Beginnings and Endings

I’m good. I’m fortunate. I’m lucky. I’m grateful.

Say these words, Beloved Ones, for they are true. You are marvelous in all your disguises and even in your antics. Do not try to control a world that is crumbling and reassembling into something utterly different and wonderful. Your eyes will soon see splendor.

Your inner knowings are coming “online” if you will say it like that. More quiet within the noise; more sensing what to do or say or not say. Your deeper intelligence is growing; this is something to which you will have increasing and then continual access.

Be patient as your oldest patterns, remnants, threads, and memories of ways you used to do things fade before you, inside you. All to the good.

There is only good coming even if the waves look strong. You will not go under now.


Be strong and brave in the love that enfolds you, Dearest Ones of Light.


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Full Moon

You are of value—just as you are, just now. Even if you feel less than wonderful, the wonder of your existence is true and obvious to us. We love you. We love your earnest desire for the fullness of consciousness that is, in fact, who you are. We see you as that, and it is a pleasure to do so.

You are not so far away from this joy and wonder. This we promise you. So be easy and let these days, let these hours pass. Let the moon move across your sky with its own pure light upon you. Your houses, your lands, your animals live comfortably, live easily in the incoming energy.

You know you are a treasure. Do not get lost now. It is time to open up to the power that is inflooding the universe. It comes in waves like quakes in the air, moving across.

Your honorable Self is in receivership of these profound waves of Grace. Even as they dredge up and plunge out of you sad stones of thought, they assist you mightily and by association. So many of you feeling these tremendous waves together can enhance the release in personal and collective ways.

Expressions of release are different; the inflow of light the same.

We love you and bless you again at this very powerful time.

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Every Day We Love You (Redux)

Even when the mind wavers, goes off its equilibrium, ventures into old territory of unhappy or blameful thinking, we are loving you. These surface patterns of your mind cannot touch the purity and gracious openness of your true being. This is where we know you. Always it is so.

You have enough awareness to catch yourself when such old thoughts arise. Then you have enough wisdom to say, “Stop.” You may release a thought and you may find something else on which to place your attention. Your own body is a lovely place to begin. Your heart beats. Your breath easily flows in and out. Your eyes open to colors in the changing landscape. Your toes wiggle. Your hands can touch rose and jasmine blossoms; reach them and enjoy them.

There is no fault in thoughts. You have power in such discrete and subtle ways that you can turn from any line of thinking. And if you do not want to think at all, you can simply sit and connect with us, your Angels, for joyous ease and peace to fill you. We love you. We embrace you. We quietly help you in every way that you allow.

What is going on in you is the real-time transformation of a human life through grace, love, attention, guidance, and choice. You can be both pleased and proud of your engagement in this endeavor. Just as you are, just how you grow is the way. Every day we love you. Every day we support you.

We bless the turning of your thoughts toward wholeness. We bless you now and always.


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The Great Momentum of the Light

There is no missing message and no time lost. Such things are illusions of the crumbling world that has rigid structures, straight lines, and the idea of mistakes. In the higher realms there is circular beauty and intricate, unfolding, illuminating perfection. Now you are seeing the greater beauty that shines through the illusions you once labored under.

We congratulate you for every moment that you simply stand and breathe and bless or thank or appreciate. Every instance where you are present and alive to the richness and abundance of your life—that is for the good. Each time you turn ever so slightly and easily (consciously) more toward the good in your life, you will see that the gifts of your life continue to reveal themselves.

You are the Ones who have this fortunate position—to chose again and still again for the good, for positive aspects, for appreciation, for joy, for beauty. Your own being, your strong light and presence help others to choose too. This is the great momentum of the light.

The old way might say you have not the right to turn from worry and doubt, that these are your responsibilities. We say to you it is not so. Your responsibility is to be a part of the growing light. We aid you and support you as you grow in the light.

The highest, clearest part of you is always aligned with us, with the light and the Godforce, the Mother’s grace and the full unfolding of her Plan. Your world is in the fluid flux of toxic waste and gracious support. What you put your attention on is what you allow. So let us help you. Have your good life, that is built one good moment at a time. Have it now.

We are flooding you now—your body, your head, your shoulders, your arms, your legs, your organs, your fingers and your thoughts—with lovelight. Once you know this feeling you have it.

We love you without end. We go out into the world with you, helping you be the finest expression of kindness, contentment, creativity, harmony, and bliss that you can be. Go with our love.

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Be Glad for Your Life in Grace

It is grace to be alive now. The very air thrills with the love of the Mother as it floods through you. Each of you now is a vessel, a vehicle of grace. You can be this easily and consciously. There has never been a time like this and you are in it, alive now, for this grace.

