Be in Ease and Feel the Grace of Your Life

The energy builds and old resistances dissolve. Every day it is more. Now as the seasons change, be in ease and feel the grace of your life: the still morning air, first birds on the wire, beginning of fine light across the quiet lanes and the alleys. In this, we are with you.

You have grown so much. With every breath you take, you include higher energies. In the clarity of your awakening consciousness, you can enhance each moment, each thought, each discreet action. The thought of support brings it; you need only pay attention. This gift of awareness if yours.

Everything now shows you how fluid life is. Never before on Earth have the energies been so strong and decidedly for positive and the good of all. The controlling powers of fear and hatred diminish. Exciting to witness, but such change can seem utterly terrifying up close. So we urge you to know your steady point, steady center, steady stream. In one breath you can be there. In it, we are with you.

We are your helpers in every situation if you allow. Call us in. A growing part (heart) of the population knows how much more smoothly and effortless days can flow with connection to the Angels and the realms of light. Some of you have begun to talk with your Angels in these last seven days. A simple practice to start the day, saying out loud or in silence, “Thank you, my Angels, for being with me today. Help me now as I begin.” With every call, we are with you.

We delight in entering your lives more fully. We comfort and we soothe you. We support you. We guide you. We overlight you. Always and again we bless you. We love you.

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It Is Natural to Have Angels

We have been leading to this time with you for so long. Now it is here and well done, well held in your hearts. Let us fill you up. Let us shine out from your hands and your hearts, quietly seen and sensed. You have been in training to hold so much lovelight. Now there is no faltering as the flow is fluid and effortless. Let it be so—and still grow.

Call us in. Include all your Guides and Teachers. Let the Hosts commingle with you. You are marvelous beings of light—and so much more. Begin to taste the more, feel it pulsing through you.

In today’s supremely heightened energies, coming together in such a blessed field is a gift for each and for all. The combined power of the entourage can flush out and melt through resistance, fear, or old thoughts of unworthiness. Love & Light & Support are the standards of the time.

To know, accept, realize, and allow the angelic realms into your lives in daily tasks and in your changing emotions becomes a simple Yes, a choice, a knowing with beneficial outcomes for all. It translates in the world as ease.

It is natural to have Angels and to connect with us. Let the wonder of it be in your life, we say to each of you. 

You are all blessed. And still we bless you, each One. Bless you all.

We love you.

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Getting Ready for Fullness

Dear Children of Gaia, Children of Light,

We help you to receive the incoming light. In massive waves it inflows to you and all. Such a blessing from the Mother as her Plan unfolds, as it moves  rapidly forward for the good of all. Inevitable—yes. Now—yes. For you and with you—yes.

A potent full moon eclipse that much of the world will see. So many eyes looking up at this, called the Mother Moon. So many hearts full of hope and grace and blessing. The true abundance of your world. Not only the eclipse, but the light in your hearts that is increasing exponentially.

Dear Ones, this is the time to be glad. The harvest of your good work is upon you. So great the deeds. While many of you felt you have walked alone—though you never did—you continued steadfast. Now in the days and the nights, these great lights demonstrate before you the precise magnificence with which your universe operates.

Let yourselves bask in the strange dark beauty of the moon. Remember the stunning majesty. Be humbled. And be joyful. You are carriers of consciousness, each day moving toward fullness.

We bless you always.

We bless you tonight.

We bless you under the moon.

We surround you in safety and grace as the fullness reveals itself.

 You are mightily blessed and loved.

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Emerging Still

We see your Self and your world emerging more fully each day into the light. An image you may have from our view: you are cleaved in pieces and the emergent Self becomes more brilliant even as the parts of the old fall away. You have not completely broken free, yet the skin of the old is like a dead shell. You are the live One. Ah yes.

