The Courage and Joy of Connection

We love you and we bless you now on this last day of your calendar year. The day is only a turning of a page, yet you have arrived at a tremendous milestone in the increase in light.

There is no stopping this great expansion in yourselves, your thoughts, and directly into your world. The changes are deep and rising through you. The many Gaia sync global meditations allow you to feel your connection through light. The remarkable growth in your consciousness is evident.

You have all come to this time and may be truly and deeply acknowledged. You can look back, even over this last year, to see the depth of your growing. You are kinder, more compassionate, living closer to your feelings, listening with your heart, speaking faith. Standing with truth and peaceful righteousness.

We stand as grace with you and bless you for your steadfastness. You know the pure truth of light. You have called us in as light. You have felt your body infused in such a stream of healing light. Always so simple. Always true. Yet to know it and do it takes courage. This quiet, daily courage to be in connection with more than the ordinary reality—this we see. To this we respond. Our beautiful, holy, simple connection.

We give you an image: You, each of you, standing easily and comfortably. The energy vortices you call “chakras” we see as portals or windows. Your work with your chakras has allowed you to sense as the areas lighten up. Imagine these fine portals utterly clear in you. Now let us stand behind you and shine an extra measure of divine lovelight through you. Your Angels and the Divine Mother shine through you.

This energy lives in you as you see it inside yourself. You can open this door toward anyone. We and the Divine Mother shine through you. A silent blessing goes forth in each instance. From your throat, the light of Namasté.

We gift you in this way again with the radiant love of the Divine Mother. You are Her door.

We love you for the light you carry, for the increase in light and frequency that you realize. The new year will bring explosions of positive change in so many areas of your life. The Mother’s Plan is unfolding and you will see dramatic transformation. It will go well. You are the window. Open and shine.

We love you. We bless you now. We bless you into the new.

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What You Do Is of Consequence

I call in the great I AM Presence and the Violet Transmuting flame. Cleanse me of all that is old, unwanted, useless, unloving, or coming from lack. Let me end this year well. Let me greet the new year well,. May I be open. May I continue to ask you and feel you and know you throughout my days. What words do you have for us at the end of this year? Thank you.

We love your simple prayer and the words of hope and peace. Let each woman and each man, let every child have moments of ease, of hope and grace in these days. The old world is dissolving. Your real world of light is emerging—first in you and then in the wider view. Know in your heart that the Divine Plan is working out in its timing most exact—the timing of perfection—which you know through the many confirmations you receive in your own life.

Be easy in this ending for it is remarkable as an end and a new beginning. You chronicle in years as you turn the calendar page and name it anew. This new year will be significant, so you do well to let your old memories rise and let them leave you. Like the shadows of clouds they move out of you.

The intense, immense light in which you have been flooded is reaching its own flashpoint. So much light self-ignites. Be easy. Breathe. More help that you can imagine is always at the ready. Be yourself. Be aware. Your discernment has been honed for this time now.

Your own Angel is with you, perfectly focusing the light of the great I AM Presence into you. Through you it moves now. Stop and feel it. It moves from the top of your head down, in and through your entire neck area, your throat. Down into your chest it floods. Straight through your heart it flows. Moving easily into your stomach and through all the organs, so smoothly the light moves. It fills the bowl of your pelvis before it moves through and out. Into the ground this stream of light pours, deep into the Earth, into the core.

What you need to know is that it is good to allow old images, memories, and situations to come up briefly in you so you can see yourself choosing to let them go. You are actively choosing again and again to let these pass out of you. Be done. Again and again. Be not discouraged. You can be empowered by the steadiness of your choosing, again and again. With each wave of recollection that arises, you allow it to surface with its details (that room and the conversations in it; that long drive, the light on the trees as you passed them), not holding to them. The great river of light is so powerful, it pours down through you. You give it willingly to Earth. Give her all. She takes all.


What you do of consequence is you attend to your feelings. This is more important for the awakening world than any effort or action. For the moment you are emptied of troubles, you are clear, a vessel of God’s love. It shines out whenever you are in ease.

Your Angel overlights you always. When you are troubled, the light is specifically focused to assist you, to aid you in clearing. Your Angel adjusts it for your best good. You only invite, allow, accept, and release. It is energy that moves, corralling those old thoughts out.

These are subtle workings, which you can feel. So paying attention for these few minutes gives you the strength and freedom to live with some composure and some blessing too.

We love you so much. This is the purpose of sadness. To feel the ache of it and then the choice, each time fresh, to not indulge it, instead to gently turn. In that slight gesture, you have accomplished much. Never doubt the potency of internal change. So small a change in the center allows for huge transformation in the outer world. Just such a cry for help is instantly attended. Your needs are met. We are with you going forward.

