The Great Forces of Light Commingle with You

We are with you as your world is transforming steadily before your eyes. Many cannot see yet, but this vast transformation is going on in everyone. Your dreams indicate the other worlds are touching in yours now. This is all to the good. Do not be frightened. The pace of change is overlit by the Divine, but you are still in the driver’s seat, if you will, of your own journey. So stay open to change; change is your best choice now. Do not fear. The great forces of Light commingle more with you every day. You are having hints of things to come, visions and dreams, small miracles of timing, fortunate meetings, auspicious events that have been foretold.

Stay less with the news intended to shock you and more with the hopeful aspects. We ask you to be strong and we support you in your strength. Many are having health challenges, sudden reoccurrences of old feelings, triggers related to old beliefs. Your bodies are your truest reflection of your energetic state, so please let these feelings move through you. Feel them, yes, but do not reinstate old beliefs or patterns of thought. Let them flow and go. They come now as a sign of the rising energy around you and in you. They show you that release is possible. Relief comes in this way. We promise you that smoothness and ease are right behind such old memories. Suffering is to be let go.

You are loved by more beings than you know. Take heart, take care, but do not pick up the doubt stick. It serves no one. We are with you and we will always be with you. If your head is feeling filled with clouds, it is actually the solar winds, flares, energy. The love of God roars around and finds places ready to be swept clean. You are such a place.

Dear people of the beautiful world, we love you so much. We see you start to pick up an old thought and then feel how bad it feels in your mind, in your heart. And dear people, you let it go. We clap and applaud every time.

We are much closer to you than you know; we can feel you changing. We are your Angels. We love you and we support you as you become more Light.

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Standing with Honor

You feel the dizzying speed with which internal change and total reassembly is occurring. It is in the air, everywhere tumbling and turning, twisting your old ways of knowing, wringing them out of you.

It is with earnest and dedicated support from us, the numberless hosts of Angels who look after you and love you. The Ancestors are communing with you across time. Your brothers and sisters in the stars, the Star nations come ever closer to meeting you.

Each of these layers offers you profound support. You must take it. Accept it as true and real and for you. Take a moment to really feel as much of this nurturing support as you are able. Each of you is this sovereign being. Each One.


The people of the First Nations at Standing Rock demonstrate what sovereign means. They protect the water for everyone, knowing that water is life for generations. We bless them and all their supporters.

In the first Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw the powerful forces at play in your world. You saw the vast ring of angelic, ancestral, winged, and galactic beings overlighting the area. You are part of the deep Dream of the Mother Awakening. You saw Great Mother Gaia Earth receive the healing from the millions upon millions of people who stood with the First Nations at Standing Rock. Then the buffalo came. You saw the eagle land.

The invisible wave of that healing moved across everyone. This mass prayer of support for them, for water, has never happened before. The power of that, with the Angels and other great winged Ones, became a healing for all the people—a profound heart healing. The power and potency was quantified by the focused collective intent. The whole frequency was raised. This prayer is now held by the people. It cannot be undone.

In the second Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw an even greater circle of angelic and winged beings overlighting the entire area. Then the blue Avians appeared around them in an immense, vast sweep.

A great Knowing came into the people then. All those gathered and joined and standing with Standing Rock received blessings. Great Earth Mother received the blessings from the many gathered, including the Elders and the Wise Ones. Good will come of this.

In their hearts, each woman and each man knows now what to do or not do. Knows when to turn and when to stay. Knows now is the time for truth to be lived. Be brave. You are not alone. We stand with you all.

This is the key and you know it. Your individual stories of standing strong and bearing witness—being moved to speak or not, being called to act or not—being called always and only by love to be your great Selves now. You embody it in your lives. You enact it in the world. Love flows down.

We love you.
We bless you every One.

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Your True Bounty

Let us be with you—every person, every family, every tribe. And at every gathering around a table, a fire, in a tent, or out in nature—let us surround you. Our wish is to overlight each gathering and every breaking of bread. To be also with every fisherman, every farmer, every cook. Our wish is for each meal to be known and received as blessing. All from the gracious heart of the Mother and the abundant Earth.

You as humans have so much. We wish you to know it and feel it in your hearts. These are extraordinary times of change, growth, and expansion. In order for the great changes on your Earth to manifest, the old ways must be left behind—the ways of greed, fear, doubt, worry, and lack. So we especially support your celebration at this time of harvest.

Gratitude is so necessary to bring into the world. Today you can feel it. Let it be your true reality. Let gratitude be your familiar, as grace is operating in your lives. When you sit together for your ordinary meals and for your special meals of celebration, take the time to breathe in the graciousness of your lives, all within the Mother’s care. If you invite us in, we are there. If you say prayers, we will join you.

With your hearts open to gratitude and calm grace, the many revelations will be easier to let in—although you cannot fully imagine how changed your world will be. So let us help you in every way. Our scribe offers to us the organizing of her day when she first awakens. This has proven to be very satisfactory. Try it, dear Ones. Let us be with you in your prayers, in your visions, and in your thanksgivings.

All will be well. From our view we can promise you.

Be in peace and contentment this day.

