You Are Sovereign Beings

You are gracious holders of light, embodying the frequency as it is translated through your activities and thoughts into the myriad ways of peace, joy, contentment and fulfillment. Every act you do—driving along the waterway, chopping vegetables, looking at faces and words on the screens in front of you—these, even these, offer ways to enhance your life and the lives around you.

You are sovereign beings. Your wellness is the wellness of the planet. Your attention on this personal sphere of influence is where you are naturally drawn; it is also one of the most effective way to influence the well-being around you. It is where we, your Angels, can assist you so easily and so closely. Call us around you each morning and throughout the day. Allow your subtle noticings to grow. How will it feel in you to be so well met, so encouraged, supported, loved, and appreciated, even in such times?

This is what we do. We see you with eyes of love and we help you to see the world in this way. Beloved Ones, the days of change and transformation are now. A world full of fear and corruption is splitting open and the light of blessing can be seen. You are receivers of this blessing, participants in its expansion.

Every day we can assist you. Each day. Right now. Feel the grace of the Mother’s love as it permeates our love for you. If there is a place in your bodymind where you feel pain or tightness or doubt, use your powerful focus to hold some light there. We will bring extra healing power. An ocean of light can assist you as easily as a drop. Let the forces of light be with you now.

Ground light through your body and release it into your beautiful Gaia again and again. This simple practice is of enormous benefit. It clears out old residual thinking, old patterns, old beliefs. What you no longer use becomes fodder and compost for Gaia. Nothing is wasted, but you are so much lighter. Let the great forces of the universe work with you, in you, and through you.

Let your own Angels be with you. Now and always, we love you.

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You Have Help

Be yourself. Be your natural self, your kind self. Be your clear-eyed self, the person who understands. You do not have to be other than who you are to carry the finest vibrations of the angelic realms. Your good heart is the necessary opening.

Living with the Angels means you allow the Angels who are closest to you to reach you, to touch you, to speak to you and to move through you. It is so natural to be in connection. As you allow these most tender and subtle impulses from your Angels, you see just how natural it is. You feel the rightness. You feel the hope. We are with you.

Many scholars and erudite individuals make this connection seem very difficult, very ponderous, very rare. We come to tell you that is not so. For you, in your life right now, you can realize the pure love and natural ease in the relation with us. We have been with you since your first breath. We know you. We know your dreams and we know the best ways to guide you to their fulfillment. When you allow this help, you open to the many subtle and marvelous interconnections at play in the universe. What some call miracles, you begin to know in your daily experience. Even now. Through all that is happening and unraveling now, you have immediate help.

The specifics of our interactions are unique for each of you because you are unique vibrations. You are each so special in the universe. And now you can come into the fuller expression of your self, as you let us and the Company of Heaven into your lives and your awareness.

These are very elastic times, incorporating enormous change. The best times of your life are upon you, dear Ones. Breathe. Be in peace and breathe. We are with you, your allies in light.

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Yes, Even Now.

You are doing so well and we love you so much. These are days of movement from old and ancient and lineal patterns into the new thought of Oneness, harmony, contentment, peace, and ease. Yes, even now, you can know gracious ease. These words becomes your allies as we become your companions. There is no use in struggle. The great wave of love from the Mother is penetrating each of you as well as each animal, each tree, each blade of grass, each drop of rain from the sky. Coming into you as blessing, softening agents for your hearts. Be easy in your receiving. This is what you learn now. All things for good begin to appear before you. A project well done, a blessed rain, a healing in a situation that looked as if it could never alter—but now it has.

Let your noticing grow. Let your storyline go forward. It is good to state the ease in your experience. Give yourself practice in acknowledging it: This went so smoothly. I felt guided. I have been feeling good for a few days now. I will trust that my Angels are watching out for me and helping me come into my greater good, which I know contributes to the good for all. Yes, I can allow some more grace into my life.

When you go about your day, let your eyes notice what grows in beauty around you. Let your ears hear that bird in the tree near to you. Even at traffic lights and city corners, there are things to notice to give you moments of pleasure and connection.

You have been conditioned to call it “news” when tragedy or mayhem are told to you, but the real news is your own daily emergence from the darkness into the light of awareness. This is happening in each of you. It is happening in every country, in every locale, in every heart.

The grace of the Mother’s love sweeps across your world in waves of compassion, perception of the beauty of Gaia and all her creations. You are part of the beauty. It begins in your heart.

We bless you now, each and every One who reads these words, who feels the growing ease. The great wheel turns and you move into more light. All is well. We love you.

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One More Day Leaning into Light

The passage from darkness into light is a steady one. The length of daylight increases in small increments, but you feel the light so clearly now. Today, more than two months past winter solstice, it is definite and unmistakable, without doubt. No one could say it is still dark as winter, but it is cold with much rain or snow for many. So let us ponder together.

On a particular morning you feel the coldness of temperature outside, you see the longer daylight hours, you hear the starlings and crows congregate in the cypress grove. Now you hear our word-thoughts beginning to flow through you. You breathe easier. It will be OK, this one more day leaning into light.

