Light Is Joy Made Manifest

We love you and your fine tuning. Being in our “field” is deep and calming, peaceful, soothing. Let this beautiful lovelight pour through you. You may not want to be at the Mall or the dance floor, but rather a walk in the sea air or in the forest or through a meadow or holding a baby. Pure and natural is what feels best after such time in our grace.

You are all getting ready and you know it, but are not sure exactly for what. You prepare internally by your practices, body postures, meditations, prayers, intentions. You eat with care. You drink clear water often. You sleep deeply, for there are healing journeys you participate in with the Mother and with us. Things speed up. Days are getting longer with the Sun setting later, lemon golden light upon you, the land, and the waters.

Dear children of light, we are with you. Instances of grace and perfect timing occur frequently. Your old patterns of thought, annoyances, disturbances are less, and it all happens in quiet ways. The increase in light in your body, in your cells, in your consciousness is unmistakable. Your growth is steady now. Yes, there will be waves of increase again, for this is a momentous time. You are ready. The onslaught of light is no burden. It is joy made manifest in your days. That connection to the twittering starlings, to a frisky dog, with children in the park, with a friend without saying a word. Your lives are connected and the connection is love. It is lovelight. It is heartfelt. It is who you truly are. We are with you as you grow accustomed to it—to our grace, to our blessing, to our love.

This very day be in peace with yourself, your heart, your beautiful, emerging world of light. All will be well. In the heart, all is well right now. Go in peace. Be in joy. We love you.


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Great Forces Are at Work Here

We love you so much. Even if you are feeling frazzled, confused, troubled, and exhausted. These are some of the oldest thoughts and belief threads of your human condition. You do well to let them pass through you. You need not take them and re-own them. Your good work makes you more fluid, so this deep strata can arise. Please do not chastise yourself here. When you feel this ancient muck, do you not sense the pure silence of the Divine around you, underneath it all? You are held gracefully in the night in your dream body. Your light is not dimmed even when you do not feel it. You are so much stronger now, delicate in that strength, vulnerable and tender in it, not rigid.

The light that is transforming you is operating at the finest cellular and molecular levels. In the process every single aspect of constraint or condition is being affected. All the subtle movements inside you make for shifting feelings. It is doubt that is leaving by this process; it is not lodging further in you. So we ask you to trust. Trust yourself. Trust your guidance. Trust the great forces at work here in the elegant ground of your being. We have not been with you through the ages to abandon you now.

Waves of nameless anxiety may come up. You are not doing anything wrong in this. Rather, you are alive to the molding of the clay by your attention. Ease can come between the waves of release, like a woman in labor. It is your new self that is emerging. Let not your old thoughts re-constrict you now. All is well.

All will be well. When you see the sky so vast above you, one little cloud cannot hide it. In yourself, great ease is around every ripple of unease. You are the home of ease, even now. Go now and feel it in your stride, your stance (your dance), your clear eyes. All is well.

We love you so much.

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Just the Beginning

Things are going in a good direction. You can feel glad for your participation in the movement toward Light—more light for all the people.

You can feel strengthened by your efforts on behalf of the sacred lives of the animals, the trees, the mighty stones, and the holy waters. This is your beautiful Earth, Terra Gaia.

The calendar page turns distinctly and the changes will come. And just the beginning . . .

You new Earth begins her show of strength and solidarity. You will behold marvels; you may say miracles. Fire and Light are partners in this transformation.

The blessings and oversight of the Ancient Ones are with you.

So we encourage you to be joyful in your true and deep hearts. Courage in needed, yes, and you have it. The seeds of joy are in this day.

As you watch the coming of the new year, place by place, all over the world, see the people gathered. See the faces, see the eyes of clarity and beauty. See the hope.


May you all know how blessed you are.

So many Angels on Earth now.

All around you, helping you.

With you in your days and nights.



Peace be with you now. Peace in your heart. Peace in the new year.


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The Long Night of Solstice

This long night is your time too. This long night/these longest nights of the year help you to note the greater movements, the turning of the sky wheel one more day forward. You know it in your bones—how the Sun gets incrementally longer in the sky from this day onward until it comes to its furthest point on the Summer Solstice.* Each year since before reckoning it has been so.

You are part of this movement now—this growth of light. Whether conscious or instinctive, it is true every year. Oldest of the welcomes, honoring dawn. Great miracle of return. Continuing the blessings.

Do you light a fire? Make a sacred table? Bake bread and sweet cakes? Decorate the doorway with fragrant boughs. Unpack the weighted fruitcake. Quaff the ale and remember ages past. People have been gathering for ever. Meditate and join with the unseen masses. What is your way?

Whatever you do, even for a moment of thankfulness—do it, dear Ones, in gratitude for your life and breath. For your ability to notice. The light as it returns.

