No matter where you sit now, you are flooded with light. The amount and intensity of fine particular and energetic light penetrating you now is enormous. It would have burned out your circuits at an earlier stage of ascension, but now you are able to take it in, integrate the wisdom that flows with it—for the good of all.

This is happening with many millions on your planet now. So your individual consciousness and your collective level of awareness are increasing exponentially with each day and each night. Yes, so many of you are visiting your ships at night during your sleep time. You are becoming familiar with living in such perfectly configured spaces of love and support. Soon you will be remembering your journeys and the accumulated experiences from being there. Soon you will know for certain that you are not alone in this vast universe. When your strangled media gets free of restrictions, the stories of friendly contact will astound. So be not afraid.

Now, as the seasonal clock turns, there is stunning beauty to behold: The leaves of autumn display in marvelous metaphor the hidden colors within the changing light. The harvest is gathered about you in reds, russet and gold. And the migrations of great whales and tiny hummingbirds can make you humble. Yes, life on your blessed Earth continues. She upholds your growing consciousness; you support her by your attention. She breathes with you in these golden days before the full light of ascension dawns for you all.

We bless you in this balance of day and night. We bless you all. We bless you now.

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Light Is Forever

The Light is unconditionally loving,





and gentle forever.



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Dance in the Sky

The bright Moon and the Earth in a dance. This powerful portal, another energetic window. An opportunity to feel the changes as they move through you, enhanced by the light of the Moon. Oh children of Earth, drink in this light as you become established in the forcefield of upliftment. Now is your time to be alive in the changing season and your changing destiny.

We are with you in so many ways—our blessings and our love, our strength, our encouragement in subtle and not so subtle ways. If there is any concern or doubt in your being, breathe in this light fully as you align with the great I AM Presence. There is nothing more potent. Feel it as your support. Feel us as part of your family.

Great things will unfold as you continue to open, as you let go of the old ways of resistance and struggle. Your world is bursting forth in glorious color, sparkling water, masses of birds in migration, the great whales in so close you can see the sleek curves of their backs, the flukes of their tails as they splash.

A beautiful day is this day, opened by the moonlight, blessed by the creatures, appreciated by you. Make it a point to stop and consciously be a part of this energy. Draw down the light through your holy body. Receive this infusion as a frequency of love. Then the light can shine out of your eyes. The glorious light is streaming to lead you on.

We bless you every day. We love you every day. This day. You and the Moon, so bright.

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Such a Beautiful Evening

Thank you to all who came.

The room was full of light and so many bright Angels.

Always a Blessing.


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Jenny at East West Books

Are you ready for some ease and grace in your life?

A hectic Summer is passed, Fall is in the air. We need some time for beauty and for hope.

I will be presenting at the wonderful East West Books in Mt. View.
Monday, Sept 12, 2016. 7:30–9:00 pm.

Admission is free, but you need to call to reserve your seat.
Details below.

Come to be in the warm and healing energy field we will create together.
I hope to see many of you there.


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Perceptual Awareness Is Changing

This is a place between worlds. A water world, but you breathe air. Rather like being in an enclosed tunnel, but with no bad or ugly connotations. Merely a way to describe a location.

Straight colored bits of thoughtlight, in red, white, blue, green, yellow, purple, brown, chartreuse. At first they looked like Leggos. It took some minutes of tumbling to see they were thought forms. They became softer, more malleable, like gummi worms.

This insight came as the Angels were adjusting the aperture (above the crown chakra) for more refined perceptual thought. The emerging comprehension that how we think has been in structures, like bones, which have been habitual.

Now, not only what we think but how we think is fundamentally changing.

New ways to perceive become available. Because of changes in our inner perceptual apparatus, only best-for-all solutions can arise.

A blessing to see and know.

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We Help You in Every Way that You Allow

We are loving you even when the mind wavers, goes off its equilibrium, or ventures into old territory. These surface patterns of your mind cannot touch the purity and gracious openness of your true being. This is where we know you. Always it is so.

You have enough awareness to catch yourself when such old thoughts arise. Then you have enough wisdom to say, “Stop.” You may release a thought and you may find something else on which to place your attention. Your own body is a lovely place to begin. Your heart beats. Your breath easily flows in and out. Your eyes open to colors in the changing landscape. Your toes wiggle. Your hands can touch rose and jasmine blossoms; reach them and enjoy them.

There is no fault in thoughts. You have power in such discrete and subtle ways that you can turn from any line of thinking. And if you do not want to think at all, you can simply sit and connect with us, your Angels, for joyous ease and peace to fill you. We love you. We embrace you. We quietly help you in every way that you allow.

What is going on in you is the real-time transformation of a human life through grace, love, attention, guidance, and choice. You can be both pleased and proud of your engagement in this endeavor. Just as you are, just how you are doing it, is the way you grow. Every day we love you. Every day we support you.

We bless the turning of your thoughts toward wholeness.

We bless you now and always.

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