The Turning Wheel of Light

We bless the many rituals of light celebrated in all parts of your world. In the northern lands, the day is at its zenith; in the southern lands, the light now begins its ascent. In all your many worlds, the true Light is on the increase. So be glad you are alive this day no matter what your circumstance, no matter the weather or the region. In all places now the impeccable lovelight is rising. Much good work has been accomplished and it shows.

In your rituals, circles, and family gatherings, the ancestors are rejoicing also. Their long and arduous work has been done so that you might all be here now. We wish for you to feel it in this moment, the gracious way the cleansing and renewal are occurring. As you make note of the turning wheel of light, also notice the turning in your selves. Each of you is stronger, in a way specific to your life and your path of growth. It is thrilling to see.

Oh beautiful people of the world, in your many forms and appearances, let yourselves live in more trust now. Call in your Angels as reminder. Then breathe and radiate what you know.

In your life and in the great wheel of time, the movement is perfect. When you feel the simple and sublime rightness of one day in your life, you will be in synch with the whole universe.

We love you.

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The Mother’s Great Wave of Love

The Mother’s wave of love is so vast, yet bearable; huge, not overwhelming. Just the right amount of whelm for when the Great Universal Mother Mare rolls out her blue diamond wave flight, wave light across the planet. Into everyone. Into you.

Sometimes it is a couch of blue cloud in your lap. Sometimes the blue wave crashes out from your chest. Sometimes it roars out from your belly in a blue curl.

You are carrying Her wave of love now.

Know also the new land is forming. Imagine it, see it with your inner eye. The scope of your vision is elastic. Follow what interests you. Experiences of your new life beckon you.

For many, the promptings are received in quiet, or to say better, received as quiet guidance, signs, indications, confirmations. Are you seeing them more in your daily life? That is the live edge now, to follow such small promptings. The gentle, inexorable turning away from fear-based thought to instead follow something that is calling you forward. It could be a voice, it could be a strong energy vibration in your body, it could be goosebumps. It could come as certainty in your gut or in your heart.

The shift is being felt as it rolls across the globe. Humanity is receiving the Mother’s great blue wave of love. Beyond blessing that so many souls could receive it, open to this engulfing, buoyant, safe, enormous love wave—ahhhh.

Each One of you is carrying out Her love wave, even by this reading and receiving now.

The Angels are like glistening spray on the crests—delighting in the perfection of each wave of the Mother. We are joyous.

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Your Heart Knows

This beautiful world, your world, is blessed by your presence and your awareness. The greatest gift of the Creator is your awareness. You have this day the opportunity to be inside the pleasure of being alive. What you place your attention on each moment—that is where you have your power. If you think, “I am enough. Things go well for me,” then the entire universe can reveal to you its splendor. If you think, “I am love,” then your every glance can see the wind caress the leaf, see the bee enter the flower, see the light in a friend’s face.

You can, by your attention, expand the love and appreciation of this day. Take a moment to drop into your heart. Quiet peace radiating from your heart touches everyone around you whether they know it or you know it. This is what you are, in essence. This is where we meet you best, in your heart.

So let this be a day of easy happiness just to be alive and aware. Just to be yourself. Just to be loved and protected by your Angels. Just to be a part of the Mother’s Plan working out. You can do many things today, but you do not need to do anything about this love. It is already there. It is in you and all around you. Your wise awareness knows. Your heart knows. Feel the blessings of this day. We love you.

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Growing in Unusual Circumstances

Today Mother Earth is jubilant at your levels of light. There is nothing to be afraid of. You are breaking new ground with every step you take.

Throughout your journeys, you have the constant and immediate companionship of the Angels. With them you offer wisdom. You offer comfort. You offer a bright afternoon in a wider frame. You break paradigms. You are not like any one else. That is so. Do not let your unique skills and offerings make you feel less than. You are more than.

You are in touch with the streams of change as they move across your planet. It is marvelously transforming on your Earth.

Be the open eyes. Be the kind heart. Think less about yourself and be the centered thought. Steady, safe, peaceful, open, trusting. Have your attention on these. How things grow in unusual situations. How the wind moves across your fingertips. Your power is in your attention. You are brave for doing this. Transformation is in the offing.

Be your brave and steady Self. It is love you carry. Our love.

Our love is with your now. We love you and your brave heart.

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You Are the Light of the World

May the field of the Heart be opened wide.

May we see Reality’s Light.

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Remembering Dorie D’Angelo

Remembering Dorie D’Angelo, the Angel Lady of Carmel

Today, on her birthday anniversary, a photo from 1983, with Jenny D’Angelo, whom she trained and adopted as granddaughter/next of kin, beloved of the Angels.

Carrying on Dorie’s work in a new way, Jenny offers her book,
Connect with Your Angels: A Guide for Everyone (Robertson Publishing).

When you meet Jenny, you may feel a touch of Dorie too, as you come into your own connection.

Thank you, Dorie, for the gift of your love and presence still.

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Your Worth in the World

We love you. You must feel and in many cases name the old feeling to get a sense of what is moving through you, what is going on now. Here we are, flooding your subtle body with peptides of live light. Biophotons. These pulse through your body, in waves. And love from the Mother in waves. Many kinds of waves moving across and through you. Imagine many ocean shorelines all together intersecting. You are that confluence.

This helps you envision that you are being flushed through in very extraordinary ways. So your particular core is shaken in your particular ways. What rises up reveals the precise ways you have constellated around an issue or an identity. You groan, “Again?”

Wherever there is a stagnant bit of feeling, an old thought or pattern, you experience it as some old thought. A small old thought, “What will I do about________?” Like waves crashing on the sea beach, let the crashing and the breaking down of the old continue in you. You cannot hold on. So let go.

This is actually subtle even if the waves are strong. We help each iteration be lighter and come with more awareness. The momentary “getting it” is for you.

What we offer you? Love. We love you. Only love. So when you question what we are doing for you, this is always our first answer. If you knew how loved you are, your issues would dissolve.

You are so loved. By the Angels, your Angels, by the people you know and even some you forget. Your worth in the world is not judged or measured. You are valuable as an intrinsic part of the Divine. Your value is beyond gold. You open your consciousness to the upwelling, incoming energies of light and you feel the movement of this light throughout your whole self.

You are worthy by this work and your awareness of it. You are worthy by your innate light and caring. You are worthy just as you are. As you breathe, right now, you are keenly aware as some ease comes. Feeling distress, asking for help, receiving some measure of ease, knowing it inside you—these are your markers of grace. Many have not the time or the focus to do this, but you do. And so you are valuable right now, in this moment of quiet acceptance and love.

Our love is with you, around you, within you. Bless you now.

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