We have loved you long and love you still. Together into the new.

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The Light Returns

A great wave of change has rolled across your planet. In circles, in prayers, in devotions by the fire, the Solstice day has been celebrated. The light returns. Every year it is true. This year it is true in more ways, in more places, in more hearts. It is in your hearts we greet you now. Let us be together as we enter this new season in blessedness.

Solstice table

You know the meaning of light. It enters your bodies, it nourishes your souls, it refreshes your senses. This turning point of light reflects your own deep and continuous turning to light. Now you can feel the subtle movement. The great Sun moves in its arc and your singular bodies feel it. Is this not miraculous and reason for praise?

From the most ancient times, these days have been significant. Now it is true in your time, in your life. Many of you move into further holiday celebrations. Let us be ever more with you so the grace of the light fills you, so the ease of the light is with you. We remind you: You are in the process of deep transformation.

How will change appear in your life? More patience. More ease. More kindness and compassion. More connections that are true and nourishing; fewer that are false and trivial. From our view you are growing in your magnificence daily. It is easier for you to believe we are with you—and we are, in greater numbers. Grace is flooding the earth, your blessed Gaia.

The songs of Angels are telling you true. We are singing in praise as the divine light grows. This song of love is heard in many ways. The shimmering ocean, the dolphin’s leap, birds in their formations across the sky, the immense strength of the mountains, the power in the trees. The kindness of strangers, the graciousness of friends, the love of family. The eyes of the children.

Dear people, let your hearts believe. The returning light is your true signal, yet again. The great unfolding, the great infilling is everywhere apparent. Mostly it is opening in your hearts. We surround you. We embrace you. Our light merges with yours in this story of return.

Bless you. Bless you always. We love you without end. May you feel our love and the love of the Mother/Father/One Source now. Go in great peace, dear Ones all.

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A Strange and Glorious Time

We are always at the ready to assist you. We can help in many ways once you open your heartmind to us. This you know, because you join with us each morning. It is for your growth and freedom that we continually support you. Things are always working out for you.

In your world now the movement is forward, even if it seems not so on the surface. You have taken a collective in-breath and now it is the out-breath. A big sigh. So much has been going on below the surface. The stalling and complications by factions of government have moved you collectively to a new level of awareness. Now you begin to see better ways of learning from each other and coming into agreement.

Have you noticed that inside, you are have been calmer even amidst the storm? It is so for many. While the surface activities may have been rousing you into irritation and anger, our energies, the love and clear light of the Mother, and the energies of the whole Company of Heaven have been infusing you with more light, more ease, more comprehension. So you can continue to move forward. You are part of this cycle of change. You are ready. Now is the time.

We are always ready to assist you. You call and we are with you. Simple. Too simple for some, but still it is the truth. If you want help, we are with you, for you, and around you. Your comprehension of us in your life—how you hear or know us, what you follow, how you feel when you follow our encouragements—this is your leading edges of growth.

light breath

Imagine. Listening and conversing with your Angels and others from the Company of Heaven is becoming your reality, a quietly growing daily reality. The comfortable way your life flows gives you a taste. Know that you will be living from your fullness and your overflowing heart of gratitude.

Corruption—ancient, stagnant, and latent—is rising to the surface. Your Earth and all her inhabitants see the necessary rising. Your blessed Earth will be cleansed. More old patterns rise in you for release. It is deep water, here, so know we are with you. If you find yourself feeling irritated, frustrated, impatient, caught in small thoughts and old patterns—oh release, dear Ones, and call in your allies of light.

There are more Angels now, by your inviting and invoking. The season and the ways you celebrate call forth more Angels. Let yourself have the pleasure and the deep, unmitigated joy of calling in more Angels. See the small things turn so beautifully; see true smiles behind the eyes; hear guidance more clearly from your own Angels and guides.

This is a strange and glorious time. The daylight diminishes [in the northern hemisphere] while the inner light gets stronger and brighter. Call us in. Call us in more. Invoke us. Send us. Let us help with the unfolding of your happiness, day by day. Underneath the upheavals, feel your own growing calm.

You are part of, participant in the Mother’s great Plan. Her wish for all life everywhere is unfolding in your life now. Go in confidence and peace. All will be well. We love you this day and every day.

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The Great Forces of Light Commingle with You

We are with you as your world is transforming steadily before your eyes. Many cannot see yet, but this vast transformation is going on in everyone. Your dreams indicate the other worlds are touching in yours now. This is all to the good. Do not be frightened. The pace of change is overlit by the Divine, but you are still in the driver’s seat, if you will, of your own journey. So stay open to change; change is your best choice now. Do not fear. The great forces of Light commingle more with you every day. You are having hints of things to come, visions and dreams, small miracles of timing, fortunate meetings, auspicious events that have been foretold.

