The Deep Mystery of Transmutation

Everything is of value now. Days when the sun is low, the temperatures are low, the spirits may be low—all are part of the composting occurring now everywhere. Your old thoughts, old patterns of belief, and memories of dashed expectations keep you keen and alive. As our beloved Rumi says:

This rain-weeping and sun-burning twine together to make us grow.
Keep your intelligence white-hot and your grief glistening, so your life will stay fresh.

This freshness of spirit is the possibility every day, for it is continually new on Earth now. The air is fresher, the waters are clearer, the forests are dense and still yet deeply alive. Your old childhood worries and adolescent fears are not real to you in present time. Neither are your future worries or perpetuated images of old age. Only today is. And it is full of possibility and growth.

When you align with the great I AM Presence, as you do so well every morning and throughout the day, you flood your being with light. The old energies and frequencies leave you and seep down into the great being known as Gaia. She receives them all and immediately they become material for composting and renewal. You can imagine the dense matter crumbling into dark soil, intertwining with deep roots and ancient waters. The light that rises in you comes directly from what has been discarded. Your releasing feeds Gaia. She feeds you back in light what you let go of.

This is a deep mystery of transmutation. It is going on around you and through you. It is happening for your best good and the good of all. It is another gracious gift of the Mother that your old despair can bear fruit in these ways. Your old sorrows yield great light into the world. This is happening through you right now.

We do not sentimentalize sorrow. We value its release. We acknowledge your growth in this manner. We love you for your resilience and your courage. We comfort you in the midst of waves of emotion and we greet you as you emerge—always into more light. Breathe. Ground. Release. Receive. Be.

Be our dear One, again and again. We love you.

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Overlit by the Divine

We are with you as your world is transforming steadily before your eyes. Many cannot see yet, but this vast transformation is going on in everyone. Your dreams indicate the other worlds are touching into yours now. This is all to the good. Do not be frightened. The pace of change is overlit by the Divine, but you are still in the driver’s seat, if you will, of your own journey. So staying open to change, through change is your best choice now. Do not fear. The great forces of Light commingle more with you every day. You are having hints of things to come, visions and dreams, small miracles of timing, fortunate meetings, auspicious events that have been foretold.

Stay less with the old news stories and more with the hopeful aspects. We ask you to be strong and we support you in your strength. Many are having health challenges, sudden reoccurrences of old feelings, triggers related to old beliefs. Your bodies are your truest reflection of your energetic state, so please let these feelings move through you. Feel them, yes, but do not reinstate old beliefs or patterns of thought. Let them flow and go. They come now as a sign of the rising energy around you and in you. They show you that release is possible. Relief comes in this way. We promise you that smoothness and ease are right behind such old memories. Suffering is to be let go.

You are loved by more beings than you know. Take heart, take care, but do not pick up the doubt stick. It serves no one. We are with you and we will always be with you. If your head is feeling filled with clouds, it is actually the solar winds, flares, energy. The love of God roars around and finds places ready to be swept clean. You are such a place.

Dear people of the beautiful world, we love you so much. We see you start to pick up an old thought and then feel how bad it feels in your mind, in your heart. And dear people, we see you let it go. We clap and applaud every time. We are much closer to you than you know; we can feel you changing. We are your Angels. We love you and we support you as you become more Light.

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Sweet Streams

We wash you in a stream of light. We see you soften even as these words reach you. It is no distance, but conscious thought that connects us.

Every time you say, “dear Angels,” the space around you opens, and our lovelight floods in, floods to you.

Everything, including the intentional aligning with the great I AM Presence, stabilizes you at new levels of light integration. It is ongoing. It is momentous.

Blessings in the light, of the light, to you, right now.

We love you always.

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Some Small, Quiet Gladness

We love you so much. We love your earnest caring, your regard for the small things of the world, your active participation in the great transformation that is occurring right now on your planet. Never has such a time been. Never before has humanity joined in so many ways and platforms to enhance the good—the good for all. It is good and will be better, by far, than what you see or even can imagine. This we promise you.

