Blessings of the Day

How could I ever express
how blessed I feel.
My great friend and beloved heart brother,
Andrew Harvey, here on my birthday.
My very house perfumed by grace.

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Your Empowerment Grows Every Day

The focus of humanity today may be on storms and safety in traveling. Our focus always is you and the pure light within you. This brings you “home” again and again. Be easy amid the bustle. Nothing is wrong. All is well around you and within you. We are your Angels. We see you as you are—in light and fine, high-frequency vibration. You close the gap between your daily self and your soul with every breathe. Be easy now.

The great turning of the Earth and the Sun and the stars goes on. The great turning of your hearts toward truth, kindness, compassion, and freedom goes on also; it accelerates and deepens you. Wonders will you see in the skies and in yourselves. Many write of changes. All contribute to the understanding that these are extraordinary times of opportunity and choice. You can choose and you do: a kind thought, a loving gesture, a gracious offer, a smile of welcome. We are with you in and through these all. Each moment and each conscious choice is important. Your empowerment grows every day.

The river of truth calls you, it carries you once you jump in. So be glad you are alive this day. Be not caught in mind mazes or doubt. Be easy and be glad for your blessed life. Humanity is rising in awareness. You are a door of clarity in words and brightness. You need not be other than you are, exquisite in your grace and truth. Be easy being yourself. We love you now and always.

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A Time for Growing Joy and Steady Faith

It happens more frequently now. The sudden, unequivocal blessing of fifth-dimension sight, which is love sight. Some have seen the ladders of light, or pillars as they are called. This light is peopled by Angels, so that you might have the sense of our multitudes.

There is no end to the love in form that inflows to Gaia and her rising humanity. This vision now is being given into the collective consciousness. Some have seen the Angels of the Most High descending, arriving. We say without any hesitation, “That glory shall be yours—all of you—to see and know.” Why we say Hallelujah!

Now is the time for steady growing faith, joy, and full disclosure of the hidden truths. Now is the time for insight to increase, for love to deepen and spread further through you.

With this powerful knowing, continue to send love and light. Send healing. Send blessing. To any troubled spot—to every area of storm or fire or disaster, to a room where men make decisions for many. For one minute, hold it in your mind’s eye, say the name in your heart, then send your potent and healing light. Send your wisdom light.

Hold in your hearts peace, love, and divine joy. Joy is the door that becomes your home. Now you know what matters.

We love you.

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Be the Calm, not the Storm

Be not afraid. The waves of energy and light that engulf your planet are for the best good; for each of you, the energy is for your good. This benevolence of light and clarity come as gifts from the Mother. It is her Plan working out through and around you. This is the inevitable outcome of the clearing and releasing you have all done thus far. And so it continues.

Can you find a place of calm within you? Perhaps it is your hand resting by the side of the page. Just there. Or the steadiness of your beating heart. The natural functions of your body go on through all the waves of energy and emotion. You are made of strong bodies and free will intertwined with Divine Light. This blending is your identity now.

As you go out into your world today, it is good practice to first connect with us, your own Angels who love you so much. If you feel our love, if you even remember feeling our love, it can assist you now. The idea is to be the calm, not the storm. When you walk along the water’s edge as waves crash along the shore, do you appreciate the steady ground under your feet or do you jump in to be tossed about?

We hope you will walk in such a place today and feel us with you. We are with you, but your conscious invitation, your awareness of us in the precise ways that you recognize us—these increase your ability to connect and our ability to assist. Such a blessing is yours, available to you always. We are with you now.

Can you feel us even as you read these words? In the looking, we are with you.

We bless you now, dear people of light, people of good will, of good heart. A rumbling in the water or the air need not catch you unawares. Peace is large and can spread with every step you take. So take the first step of calling us in. Then take the next step in comfort and in peace. These are the times you came to be part of. We love your courage and your growing awareness. We bless you now, again and again. May you be happy and peaceful in this minute. We love you.

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Always Surrounded in Light

What can we do to feel our strength in the light when so much seems to be going awry?

You are surrounded in light. It runs through you along the finest pathways. You are flowing in light, more and more. Let this ripple out from you as quiet ease.

We have been “talking” with you most of your life. You have listened. At first just some words, then longer streams of thought. Now you are able to receive clearly and well. Do not doubt this. This is why these messages resonate with so many. They come from Truth through truth, caught cleanly, reliably, and responsibly. You help the people of the world know the simple fact: There are angels. You have one (or more). Angels can help in every situation. We bless you in this knowing.

Because of this certain knowledge that you have, you can walk out into the day, whatever the mood of the people, and you can be a center of light. Walking down the street, driving in your car, shopping in the market, whether you speak of not, your awareness and the backdrop of love and support from the Angels make you a valuable expression of positive life energy. Hope and possibility are needed at this time. You offer it by your being.

In this way, you cannot do anything “wrong.” You demonstrate grace and courage and kindness. You present clear expressions of very strong, high energy. This helps you and the entire collective. Sit in this awareness, like the sun quietly shining on you. We are with you in loving affection. Always.

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Still Anchoring Light

This is a great time for humanity. You are no longer on the brink of change. You are in it fully now and there is no going back. You can only go forward—through the seeming chaos on the surface of your Earth.

Know again in your heart of truth that we are with you. We are with you in your clarity (of desire) and in your unclarity (of emotion). These human words try to define the fluid texture of your world at this time: flowing, moving, sticky, changing, morphing. All to the good.

You and the Earth are ready. Now in the finest spaces—in the sweet air, the pure water, the rays of sun, through the fog and mist—the quietness settles. No rushing. You are attending to your fluid Self by coming to your own points in the stillness. You are anchoring light within the movement. This you do by your very presence. So with every breath of yours, every blink, every swallow, you are moving and integrating light. This is a primary service to Earth and to the unfolding of the Mother’s Plan.

This anchoring of light becomes the ongoing blessing that you embody by your very being. Thus every moment you are participating in something of immense value. We wish that you might rest in this knowing.

It takes some pressure off you regarding your daily actions and decisions. You see, dear Ones, you struggle and fret over conditions that change every day and will soon be gone from your world.

Alternatively there is a river of grace that you can have and receive and be part of. We are the grace of the divine in concert with divine love and will. To love you is our natural state and always our inclination. That is so.

Such a grand plan is unfolding. It is inexorable and fully self-determined. You are a perfect expression of its deep and unique beauty. We bless you, every One of you, as the anchoring continues. We love you.

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You Are Never Alone—Not Now, Not Ever

You have been brave in this last month. You have found your courage. And you have stayed connected to your heart. This is the threshold and the doorway. It has ever been, and now even more so. We applaud your steadiness through it all. Your visions will see you through, with your mind setting the words and actions after the fact. Be brave still. You were made for this time; you are here for it. You are not alone in this endeavor.

While the tumult is crashing underground, we ask you to be aware of the still quiet graciousness in your lives. You have food. You have water. You have a breeze. You have, some of you, the sea, or the mountains, or the forest. You have a calm lake. You have a bird returning to feed. You have the sun rising and setting.

You have help. You have encouragement. You have support. You have gifts and skills and resources. You have us, your Angels, to call upon. You have the enormous, continuing love and clarity from the Mother. You have a connection to Source at your core.

You have the fruits of your labor and the songs of your soul. The most impossible possibilities arise within you and through your collective efforts. Now is not the time to be in fear. Your calm appreciation, your steady goodness will see you through.

We love you, dear Ones. We overlight you and send you our unending love.

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