you can be the light of the world, which you are. Each of you. Paying attention is the best way forward. Rapid understanding occurs.

We bless you and this connection with you. Let us be the close companions you desire. Talk with us. Say your intentions. Speak out your needs. Feel the answers, our replies, and the responses from the universe. This is how communication grows between us.


Was it in the wind you first felt us? or on the face of the lake? In the shape of the boughs of the tree or in the light on the branches?

We show you in so many ways we are near. Let us love you. Let us assist you now. We love you always and without end.


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Greetings from the Light and the Deep Well of the Trees

We greet you from the light on your days of longest light in the north. You may dance and sing, eat the special foods, look across the circle or the table or the clan to see the eyes sparkling. So beautiful. You drink in the long light, as do the trees. They serve you in your transformation as they receive the light without effort in the long hours. You do the same.

Your real eyes are equipped to take in the light, fine-tuning you as the stream inflows. Light is both particle and wave, so you can receive in many ways. Much comes in now through your crown, that natural aperture where the top bones of your skull flex. When you were born out of your mother, the space was soft and pliable. Your years of third-dimensional living have toughened the area. Yet now the light again softens it, widens the field and the possibility of more light entering.

Your eyes also receive. When pure light enters you through these apertures, it touches the back of the retina to enhance your finer perceptions. Do you not notice more shimmering, more glistening in the air, on the water, from the clouds, on the wings of things? It is so.

Your skin takes in light and radiates its fullness back out. You become more translucent. It is a wonder to see you as you grow in this wondrous way.

So the light moves in and through you more. It happens in your ease. Another great gift of the Mother, that you come closer to her by becoming more like her, more of her. We, your Angels, are made of her lovelight. And so you come closer to us, closer to our realm, as you become more light.

The simple statement, “I AM Light” has vast and powerful ramifications. Say it and notice. Our suggested practice of starting your day by aligning with the great I Am Presence directly and continually fills you with light.

So be blessed, dear Ones of Earth, who grow so quickly now. Your world is changing under you, around you, and most especially though you. You participate in this transformation by your will and your intent. Let it be. Let the great light be with you now.

In love for you, in response to your call, in alignment with the great Plan of the Mother, we bless you now. We love you always.

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In the Expanding Field of Light

We join with you now. We are with you at your first thought or inclination towards us. There is no time in such connection. Only comfort and grace as it flows into you. Let this be your truth, as it is.

Things are going very well. This emotional yearning is for the fullness that you know, to be in the river of light. Be glad you have the awareness to know, to discern, to be in such wholeness. Be glad for this expansive time, which leads only to more. It will be fine, all of it. Dear Ones, we love you. Hear it.

If every day you recognized us—your own Angels—guiding you, loving you, comforting you, helping you, healing you, supporting you, accompanying you in action, supporting you in heartfelt thought, you would only thrive. The more you know this, the less the distractions of a crumbling world will hook you. Let us be with you. We love you.

You do so well through the changing air, the times, and the energies. We ask you to not doubt yourself in this or any other thing. The planets come into better alignment for your receiving. A new level of clarity and broader understanding can be noticed as the fog disperses. It is more than the skies that are clearing. Your mind integrates the light particles. Your inner sight is fed. In so many ways you comprehend more.

We again commend you in your perseverance. How could you turn back now, when your satisfaction is so near? Dear Ones of growing light, we see you as the grand beings you are. We love you in your human aspects and we continually call you forward into your fullness. We know you through everything; we have been with you always. Even the many incarnations are only a portion of our connection.

While we are always near, we do not need you to receive us. It is for your good and the best good of all that such words and vibrations, that such energies come through to you. That is all. We love you without end.

See the good that is emerging in your world, by your sight, by your light, by your wisdom, by your understanding. Simple words; great good. With blessings we are loving you now.


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The Deepening Continues

Your quietness, your peaceful joy ripples out like the fragrance of flowers you love. You begin to know at an even deeper level that you do not have to “do” anything. Such enormous change is happening within. Every thought rises clean from the source. You can see the thought as if in slow motion. You see the choice point. Each day more clearly and consciously you choose in the direction of Yes. You choose support, harmony, understanding. You choose upliftment and gracious ease. Old ways do not so much catch you. Those patterns, those pathways are broken and gone. There is a time when you know it, and that time is now.

These days of undisturbed, unhurried freedom allow you such deepening. The confirmations keep coming. What means something to you—that gives you another nod from the universe. Each One of you, in such personal ways, receives acknowledgment. You and the Mother interact, interpret, and understand as the deepening continues.


Each tree in the forest says, “I AM.” Each flower stands as itself, “I AM.” Each rock on the road, each bug, each bird that flies swiftly to the nest is on the wing “I AM.” You, dear children of the growing light, are awakening to your true Selves, pure sparks of God. Any time you know this, you are One with All, the Great I AM. Each instance of knowing strengthens the web of knowing. It grows in you and through you, around you.

We are joyous beyond any of your words for how you are growing in light, which is awareness. They are the same in you. Bless you, beings of growing light.

GlowingWe love your journey.
We love your awakening.
We love your pleasure.
We love your enjoyment.
And we love your silence.

Bless you, every One.

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Where We Connect

In the center of your heart—that is where we connect—the truth of your being. Not a static truth; rather an area where we can meet. In that meeting each time it is fresh, it is pure. In that meeting each time you are again the light of the world.


The inspired image of the fingers of God and Human nearly touching. Can you feel that spark of light reaching you? The Great Mother, Mare, the sea of love, behind you, at the back of your heart. The pure light enters, each time new and familiar. This grace is so vast, yet the stream touches exactly you, all of you, each of you.

The splendid unfolding is purposeful and we are with you through it all. You know the feeling of being in a river of light. When you bless, when you pray, when you send lovelight assistance. You know this. Also the contrast when you are out of the stream. When the words fall short of clarity, when you cannot express from your heart, when small irritations take your attention—however you speak or not, we are with you. When your voice is raised, or your hand, or your ire, that is the moment to stop. Even one breath will help. Stop. Do not rush ahead. Ask for what you really want: Alignment. Centered peace and deep quiet. Then without much effort, the Yes of Being is known again.

It feels that the world turns as you turn and vice versa. You are very deep in the matter of change, as is the magma of your blessed Earth. You have trusted so far and so widely, you must trust now, this little while longer.

The heads of state meet under many contexts and guises. The crumbling and repurposing of your governmental structures, your banks, your corporations continue. Inside of each of you the same subtle and dynamic reframing is going on. These kinds of changes will allow you more wide understanding. You become able to see the connection between early decisions made unconsciously and the ways they still tug at you when they outpicture in your life.

It is all good from the point of expanding awareness. Every experience and every perception can serve you. We suggest the simple practice of remembering, recalling, re-feeling the huge Light of Being. That is where we connect. We love you. We love you always. Feel the blessing of your life.

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