You Are a Piece of the Growing Wholeness

Your world is in extreme fluctuation now. So much buzzing through the wires and the atmosphere. Even the night sky is marked by stars streaking across the dark. You have also experienced the power of the recent full moon, whether seen or not. Larger astronomical cycles coincide with cultural and spiritual festivals to mark your rich harvest and your coming true abundance.

The energy is thick in the air, but may be difficult to navigate. So we assist by very precise indications that you will recognize. A moment of knowing. The way is intimate for each One. We see you speedily increasing your light quotient, growing in wisdom light. Your knowing is stronger now, stronger than doubt. Your oldest patterns can still catch you, but you know now to pay attention. You can release more deeply. More light can infill you. With each passing day you become more light.

Watch as more cycles come into harmonious alignment, drawing the peoples of humanity closer. Your similarities as humans on this planet will become more obvious; your differences are of the most superficial nature and will be less important as these days pass.

All the falling away of old structures of hierarchical perfection contribute to your freedom and the sense of release from the past. You are actually more prefect in your “less perfect” state. You are seeing your oldest vasanas come up for final release. You are growing in the most perfect ways for your own enlightenment, which greatly helps your world. Your best service is to be calm and clear. It is not for everyone to march or go to protests. You can sign petitions and write letters, but your strongest work is within.

You feel yourself a piece (a peace) of the growing wholeness. The steps are intimate to you as you learn. And as you grow, you see how many things are the same thing. It becomes self-evident. Wholeness and Oneness. Self and Source. Truth. Light.

Be glad and proud for all you have accomplished as a 3D human who is rising to live in 5D awareness. Your love of people can grow in the small yet vital ways of listening and speaking words of kindness, gratitude, and contentment. Put some attention there. Dear Children of Light, stand with your heart flames burning bright. We love you and all will be well.

Bless you. Bless your eyes. Bless your heart. Bless you always.

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What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring

We meet you where you are. We meet you in your heart. You need not be in joy in order to feel us and connect with us. All the universe is available for joy, and if you do not feel it in this moment, our connection with you is not lessened.

You think joy must mean big leaps and splashes of happiness, and it often is that. But quietly feeling the warmth of a cozy bed on a cold morning counts. Seeing the sky so clear and blue after the rain counts. Hearing the big crows hopping on the roof counts. Now we help you build some momentum out of these moments and awareness.

You will today walk and drive and buy fruits of the season. You will see the waters and the changing landscape. You will talk with friends and be glad for them in your life. What makes a day rich is the awareness you bring to the things you do and say. So when you pick out the apples, let yourself feel the trees and the wind and the sun that produced them. When you buy the big orange squash, feel its round fullness in your hands. Look into the eyes and faces when you speak. We delight with you in the senses. You have them for your joy.

One day at a time, you say. We say, One minute at a time, one second, this instant. We are with you in it. Feel that familiar ease drop around you; it is one of your ways of knowing. Know it now. We are with you. We are by your side. Always this is true. Know it again now.

There will be a time when you will know with certainty and clarity that you have never been alone, that your Angels have been with you through everything. Yes.

We love you.

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Amidst the swirling . . .

Amidst all the swirling, you have roots of light.

The unseen world is in full support of this evolution of consciousness that is happening on your world at present. The changes and shatterings may show in many different forms and guises. The intent is for good and this outcome is assured.

In addition to support from the entire Company of Heaven, we remind you, we ask you to remember that you have roots of light. You are connected to the heart of Gaia. The light that streams through you also anchors down into your sacred Earth.

Roots of Light

If you feel like a leaf—twirl in the sun, float on the water. The wind is at your back.

You have roots of light. You cannot be lost.

We love you.

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Still It Continues, Your Own Emerging

We see your self and your world emerging more fully each day into the light. An image from our view: you are cleaved in pieces and the emergent Self becomes more brilliant even as the parts of the old fall away. You have not completely broken free, yet the skin of the old is like a dead shell. You are the live One. Ah yes.

The feeling of this image is true for many now. The old ways have no power over you. The ways of equality and justice grow. Vitality and hope grow. This is you today.

We encourage you and we cherish you, now in this still tender time. Be gentle with yourself. Go easy. There is no rush in your inexorable move toward wholeness. You are learning joy. You are learning it in yourself, day by day, even moment by moment. It will be the new currency and you will know it and possess it in abundance.

How to move though such a day? In grace. In gratitude that you have the ability to grow in consciousness, that you have the ability to change a thought, that you have the skill to choose a better thought if you find yourself in worry or fear or regret. How brilliant that you can do these things.

We adore to be in connection with you. Let our love streams fill you instead of any old limiting, confining, constricting thought. This is how our love for you can support you in every circumstance. Stop the thought. Feel our loving you. Go on from that. Some say it is like rain, or breeze, or ocean air, like flowers, or a meadow.

Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking.
Let us love you now.

This is so simple and yet so effective. The love you receive is then pure and flushes put any other vibration. In a moment you can start fresh.

We love you in your continual emerging.

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No matter where you sit now, you are flooded with light. The amount and intensity of fine particular and energetic light penetrating you now is enormous. It would have burned out your circuits at an earlier stage of ascension, but now you are able to take it in, integrate the wisdom that flows with it—for the good of all.

This is happening with many millions on your planet now. So your individual consciousness and your collective level of awareness are increasing exponentially with each day and each night. Yes, so many of you are visiting your ships at night during your sleep time. You are becoming familiar with living in such perfectly configured spaces of love and support. Soon you will be remembering your journeys and the accumulated experiences from being there. Soon you will know for certain that you are not alone in this vast universe. When your strangled media gets free of restrictions, the stories of friendly contact will astound. So be not afraid.

Now, as the seasonal clock turns, there is stunning beauty to behold: The leaves of autumn display in marvelous metaphor the hidden colors within the changing light. The harvest is gathered about you in reds, russet and gold. And the migrations of great whales and tiny hummingbirds can make you humble. Yes, life on your blessed Earth continues. She upholds your growing consciousness; you support her by your attention. She breathes with you in these golden days before the full light of ascension dawns for you all.

We bless you in this balance of day and night. We bless you all. We bless you now.

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Light Is Forever

The Light is unconditionally loving,





and gentle forever.



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Dance in the Sky

The bright Moon and the Earth in a dance. This powerful portal, another energetic window. An opportunity to feel the changes as they move through you, enhanced by the light of the Moon. Oh children of Earth, drink in this light as you become established in the forcefield of upliftment. Now is your time to be alive in the changing season and your changing destiny.

We are with you in so many ways—our blessings and our love, our strength, our encouragement in subtle and not so subtle ways. If there is any concern or doubt in your being, breathe in this light fully as you align with the great I AM Presence. There is nothing more potent. Feel it as your support. Feel us as part of your family.

Great things will unfold as you continue to open, as you let go of the old ways of resistance and struggle. Your world is bursting forth in glorious color, sparkling water, masses of birds in migration, the great whales in so close you can see the sleek curves of their backs, the flukes of their tails as they splash.

A beautiful day is this day, opened by the moonlight, blessed by the creatures, appreciated by you. Make it a point to stop and consciously be a part of this energy. Draw down the light through your holy body. Receive this infusion as a frequency of love. Then the light can shine out of your eyes. The glorious light is streaming to lead you on.

We bless you every day. We love you every day. This day. You and the Moon, so bright.

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