From our view we see the splendid ocean become wave and white cap and surf spray. We see the lines along the beaches, strewn with rocks and boulders. We see the movement of winds in tree limbs. We see clouds form and drift. We see the rain begin again.

The movement in your life is as natural and as beautiful. You may start a day in a thought, you may change the thought, you may invite us into your heart-mind, you may do or say something unique and brilliant. You may roll over and sleep some more minutes, you may leap with a bound of joy into the tasks before you. Whatever you do, our love is with you. Every day we wish you to know it and feel it. Trust it.

The purpose of all our messages is this one thing: we love you. You. We say it a thousand ways so the new pathways of receiving are opened.

Let this other source of light be part of your awakening here and now.

Assignment from the Angels:

Sit every day and we will give you something to write about.
If you do not receive us then we cannot flow through you.

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Finding Your Ease. Embracing the Light.

In these days of tumult and upheaval, let us help you find your ease. You serve by your willingness to recognize and to speak—of realms that are not visible, by giving attention to the light, by knowing in your secret heart that you have Angels. Many things are unfolding now, so try to be easy.

You can come into a lively and soothing connection in even a minute. As your awareness grows, you move exponentially into finer frequencies. It is there where you can easily receive us. Not everyone may see us, but each of you can absolutely receive us. There is a quiet grace that comes from this knowing. As your certainty grows, we commend you.

It is of great benefit to your self and all of Gaia when you think of us or call us in. You flood your body, your consciousness, and all your surroundings with finest emanations. A thought is such a small thing, but it is so powerful. This is something you can do whenever you feel out of control. Call us in. Then pay attention. In this way you learn what subtle is.

We are your companions from God, with you at every step. Our love for you is at the heart of every message and every impulse. Walk in the truth of the love you serve and receive the many blessings of the light.

We love you now and always.

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To Receive Such Lovelight

We bless you for being steadfast as the very air around you changes. Those of you in the snow countries, know that the snow is receiving the new light frequencies. Each individual snowflake is assisting in the deep assimilation of light. The natural aspects of your world reflect the progress to more clarity, more openness.

The Mother has called these waves of highest energy coming to you, moving through you a tsunami of love. These powerful waves from the heart of the Mother flow into the great heart of Gaia. And you, dear children of light, are in the corridors of light, receiving directly, receiving indirectly, receiving purely, receiving now. This is what you came for—to receive such lovelight. Sometimes you need only sit and let the waves move through you. Often that is all you can do.

In the waves of light and in the troughs in between you may feel the whole range of emotions. Some say your old vasanas, hidden motivations and agendas, sorrows and losses, old ways of operating for self alone rise up and then fall away. In the midst of such tremendous clearing you may feel shaken, untethered, battered about. Then call on us, call on the Mother. Let us ease your experience.

You are part of and instruments in this massive transformation. Your lives will reflect what your hearts already know. You are integral to this change. You are this change—in your lives right now. We bless you that you take the responsibility and the grace to be such carriers of light. Wisdom is in the light and it informs you. Be clear. Be honest with yourselves as you notice old interests falling away. Old concerns vanish and optimism rises.

We are with you in your moments of clarity; we are with you in your moments of doubt. We are your Angels. We are with you in these greatest of times, momentous times, right now. Yes, dear Ones, this is the time and we are with you. We love you.

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You Cannot Unwake

We are with you. We have ever been and are with you now. The next bit looks to be tumultuous, but you cannot unwake yourselves. You have been galvanized and now you are present in ways and numbers like never before.

The divine spark of Light that is your essence, that you have nourished by your awareness and nurtured by your thoughts is a column of light now. A tremendous download within the last few days. The light is rewiring you. Why you sleep so much, yet frequently your sleep is interrupted. You are being remade.


One of the greatest miracles of Creator is Light. It is the vehicle of transmission and the food that is transmitted. What you have always been becoming; who you are. The blessings of the entire cosmos are with you, as you step forward into this territory.

You felt it energetically in the midst of the marches on 21 January. That river of humanity is yours. Your friend said, “The intensity of the light as personified in the march gives me hope.” She is exactly right.

We are always around you. You know our nearness, yet it is hard for you to ask for help. Sometimes you prefer to go through an emotional episode—actual or in memory, dream, or in your hypnagogic or threshold states, when you are malleable and receptive in the finest ways. You want to have the experience fully.

You need to have all the parts of the experience to be good and done with it. And during the depth of it, you cannot know what will be the learning. You are wise enough now to know how to draw from it what you need. Afterwards you see that you could not deny yourself that epiphany. (Round words to show wisely-put nonlinear working through.)

There is a braiding going on. In all of you who allow the intensities of light to infill you. Flowing from the wide universe, the Central Sun, the Galactic core.

Such purity inherent in the idea that you are so helped, in so many ways. That you could have such helpers, accomplices, guides, teachers, and mentors. Part of the stream of support that is yours. It can only go in one direction, to your true self, your whole self, who you are coming to be. What you are here for.

Tell the people, encourage the people, help the people to be true in their hearts. Each one, simply and uniquely true to heart.

We love you.

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