Now for this day of appreciation and blessing, we offer these words. Small, quiet gladness is a secret that we encourage you to notice and enjoy. The day can be busy and bustling, yet your awareness can still be held in an instant by that iridescence on the bird’s feather as you looked out. It can be the smell of rain in the air or that perfect snowflake that landed on your arm. It can be the sound of wind rustling through the trees. It can be that smile, cherishing someone close. It can be those kind words spoken. The warm tongue of your dog, his paw touching you. That love is real.

We wish you to know and feel and be glad for such daily things. This practice will help you. And as you are noticing, can you also feel that we, your Angels, are looking at you in such a way too? We appreciate your special gifts, we see your strengths and your courage. We are so near.

We look at you in the same way that we wish you to see your world—emerging, blessed, extremely beautiful, and filled with light. And we know the Great Mother of us all is loving us through everything. Her benevolence is our grace flowing through you. One unending line of blessing, if you can look and if you can see.

May you now be blessed again and again. Enjoy your day in clarity and grace.

We love you.

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Intend the Best Outcome Now

This beautiful day, the turning leaves, the turning tide. It moves toward positive in every sector. Your hearts can be glad as the rising tide of hope continues within you and out in the manifest world. Keep your hearts true. You are the tide rising.

In every endeavor now, intend the best outcome for all. State your intent out loud if you are able; state it inside your heart in every instance of decision. Bless your days by this one focus. The ease and gracious love that moves through you rolls out to quietly influence those with whom you speak. This ease can be further cultivated by your attention throughout the day. A few moments of sunlight on your face, a few minutes of serene music, communion with an animal companion or a wild one who has come near to you—these are some small ways to find and further establish your heart in grace.

As your Angels, we live in the grace of divine love. We surround you in this love now.

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In Times of Change

The times are mightily changing—yes it is true. It is happening from within. Like the days and nights now. The balance of light and darkness, heat and cold are changing, but you still recognize when it is morning. Inside yourselves, the turn toward positive, hopeful, and uplifting is present, in some it is more prominent and more immediate. Yet you all want good things for yourselves, for your families and communities, and for the great masses of humanity whom you do not know. Your nobler, clearer aspects rise within you and guide you.

We guide you also, if you invite us, if you let us. The entire Company of Heaven is deeply involved in this transformation. Every day more positive and purposeful change is occurring. Avoiding the news media’s onslaught of crisis and disaster is a good way to keep your center, to keep yourselves in the right direction. Changes in government are occurring at every level. Some quite dramatic shifts will be evidenced. As you learn to understand them, you will feel heartened more and more.

We commend your steadiness and resilience. We love you always. Be in peace.

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Keeping the Sacred Alive (Redux)

We love this post and offer it again for you today.

Go about your day in awareness and ease. The veil is thin and the fallacies and lies of the old third taint the pure connection that is possible now. But you can receive us daily, if you so chose. We are here for you.

The day will unfold and end in the traditional costumes and candy. An older way is underneath this children’s holiday. The Wise Ones of the north met across the thin divide of dimensions to mark the changing season and to share harvest food and herbs. We were gracious beings gathered around the great fires. Wisdom was passed across and down. The Wise Ones kept the sacred alive in people, the forest, the mountains, the streams, and with the creatures. Though your present festivities hardly acknowledge the connection, it is alive in the essence of this time.

There will be a great gathering across the sky, across the dimensions. The true time of meeting is near. Your true history will become known. How Earth became a third-dimensional place. How you seemingly lost your connection to Source. How your long narrative of suffering and sorrow unraveled. We can tell you these things because your present time is rapidly changing to include the non-seen aspects of your world.

Today can be a thread to knowing what will be revealed. You did dance around the fire and sing the praises of the Earth. Your hearts were light and will be light again. Let this day be a sweet connection to the past and the future. In joy we wish you to proceed, in gratitude and in delight.

Be glad for this time where you do what you love and what you chose. We love you regardless of what you accomplish, today or any day, previous and following. Be happy, as extraordinary times are coming and you feel it in your bones.

We are with you in it all, through it all, with all, if you allow. We bless you now.

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