The feeling of this image is true for many now. The old ways have no power over you. The ways of equality and justice grow. Vitality and hope grow. This is you today.

angeltrumpetWe encourage you and we cherish you, now in this new tender time. Be gentle with yourself. Go easy. There is no rush in this inexorable move toward wholeness. You are learning joy. You are learning it in yourself, day by day, even moment by moment. It will be the new currency and you will know it and possess it in abundance.

How to move through such a day? In grace. In gratitude that you have the ability to grow in consciousness, that you have the ability to change a thought, that you have the skill to choose another thought if you find yourself in worry or fear or regret. How brilliant that you can do these things.

We adore to be in connection with you. Let our love streams fill you instead of any old limiting, confining, constricting thought. This is how our love for you can support you in every circumstance. Stop the thought. Feel our loving you. Go on from there. Some say it is like rain, or breeze, or ocean air, like flowers, or a meadow.

Stop whatever else you are doing or thinking.
 Let us love you now.

This is so simple and yet so effective. The love you receive is pure and flushes out any other vibration. In a moment you can start fresh.

We love you in your continual emerging.

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A Touchstone for Peace and Remembering

We love you. We love you today on this day that is so mixed with memory and desire. The memory is from the old; the desire is for the new. The desire is so much stronger now, as truth seeps out and seeps in. Your hearts recognize truth. Your hearts feel truth more with each passing day. And so, as discernment is growing, there will be more knowledge and clear truth for you to absorb.

The story of this day is layered in mistruth. It was fabricated by the few to entice the many into false beliefs and irrational actions. There may have been other ways for you to learn discernment, but now this is the way you will be educated. Such a travesty of justice and honor will never be allowed to occur again, so now is the time to learn from it. When the bells ring, when the names are read aloud, send light to the families so tragically affected by the original events. Their loved Ones are sending them love and healing from the realms where there is no suffering.

The collective cry of the people is now more for peace than ever before. And we tell you peace will come. It is nearer than you think. It is in each heart more and more. Today can be a touchstone for peace, joining the different streams of yearning into one great and unstoppable force. Peace is coming for your world, dear Ones. Let today stand as a firm expression of peace in your hearts.

Your future in peace is assured, but each of you must find it first in your own heart. This day can be a repeatable reminder of your deep commitment to peace.

We bless you and we support you. Always, every day, this day, each day, we love you.

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Receiving Redux

Be glad for love however it shows itself. Be grateful that hearts hold you in loving attention. It is light that is so attractive, the quiet vibration of ease that is now part of your energy signature. It feels good to be in communion with that. You represent the growing goodness in humanity. This is only increasing, so you may rightly be glad.

Do not, however, get caught in the fears of others. They are not actually real, but shadows of past fears flickering within them. People are not so quick to believe all the good that is coming, so you must be clear and steady in your knowing. It will be revealed—and soon now—that another way of living on Gaia is possible, is probably, is imminent.

sun on hand

Be of good cheer going forward. Have the discussion that is offered you. Receive the goodwill, the help, the support, the aid—not any fear that is behind it or underneath it. You are doing so well. You will not falter now.

The Law of Attraction is operating in your life and in all life in this universe. Such an expression of goodwill is in response to your good heart. Receive that. Keep your attention on that. Goodwill is at the core of all that is happening here. Receive it in gracious appreciation, with a peaceful heart. We love you.

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Beginnings and Endings

I’m good. I’m fortunate. I’m lucky. I’m grateful.

Say these words, Beloved Ones, for they are true. You are marvelous in all your disguises and even in your antics. Do not try to control a world that is crumbling and reassembling into something utterly different and wonderful. Your eyes will soon see splendor.

Your inner knowings are coming “online” if you will say it like that. More quiet within the noise; more sensing what to do or say or not say. Your deeper intelligence is growing; this is something to which you will have increasing and then continual access.

Be patient as your oldest patterns, remnants, threads, and memories of ways you used to do things fade before you, inside you. All to the good.

There is only good coming even if the waves look strong. You will not go under now.


Be strong and brave in the love that enfolds you, Dearest Ones of Light.


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