Who Are You Now?

You are beings of light, connected to infinite grace. You are connected to love. That is always true. Most everything else fluctuates now in waves of clarity/confusion, ease/pain, wide view/narrow lens. Your eyes are changing, your constructs are shattering, and what you observe is shifting daily. Energetically you would see waves of varying intensities.

Confusion is natural when the ways you are used to seeing reality simply do not work any more. The lenses through which you view your world are changing as fast as the world itself is transforming. Yes, all in flux, and all overseen by Supreme Intelligence, the Mother’s Divine Plan.

You may feel like a swirl of feelings as the very atmosphere of Earth is charged with change. It is everywhere occurring, in places and in hearts where previously the steady drumbeat of “life as usual” has been the prevailing attitude and belief. Now so many millions are awake or waking up that it is not possible to deny—life is not the same. Your future is calling you forward, yet you do not know where.

You can drop into your heart and be in our peace. We hold you within your heart, our tender love soothing you. There is nothing to fear and nowhere you must go to. Breathe and Be and let us minister to you this minute, this now. Do not deny our love for you.

You are part of the rising energy. You are part of the peace. You are part of the clearing. You are part of the healing. You are doing so very well.

moonrise angel over Tassajara

We welcome you into this expanding peace. You have the opportunity to live in the moments of peace within your days. Let the sun warm you. See the first showings of green twigs and grasses. It is good to be alive.

The energy has been very strong and challenging over these last months. Now it should begin to ease. And as you quickly stabilize at the new frequency levels, you can accommodate more. The mighty Spring of 2015 will be remembered for its dramatic changes. Blue skies, clear air, new decisions, fresh outcomes. You are beings of light, connected to infinite grace. We love you.

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Alive with Change (Redux)

The changes that you are feeling in your awareness, in your bodies, in your emotions, in your dreams are happening everywhere. Your planet is alive with great change and it is good. When you see your neighbors, know it is happening in their lives too. In your classrooms and conferences, the new energies are apparent. The desire is for ideas and outcomes that benefit everyone. And this, dear children of the light, is what you can notice and participate in. Let your dreams and ideals lead you. See your future rising out of them. Now is not the time for looking at old movies of war and destruction, nor at twisted stories of violent acts. Now as the light penetrates your awareness constantly and cumulatively, let it do its great work in you.

spring light

You are learning to follow the subtle promptings of a vitally alive and interconnected universe. You are becoming more aware how you receive. What is changing, enlarging, is the way you interpret what comes to you. You find yourselves going more toward things and ideas that interest you rather than fighting and worrying about what you do not want. Finally you are learning to not bother with what used to bother you so much.

You have become familiar with us, your own particular Angels, and the vibration of the Angels, and you know how easy it is. Now allow yourselves to receive more of the blessings of this abundant universe. To surrender in openness to the workings of the universe is a placement of profound trust. You build that trust every time you feel us near, every time you listen and receive guidance [be it by seeing or smelling or however it is for you]. Notice and be glad for the sensitivities that help us to connect with you.

To be at this point of expansion is remarkable. You are doing so well, you shine out with such light. Now and always we love you so much.

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A Keen Reminder

Your doubt is your humanity; your knowing is your soul. They intermix now, more and more. Each time doubt arises, it feels familiar, a lean into an old thought like, what am I doing here? or what can I do about this?

Just then take a deep breath. Each time you breathe, you take in the companionable love of your own Angels, so near and close with you. In addition, at this astounding time, the great blue breeze of Peace from Archangel Michael flows in and out on every breath. The Mother’s Plan, the outworking of her love and this enormous peace will be in your realizable life. Immense energies support you right now.

In this moment, you let the truth of who you are rise more and be nourished. Of its own, doubt fades. You have transformed yourself by this smallest attention. This is how it goes now. One moment at a time.


The light increases so steadily. How excellent that your clock metaphor matches the truth. There will now be more light, longer light. This is occurring in you.

You have had enough of darkness, greed, fear, blame, and worry. Now the complex weaving together of your cellular intelligence with this lovelight stabilizes you at a new level of function. Within it you are calm. You are steady. You are graceful as your quiet ease increases no matter the circumstance.

We love you so much, dear Ones of humanity. You are each and all expanding out the glory of God by your existence. It is so. When a moment of doubt or fear visits, know that in its wake will be greater strength. It can be a keen reminder that your Angels love you always. Let them. Let us love you now.

With blessing go forth into the increase of light.

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Establishing Peace

The Dawn of Peace. It may not seem so on the surface, but let yourself feel and receive the great breeze of peace from Archangel Michael. From his mighty being, it floods the world. It touches everyone. When you breathe it, it moves through you, saturating your every cell. By your own breath then, you are carrying peace.

This establishes peace in you and on your world. Let yourself have it now. Radiate it forward for the good of all. Bless you, light-holders and peace-carriers. Now is the time.

The heart of the matter is this: You are not the same as you were even a few months ago. Your body is receiving highest frequency light, which translates into pulses that instigate a higher integration of function. There are new ways your body sends messages to its parts. And new energy centers are being brought into further function, coordinated with your not-so-ordinary body. This has never been done before. Each body responds differently.