Dear Children of Light, let your hearts feel it. Such grace in your eyes, which can perceive beauty. A small bird hops before your feet in a puddle of fresh rain water, its little eyes bright at the seed found, the wind that lifts it again to flight. In the Mother’s vast and gracious universe you are held even so. Once you know this you cannot be alone or worried or grieved. It is so now—more than ever before, and closer to you.

In this grace is peace found. Not the peace of inactivity, but the radical peace of certainty and trust. Then your dynamic activity can follow, can flow out of you in harmonious endeavors that serve your needs and uphold the good for everyone. It is your new world unfolding around you, with immeasurable blessing.

It is grace to be each the great Self that you are and the more that you are becoming. Such quiet rejoicing in the heart, such power for the complete and total evolution of the spirit, right here and now.


When you say, “Thy will be done,” it is through you now, easily aligned with the divine. Your personal will a sliver of light in the great stream that is moving all of humanity forward. So much grace. More than enough for everyone, every creature and twig and bug. Each sunrise your welcome into another day of majesty. Your unfolding is now, dear and precious Ones.

We are with you, holding you, supporting you, loving you. We are blessing you now in riches. See them around you.

Be blessed. Be grateful. Be glad for your life in grace this very day.

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You Are Safe and You Are Nurtured

You are our dear Ones and we can only see you in grace. We support your growth in many ways. When you ask for comfort, it is immediately given. When you ask for clarity, the whirl of others’ thoughts and determinations stops and you are in the pure moment. From there you know what is next to do or say. Doubt is not real in such a configuration of spacetime. Drop into your whole heart. Be glad you have the opportunity to notice, to ask, to open, and to hear, to feel again the trust underlying all that you do.

Ones in other dimensions who love you, who are devoted to your world’s good, they work hard to create larger energy grids above and below your present reality. They help structure the environment that will hold you and receive you as your old world crumbles.

You have had now some sense of the turmoil that is possible. You have seen some faces showing anger and also greedy determination. Know that such tactics move the changes forward too. Throughout the phase of shifting, know in your heart that you are safe. You are nurtured. You are fed by much more than food. For so long you have been ready and alert to subtle changes—in yourself and in the world before your eyes. Now you see more shifting on the surface. Your structures of commerce are the first. Who you are and what you really have of value is your light, your consciousness, your growing sense of self. Bless you all in this time of flux.

The ways of energy use are next to demonstrate dramatic change. Excitement is also in the air because of new possibilities in technological innovation. With the help and whispers from the company of heaven the right people receive the ideas and build them. Many inventions are already made, with more coming every day. Such innovation moves fast. And all to the good.

So even on this one day you have reason to be grateful. You are never alone. Greater forces than you can perceive are guiding you. And those of you who do perceive some of this grace know it for sure and can inspire others.

Keep on in your lightlove life; that is the best way. Our love is with you, surrounding you, assisting you, supporting you. It is so.

All will be well. All will be so well, our dear and precious Ones.

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Your World Begins Anew

We greet you with clear delight in this new day. The world begins anew today. Every day can be so. Yes. For you who gather here, grace falls all around. Your eyes are soft to notice grace. This is the beginning.

on the lake. JPG

The waves of energetic lovelight have been penetrating all of you for many months. Longer for you who could feel or see early on. But now for everyone the encouragement from the realms of light is stronger than ever before. It means humanity is ready.

The light realms are in accord with the Divine Plan, the Mother’s Plan, and your soul’s plan. It has come to this: Adaptive readiness. You have learned to feel and follow the flow of lovelight. It is natural for you to move in that direction. Now, as you do, inexorably things go well. This is how Awakening happens.

What is new, what is noticeable—the numbers of people affected by the light. Our love is part of your receiving and so the flow goes smoothly. Most people have in their pure hearts some remnant or memory of being loved, being held, being heard in the night, being comforted, being known. Such threads of memory are stirred in this most fluid time. Call it Angels or call it divine support, makes no difference. Something is enlivened. You want more good for all. You look for more ways to have it so. We assist at every turn.

Your lives unfold in the best manner, minute by minute. It is for you that this vast unfolding happens. So you can be the light of the world, which you are. Each of you. Paying attention is the best way forward. Rapid understanding occurs.

We bless you and this connection with you. Let us be the close companions you desire. Talk with us. Say your intentions. Speak out your needs. Feel the answers, our replies, and the responses from the universe. This is how communication grows between us.


Was it in the wind you first felt us? or on the face of the lake? In the shape of the boughs of the tree or in the light on the branches?

We show you in so many ways we are near. Let us love you. Let us assist you now. We love you always and without end.


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