Streams of Light

We wash you in a stream of light. We see you soften even as these words reach you. It is no distance, but conscious thought that connects us.

Every time you say, “dear Angels,” the space around you opens, and our lovelight floods in, floods to you.

Everything, including the intentional aligning with the great I AM Presence, stabilizes you at new levels of light integration. It is ongoing. It is momentous.

Blessings in the light, of the light, to you, right now.

We love you always.



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Your Unique Lovelight (Redux)

It is your humanness that we love. Your unique traits and attributes—inherited, chosen or not—all that make you exactly the evolving light being that you are. By reading these words, you are demonstrating that you are attracted to and drinking in the Light. Subtly, but now, perhaps, perceivably, you find yourself feeling better as you continue to read. It is a general and gentle movement as you come more into connection.

Know you are not alone in these chaotic and changing times. You each have your own Angels, and now you begin to know the larger realms and frequencies. Ask for assistance often and receive it. The distractions are loud and varied, yet we are with you as the old ways crumble.

 The transformation that is going on is greater than a creature shedding its skin. You are shedding your lives while still living them. Paying attention to your thoughts and habits is our best advice. It is yourselves that you are learning. New ways of doing things come easily to mind. Thought by thought and habit by habit the old falls away.

lovelight These are extraordinary times. Hold fast to what is intangible in you: your lovelight and what ignites and fuels that light. You will know in your heart.

 Humanity’s awakening is inevitability. You are part of it. Be in peace.

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The Gentle and Forgotten Art of Blessings


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The Direct Connection

You are beloved and supported. You are doing so well, each and every One of you. Yes. Your particular and unique movement through your own material is your path. The inevitability of your rise in consciousness is assured. You can’t get it wrong. You can be aided and assisted by the many beings who love you. We, the Angels, are in service to the Mother by our support of you.

Yes, dear Ones, the direct connect is possible, is real, is yours for the asking. As simple as that. Yes.radiant energy field

Years of connecting make the light road an open channel, then a pure expanded field. It need not have noticeable edges. We mean constant contact, or from your view, immediate contact. It is so.

Because you have cultivated your subtle awareness, you can perceive the changes as they happen. Even if your vocabularies are not able to convey the nuances of the transformations, you still do perceive them. And that perception helps you. It strengthens that fine way of seeing. It hones it and it enhances it. All by your attention.

Yes, there are many major changes and developments in your world this day. The outcomes will assuredly by good, but the progression may be rough. Again, call on the help that you have. It will all work out. Everybody wins in Ascension.

The purpose of this phase of passage is for you to acknowledge and enhance your subtle awareness and perception. Give attention to your insights, intuitions, and dreams. Let the many ways of knowing inform you. Your own Angels as your field of Light protect you. Pay attention. It is your birthright to be in direct revelation with the spirit world.

We love you now and always.

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Highest Quality Light

There are quite a lot of distractions to pull at any vestiges of old-world mind. Yet every day there are more of you tuning in to the new-world mind instead. Your efforts are noticed and felt by your allies and the Company of Heaven.

You are being bombarded with the highest quality light, which carries with it increasing empowerment. So you feel yourselves getting clearer about what is true and stronger in your intentions for good.

Day by day you notice breakthroughs in your thoughts. Maybe it is that some thoughts simply do not arise any more.

There is more light energy emitted to you each day than has ever before been possible or permitted. Now you of humanity receive it. So many of you on so many paths realizing yourselves and each other.

Awakened Ones live everywhere. You come into affinity for the greater good of Gaia.


She [Gaia] is an Archangel who nourishes you. And now, as you live longer in the light and throw down to her ground your old-world ways and thoughts, she is fed. Believe us, she composts your grief and disappointments to weave this cloak of beauty as Terra Gaia. These things that do you no good become the symbols of your transformation.

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Wholeness Grows

A new level of recognition and transformation is begun for you and for all. A huge continuing upgrade, which you have been preparing for, and also we have been preparing you for. The intermix is complex and marvelous in its intricate perfection. Be only glad you are alive now. Fireworks belie the bright-light-ness of you.

goldeningYou are in it and cannot see it, yet the clarity of your evolving environment is a mirror and measure. The words are inaccurate to the scope.

Accuracy is a changing dynamic now, incalculable by your machines. Finer technologies emerge quickly as your knowing calls them into manifestation.

Be ready for the next tumultuous move through breaking–up and coming into bursting forth. So much consciousness-changing input, near to overload. Yet for the good of all gains expression. The Ascension is happening. It’s happened in you, a number of times already. The rainbow body. The golden light flow. The feeling of grace.

We are holding the sweep of your mind in our embrace. These energetic thought streams begin to formulate down as you focus. In such ways you feel easier, more receptive, trusting, and more open. Immediately you know gratitude. Then we are connected.

If you want to imagine a great radiant light billowing all around you, entering your crown and [in this case], flowing sweetly and directly to your shoulder and arm, so the light begins to slip out as the pencil touches the paper. This is how the subtle energy is imprinted; this is one way others can receive it. Fully and easily: Live timeless light.

Each of you receives in the precise way that is best for your soul growth and evolution at this time. Nothing is amiss. Be glad for your life. We love you now and always. 

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Now Is the Now of Opening

The world is changing now with each of your breaths. Even if you don’t know it, you are broadcasting all day, every day. Today, this day, we ask that you center your self, feel us with you, so near. Let that peace penetrate you. Be it, even for a moment, calmly and deeply.

There is no time in our realm. We are with you. We receive your thought streams as you think them. We send back soothing calm whether in words or not. Do not fear. Now is the now of Opening.

Your world is transforming massively. The surface shaking and overturning is only a tiny part of the change, which you will see.

Have the graciousness of God around you. We are your Angels. For you and your growth is our service. From love through love to you.

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