Your Finest Moment: Here with Us

The rightness of Angels is apparent to your Self, your soul, and all your bodily systems. You feel it. Each level can recognize, be in resonance with the truest aspects of the universe.

 You are truly letting eons of old feeling-material roll out of you. You cannot see it, but the waves of cellular memory have been activated by the cosmic sky story. As your Earth allies align for the good of all, the galactic vibrations make it necessary for each One to let go and allow and also to pay attention. The stories of not-having come to be released. It is time. You have and will have more, much more than enough. Be not afraid now.

When you allow us conscious play in your everyday world, so much good can happen around you and through you. This is a way that you hold, spread, ground, and deepen the growing awareness of goodness. From you it radiates out.

Imagine a wave of coherent resonance encircling this shining planet.

aura of light

So the message of the day: Be happy. Be lively. Be here now. Breathe and be present. Anything we bring to you, any idea we waft through you is to embolden your cognition. Your thinking is uplifted. Be happy. Be grateful. Smile on your life.

When you smile as you do now, softly, it is your finest moment: Here. With us. You can be nowhere else. We have you as you have us. Exponential growth.

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One Year with the Angels

One year ago today we published.
Since then we have been with readers all over the world.
The blessings continue. Every day.

Won’t you join us?

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Grace in the Trembling

We greet you with your closest breath. So near, even nearer. To your dreams and wishes also; we hear your calls. So you do right to call, in whatever way it leaps out of you. Call us. Send us. [Whenever you don’t know what to do for yourself—Call us in. Whenever you don’t know what to do for someone else or any place that troubles you—Send us out.] Unrecognizable turns that can have great impact come from such moments.

Bless you all as you go through these tense and dense unravelings. The old ways, thoughts, and paradigms serve you less and less. You begin to comprehend this in retrospect. Again, great leaps can come from small intersections (time with space). We understand the dilemmas of steadiness amidst rapidly changing circumstances. Experienced as energetic waves, they allow these old ways to be shaken out again—and one more layer is released.

It is your own story you are living, and the release is personal, yet the good that comes is for many. This you must know. All who are alive now are participating in the global event of great Gaia’s exquisite rise in frequency. You are all active in the energetic web that is consciousness evolving. Now slipping forward is also easier and many will go. It is not everyone’s “cup of tea” to rock and frolic as the new rolls in. Yet it is and it will continue.

There is a quiet, subtle perfection in the way the angelics can assist. As you get used to talking with us—your own Angels especially—you begin to allow us into your larger awareness. So the inside of you evolves to entrain with Earth/Gaia. We can help in every possible, unique way.

Let this way of seeing—things work out for you—let this manifest in your life. It is so perfectly precise how each story evolves. Every moment or episode or vasana that arises is brought in touch with the Light that you are now. And so the old lessens. Each step you take helps everyone, everywhere. All the various kinds of letting go occur for the best good of all. Each One of you on a web of interconnectedness; each moment the thrilling ripple of grace there for you.


We love you.

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A Benevolence of Light and Clarity (Redux)

Be not afraid. The waves of energy and light that engulf your planet are for the best good; for each of you, the energy is for your good. This benevolence of light and clarity come as gifts from the Mother. It is her Plan working out through and around you. This is the inevitable outcome of the clearing and releasing you have all done thus far.

Can you find a place of calm within you? Perhaps it is your hand resting by the side of the page. Just there. Or the steadiness of your beating heart. The natural functions of your body go on through all the waves of energy and emotion. You are made of strong bodies and free will intertwined with Divine Light. This blending is your identity now more and more.

As you go out into your world, it is good practice to first connect with us, your own Angels who love you so much. If you feel our love, if you even remember feeling our love, it can assist you now. The idea is to be the calm, not the storm. When you walk along a mountain path that rushes and crashes along the bank, do you appreciate the steady ground under your feet or do you jump in to be tossed about?


We hope you will walk in such a place along the moving water and feel us with you. We are with you, but your conscious invitation, your awareness of us in the precise ways that you recognize us—these increase your ability to connect and our ability to assist. Such a blessing is yours, available to you always. We are with you now. Can you feel us even as you read these words? In the looking, we are with you.

We bless you now, dear people of light, people of good will, of good heart. A rumbling in the water need not catch you unawares. Peace is large and can spread with every step you take. So take the first step of calling us in. Then take the next step in comfort and in peace. These are the times you came to be part of. We love your courage and your growing awareness. We bless you now, again and again. May you be happy and peaceful. We love you.