You are accommodating this energy and will continue, aided by your Angels and body guardians. You may experience shifts in your equilibrium, your sleep, and in your senses—how you perceive, what you notice, where you step.

The dynamics of your life are in flux. What you care about is changing. Where you put your attention is moving now ever more towards beauty, harmony, truth, equality, and freedom. The deepest values of humanity center on peace. And peace is being realized now. You help the rising energy by receiving it and accommodating it today.

Archangel Michael’s proclamation establishes peace. His great blue breeze of peace touches everyone, touches you. Do you not feel it, even in the midst of your activity? Something is settling, underneath the story. You have been preparing for this peace. Now you are establishing this peace, by your very breath. You are grounding it. You are expressing it. Yes. It is so.

 breeze of peace

Take care and be calm. You are part of the radiating peace.

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One Thousand and One

The passage from darkness into light is a steady one. The length of daylight increases in such small increments, but you feel the more light so definitely. In a week past Solstice it is noticeable. Now more than six weeks past, it is definite and unmistakable, without doubt. No one could say it is still dark as winter, but it is cold and with much snow for many. So let us ponder together.

On a particular morning you feel the coldness of temperature outside, you see the longer daylight hours, you hear the starlings and crows congregate in the cypress grove. Now you hear our word-thoughts beginning to flow through you. You breathe easier. It will be OK, this one more day leaning into light.

winter light

From our view we see the splendid ocean become wave and whitecap and surf spray. We see the lines along the beaches, strewn with round rocks. We see the movement of wind in tree limbs. We see clouds form and drift. We see the rain begin.

The movement in your life is as natural and as beautiful. You may start a day in a thought, you may change the thought, you may invite us into your heart-mind, you may do or say something unique and brilliant. You may roll over and sleep some more minutes. You may leap with a bound of joy into the tasks before you. Whatever you do, our love is with you. Every day we wish you to know it and feel it. Trust it.

The purpose of all our messages is this one thing: we love you. You. We say it a thousand ways so the new pathways of receiving are opened.

Let this other source of light be part of your awakening.

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Doing Well and Surrounded

What is true is we love you. We love every human, every bird, and plant, and creature. We love you. Love is what we are. You come so often, so frequently into our frequency that you may feel down when you are not in it. It’s OK, but you suffer and you need not.

Things go well for you in the very specific ways that they work for you, not another. Each story, each life is so unique, albeit all on the one journey back to love. Know you are on it and doing well.

The unfathomable changes that are, in fact, underway make this now frequency volatile, mutable, full of distortion and distraction, with many crumblings, and everyone’s story coming apart and together. Very, very challenging.

Take heart, dear One, each One. Things will continue to unfold as we and all your allies observe and intervene as we can. There is nothing amiss. We might suggest even less news than your normal viewing. Go to nature. Smile. Breathe.


Your value is your readiness, your keenness, your attention. You see and hear and integrate constantly. You grow constantly, though now the growth is inward—clarifying and releasing—rather than adding inches. This is a good life, of value to us and to many. Your job is to be it, just yourself, truly.

Be glad even now for your life and your deep worth. Things are transforming and it is a process, like soil. Be not bound by appearances. Outcomes are not what they purport.

We are glad to see you unrushed and not scurrying. Just yourself and the warming days. The sense of yourself surrounded by us—many—and the quiet radiance of your being. Nothing to struggle against.

The world will continue to evolve. You will see changes that you can relate to, changes you can speak about. But mostly inside you: Patience. Kindness. Today it is enough.

We love you now. We bless you now.

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Do Not Begrudge Yourself the Light that Is Available to You

We love you. We see you from our view of love. And so we see you whole. We see you splendidly alive. In your world of distraction and corruption, it is excellent if you still can look out of your window and see a bird in flight.

Any time you stop and breathe, gaze outside yourself or center within, you can come back to your true self, your natural self. Your greatest ability is to be aware. Your turning or returning to us is natural. It is deeper than you know. What is important is that you are attentive. You might even be expectant. Your more innocent self is ready to be amazed. Our love is ever-present. Let yourself have it.

We suggest a very simple practice. Take one minute to stop and state your intention to connect with your Angel and the Light. Say it out loud, “Dear Angel, Thank you for letting me feel you, feel your Presence, feel your love. Thank you for your light.”

If you will say this from your heart each day, you will feel more certainty. We are holders of your joy, awaiting your receiving it.

In the morning, when you wash your face, when you do all of your ablutions, imagine that you are washing your doubt away with each splash. When you look in the mirror, allow the felt presence of your own Angel, that flash just out of your field of vision.


To really populate the globe with Angels is easy. The more conscious you are of the presence of us and the many beings of light who support you, the more you are contributing to this rich and nourishing environment. We will come with every wish, every invitation, every flicker of hope. Our joy is to attend to you and love you.

Yes, dear Children of Light, these days are exceedingly full of possibility.

Invite us in. Let us into your life today, an honorable day to begin again.

We love you and bless you now.

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