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Your Unique Lovelight

It is your humanness that we love. Your unique traits and attributes—inherited, chosen or not—all that make you exactly the evolving light being that you are. By reading these words, you are demonstrating that you are attracted to and drinking in the Light. Subtly, but now, perhaps, perceivably, you find yourself feeling better as you continue to read. It is a general and gentle movement as you come more into connection with us.


Know you are not alone in these chaotic and changing times. You each have your own Angels, and now you begin to know the larger realms and frequencies. Ask for assistance often and receive it. The distractions are loud and varied, yet we are with you as the old ways crumble.

The transformation that is going on is greater than a creature shedding its skin. You are shedding your lives while still living them. Paying attention to your thoughts and habits is our best advice. It is yourselves that you are learning. New ways of doing things come easily to mind. Thought by thought and habit by habit the old falls away.

These are extraordinary times. Hold fast to what is intangible in you: your lovelight and what ignites and fuels that light. You will know in your heart.

Humanity’s awakening is inevitability. You are part of it. Be in peace.

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What the Leaves Reveal

There will be sun today and warmth. You will feel better in the warmth of the day. Do not fret for your reaching. It is time for more deep rest. Do nothing. Or things that help you feel good. We wish you to feel good. That is what is important. Not what anybody else thinks or feels. Today is a day for ease and grace within the tumult.

You cannot reach or grasp or make your happiness. But you can allow it. You can let it reveal itself by what your eyes fall upon and what your senses lead you to. Like the leaves on the maples and birches that change their colors so brilliantly at this time of year, you are in the midst of dramatic change too. The reds of the leaves, the oranges, the yellows and bronzes—these pigments are within the leaves all the time. But now, with the shortening days and lower temperatures, the greens fade. What is within, what is underneath the normal is revealed. Brilliance. Golden days and glorious colors.

You are not a leaf and you will not soon flutter and die, but you are a changing element amidst this vastly transforming world. The brilliance of your appearance is in the realms of light, so much light. The leaves cannot cling to their green pigment, not even to the limbs that hold them. They can only allow the magnificence that is hidden be unmasked during this splendid time. You also are in your splendid season, whether you know it or not.

All of life is evolving to more light. You are in it; you are part of this expansion. Let this day be for you, with nothing else you have to do. Let what processes move in and through you. Let your true nature be just as it is. It is you becoming.

We are with you on such a day as this, unchanging in our love. Always.

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You Are a Piece of the Growing Wholeness

Your world is in extreme fluctuation now. So much buzzing through the wires and the atmosphere. Even the night sky is marked by stars streaking across the dark. You have also experienced the power of the recent full moon, whether seen or not. Larger astronomical cycles coincide with cultural and spiritual festivals to mark your rich harvest and your coming true abundance.

The energy is thick in the air, but may be difficult to navigate. So we assist by very precise indications that you will recognize. A moment of knowing. The way is intimate for each One. We see you speedily increasing your light quotient, growing in wisdom light. Your knowing is stronger now, stronger than doubt. Your oldest patterns can still catch you, but you know now to pay attention. You can release more deeply. More light can infill you. With each passing day you become more light.

Watch as more cycles come into harmonious alignment, drawing the peoples of humanity closer. Your similarities as humans on this planet will become more obvious; your differences are of the most superficial nature and will be less important as these days pass.

All the falling away of old structures of hierarchical perfection contribute to your freedom and the sense of release from the past. You are actually more prefect in your “less perfect” state. You are seeing your oldest vasanas come up for final release. You are growing in the most perfect ways for your own enlightenment, which greatly helps your world. Your best service is to be calm and clear. It is not for everyone to march or go to protests. You can sign petitions and write letters, but your strongest work is within.

You feel yourself a piece (a peace) of the growing wholeness. The steps are intimate to you as you learn. And as you grow, you see how many things are the same thing. It becomes self-evident. Wholeness and Oneness. Self and Source. Truth. Light.

Be glad and proud for all you have accomplished as a 3D human who is rising to live in 5D awareness. Your love of people can grow in the small yet vital ways of listening and speaking words of kindness, gratitude, and contentment. Put some attention there. Dear Children of Light, stand with your heart flames burning bright. We love you and all will be well.

Bless you. Bless your eyes. Bless your heart. Bless you always.

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What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring

We meet you where you are. We meet you in your heart. You need not be in joy in order to feel us and connect with us. All the universe is available for joy, and if you do not feel it in this moment, our connection with you is not lessened.

You think joy must mean big leaps and splashes of happiness, and it often is that. But quietly feeling the warmth of a cozy bed on a cold morning counts. Seeing the sky so clear and blue after the rain counts. Hearing the big crows hopping on the roof counts. Now we help you build some momentum out of these moments and awareness.

You will today walk and drive and buy fruits of the season. You will see the waters and the changing landscape. You will talk with friends and be glad for them in your life. What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring to the things you do and say. So when you pick out the apples, let yourself feel the trees and the wind and the sun that produced them. When you buy the big orange squash, feel its round fullness in your hands. Look into the eyes and faces when you speak. We delight with you in the senses. You have them for your joy.

One day at a time, you say. We say, One minute at a time, one second, this instant. We are with you in it. Feel that familiar ease drop around you; it is one of your ways of knowing. Know it now. We are with you. We are by your side. Always this is true. Know it again now.

There will be a time when you will know with certainty and clarity that you have never been alone, that your Angels have been with you through everything. Yes.

We love you.

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