Stay less with the news intended to shock you and more with the hopeful aspects. We ask you to be strong and we support you in your strength. Many are having health challenges, sudden reoccurrences of old feelings, triggers related to old beliefs. Your bodies are your truest reflection of your energetic state, so please let these feelings move through you. Feel them, yes, but do not reinstate old beliefs or patterns of thought. Let them flow and go. They come now as a sign of the rising energy around you and in you. They show you that release is possible. Relief comes in this way. We promise you that smoothness and ease are right behind such old memories. Suffering is to be let go.

You are loved by more beings than you know. Take heart, take care, but do not pick up the doubt stick. It serves no one. We are with you and we will always be with you. If your head is feeling filled with clouds, it is actually the solar winds, flares, energy. The love of God roars around and finds places ready to be swept clean. You are such a place.

Dear people of the beautiful world, we love you so much. We see you start to pick up an old thought and then feel how bad it feels in your mind, in your heart. And dear people, you let it go. We clap and applaud every time.

We are much closer to you than you know; we can feel you changing. We are your Angels. We love you and we support you as you become more Light.

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Standing with Honor

You feel the dizzying speed with which internal change and total reassembly is occurring. It is in the air, everywhere tumbling and turning, twisting your old ways of knowing, wringing them out of you.

It is with earnest and dedicated support from us, the numberless hosts of Angels who look after you and love you. The Ancestors are communing with you across time. Your brothers and sisters in the stars, the Star nations come ever closer to meeting you.

Each of these layers offers you profound support. You must take it. Accept it as true and real and for you. Take a moment to really feel as much of this nurturing support as you are able. Each of you is this sovereign being. Each One.


The people of the First Nations at Standing Rock demonstrate what sovereign means. They protect the water for everyone, knowing that water is life for generations. We bless them and all their supporters.

In the first Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw the powerful forces at play in your world. You saw the vast ring of angelic, ancestral, winged, and galactic beings overlighting the area. You are part of the deep Dream of the Mother Awakening. You saw Great Mother Gaia Earth receive the healing from the millions upon millions of people who stood with the First Nations at Standing Rock. Then the buffalo came. You saw the eagle land.

The invisible wave of that healing moved across everyone. This mass prayer of support for them, for water, has never happened before. The power of that, with the Angels and other great winged Ones, became a healing for all the people—a profound heart healing. The power and potency was quantified by the focused collective intent. The whole frequency was raised. This prayer is now held by the people. It cannot be undone.

In the second Gaia sync global meditation with Standing Rock, you saw an even greater circle of angelic and winged beings overlighting the entire area. Then the blue Avians appeared around them in an immense, vast sweep.

A great Knowing came into the people then. All those gathered and joined and standing with Standing Rock received blessings. Great Earth Mother received the blessings from the many gathered, including the Elders and the Wise Ones. Good will come of this.

In their hearts, each woman and each man knows now what to do or not do. Knows when to turn and when to stay. Knows now is the time for truth to be lived. Be brave. You are not alone. We stand with you all.

This is the key and you know it. Your individual stories of standing strong and bearing witness—being moved to speak or not, being called to act or not—being called always and only by love to be your great Selves now. You embody it in your lives. You enact it in the world. Love flows down.

We love you.
We bless you every One.

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Your True Bounty

Let us be with you—every person, every family, every tribe. And at every gathering around a table, a fire, in a tent, or out in nature—let us surround you. Our wish is to overlight each gathering and every breaking of bread. To be also with every fisherman, every farmer, every cook. Our wish is for each meal to be known and received as blessing. All from the gracious heart of the Mother and the abundant Earth.

You as humans have so much. We wish you to know it and feel it in your hearts. These are extraordinary times of change, growth, and expansion. In order for the great changes on your Earth to manifest, the old ways must be left behind—the ways of greed, fear, doubt, worry, and lack. So we especially support your celebration at this time of harvest.

Gratitude is so necessary to bring into the world. Today you can feel it. Let it be your true reality. Let gratitude be your familiar, as grace is operating in your lives. When you sit together for your ordinary meals and for your special meals of celebration, take the time to breathe in the graciousness of your lives, all within the Mother’s care. If you invite us in, we are there. If you say prayers, we will join you.

With your hearts open to gratitude and calm grace, the many revelations will be easier to let in—although you cannot fully imagine how changed your world will be. So let us help you in every way. Our scribe offers to us the organizing of her day when she first awakens. This has proven to be very satisfactory. Try it, dear Ones. Let us be with you in your prayers, in your visions, and in your thanksgivings.

All will be well. From our view we can promise you.

Be in peace and contentment this day.

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