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Who Are You Now?

You are beings of light, connected to infinite grace. You are connected to love. That is always true. Most everything else fluctuates now in waves of clarity/confusion, ease/pain, wide view/narrow lens. Your eyes are changing, your constructs are shattering, and what you observe is shifting daily. Energetically you would see waves of varying intensities.

Confusion is natural when the ways you are used to seeing reality simply do not work any more. The lenses through which you view your world are changing as fast as the world itself is transforming. Yes, all in flux, and all overseen by Supreme Intelligence, the Mother’s Divine Plan.

You may feel like a swirl of feelings as the very atmosphere of Earth is charged with change. It is everywhere occurring, in places and in hearts where previously the steady drumbeat of “life as usual” has been the prevailing attitude and belief. Now so many millions are awake or waking up that it is not possible to deny—life is not the same. Your future is calling you forward, yet you do not know where.

You can drop into your heart and be in our peace. We hold you within your heart, our tender love soothing you. There is nothing to fear and nowhere you must go to. Breathe and Be and let us minister to you this minute, this now. Do not deny our love for you.

You are part of the rising energy. You are part of the peace. You are part of the clearing. You are part of the healing. You are doing so very well.

moonrise angel over Tassajara

We welcome you into this expanding peace. You have the opportunity to live in the moments of peace within your days. Let the sun warm you. See the first showings of green twigs and grasses. It is good to be alive.

The energy has been very strong and challenging over these last months. Now it should begin to ease. And as you quickly stabilize at the new frequency levels, you can accommodate more. The mighty Spring of 2015 will be remembered for its dramatic changes. Blue skies, clear air, new decisions, fresh outcomes. You are beings of light, connected to infinite grace. We love you.

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Alive with Change (Redux)

The changes that you are feeling in your awareness, in your bodies, in your emotions, in your dreams are happening everywhere. Your planet is alive with great change and it is good. When you see your neighbors, know it is happening in their lives too. In your classrooms and conferences, the new energies are apparent. The desire is for ideas and outcomes that benefit everyone. And this, dear children of the light, is what you can notice and participate in. Let your dreams and ideals lead you. See your future rising out of them. Now is not the time for looking at old movies of war and destruction, nor at twisted stories of violent acts. Now as the light penetrates your awareness constantly and cumulatively, let it do its great work in you.

spring light

You are learning to follow the subtle promptings of a vitally alive and interconnected universe. You are becoming more aware how you receive. What is changing, enlarging, is the way you interpret what comes to you. You find yourselves going more toward things and ideas that interest you rather than fighting and worrying about what you do not want. Finally you are learning to not bother with what used to bother you so much.

You have become familiar with us, your own particular Angels, and the vibration of the Angels, and you know how easy it is. Now allow yourselves to receive more of the blessings of this abundant universe. To surrender in openness to the workings of the universe is a placement of profound trust. You build that trust every time you feel us near, every time you listen and receive guidance [be it by seeing or smelling or however it is for you]. Notice and be glad for the sensitivities that help us to connect with you.

To be at this point of expansion is remarkable. You are doing so well, you shine out with such light. Now and always we love you so much.

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A Keen Reminder

Your doubt is your humanity; your knowing is your soul. They intermix now, more and more. Each time doubt arises, it feels familiar, a lean into an old thought like, what am I doing here? or what can I do about this?

Just then take a deep breath. Each time you breathe, you take in the companionable love of your own Angels, so near and close with you. In addition, at this astounding time, the great blue breeze of Peace from Archangel Michael flows in and out on every breath. The Mother’s Plan, the outworking of her love and this enormous peace will be in your realizable life. Immense energies support you right now.

In this moment, you let the truth of who you are rise more and be nourished. Of its own, doubt fades. You have transformed yourself by this smallest attention. This is how it goes now. One moment at a time.


The light increases so steadily. How excellent that your clock metaphor matches the truth. There will now be more light, longer light. This is occurring in you.

You have had enough of darkness, greed, fear, blame, and worry. Now the complex weaving together of your cellular intelligence with this lovelight stabilizes you at a new level of function. Within it you are calm. You are steady. You are graceful as your quiet ease increases no matter the circumstance.

We love you so much, dear Ones of humanity. You are each and all expanding out the glory of God by your existence. It is so. When a moment of doubt or fear visits, know that in its wake will be greater strength. It can be a keen reminder that your Angels love you always. Let them. Let us love you now.

With blessing go forth into the increase of light.

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