Your ancestors took fire and sequestered it, held it through the long night to symbolically bring it out again in celebration of this moment. Do you know that Solstice is the same moment everywhere on Earth? That moment when the Sun is at its farthest point south, stations, and then moves again precisely in its long arc across the sky.

Our wish: In a silent joining, in that moment, everyone on Earth can be aware together. You are One on Earth. You can feel this and know it as true. The Heart of Gaia, your hearts, at One.


This Solstice is only on Earth, your Gaia, your blessed planet. Only you as her children of light can notice, can honor, can take joy. Do it with your full hearts. Do it in simple gratitude, for your life.

We bless you in this time.

We bless you in your knowing.

We bless you in the light.


* These words and vocabulary for the Northern Hemisphere.

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With You in the Season of Light

Always we are at the ready. You call and we are with you. Simple. Too simple for some, but still it is the truth. If you want help, we are with you, for you, and around you. Your comprehension of us in your life—how you hear us or know us, what you follow, how it goes when you pay attention to subtle encouragements—can be your personal edge for growth.

Imagine communing and conversing with your Angels and others from the Company of Heaven. Can you let this become your daily reality? The comfortable way your life flows gives you a taste. You will be living more from fullness and your overflowing heart of gratitude. Your life will be incredible.

Corruption—ancient, stagnant, and latent—is rising fast now to the surface. Your Earth and all her inhabitants see the awful rising. It will be cleansed, your blessed Earth. Old patterns rise in you for release as well. It is deep water, here, and we are with you.

So if you find yourself feeling irritated, frustrated, impatient, caught in small thoughts and patterns leading to despair—release, dear Ones. Call in your allies of light. There are more Angels now, by your remembering, inviting, and invoking. The Season of Light and the ways you celebrate call forth more Angels. Let yourself have the pleasure and the deep, unmitigated joy of calling in more Angels. See small things turn beautifully; see true smiles behind the eyes; hear guidance more clearly.

This is also a glorious time. Daylight diminishes [in the northern hemisphere] even as your inner light grows stronger and more bright. Call us in. Call us in. Invoke us. Send us out. Let us help with the unfolding of your happiness, day by day. Underneath the upheavals, feel your own calm growing. You are part of and participant in the Mother’s great Plan. Her wish for all life everywhere is unfolding in your life now.

Always and again we say, we love you. Let there be Light.

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Prayer to the Mother


Mother, Mother, Mother.

You are my Origin, my Inspiration, my Destination.

What do you want of me? How can I best serve you?



Dear One,

Your service now is critical, yet easy: BE. Stop and BE.

Right where you are, find yourself and BE.

When you sit down inside yourself, sit back against your spine. Feel yourself just being. You begin to sense some space in front of you and around you. Almost like you are a big tent. But the tent is your envelope of skin. You are the awareness of it all.

In that quietness of being—the Now—you have no needs (or all your needs are met). All is calm and truly bright.

This moment, this being present, is what you offer up. In this moment you dispel fear. You unseat doubt. You do not feed worries. And from such a position, action that is undertaken is purposeful.

You are not only yourself alone. As your heart becomes more open, flexible, and alive you are in the heart of the matter and the stuff of dreams. Expanded. Full of light. 

There are so many stories of the increase of light. You are one of these.

We bless you now in this season of light.

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We Say Thank You

We thank you. We thank you for your opening hearts. We thank you for your growing consciousness. We thank you for the light you carry; we only want to fill you with more. So thank you for inviting us to the beauty that is your very life. By your invitation we can help you in so many ways. Let us.

It becomes clear that by communing with us, by connecting with the unseen realms that are ever present, you are saying Yes to the good in the world and in yourself. You allow good fortune by that small but powerful nod. “Yes,” you say, “Come into my life. Let me feel the grace that your company brings. Yes to the beauty. Yes to the love.” For it is love that aligns us and connects us. Love of the Mystery, the All, the One.

On a day such as this one, when you set aside your daily concerns and make a place at the table for the stranger, we ask you to invite the dark smudge in your heart also. The strong word or careless remark, let that also come to the table. Let all of yourself be welcomed. There is bounty that awaits all of you—every part of every one.

Dear Children of Light, you are so magnificent—in your earnest striving for kindness, equality, and justice; in your love of truth and action in its behalf. In these ways you further the growth of awareness for all. In your prayers and in your acts of kindness you demonstrate the best that you are.

So let us overlight you all this day, and the next, and the next also. Let the support that we offer be real to you. Stop again right now and just feel us near.

In this moment love is real. It is in you and for you. We are Ambassadors of the Light, bringing this grace directly to you. Thank you for receiving this love.

We bless you now and always.

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