Where We Connect

In the center of your heart—that is where we connect—the truth of your being. Not a static truth; rather an area where we can meet. In that meeting each time it is fresh, it is pure. In that meeting each time you are again the light of the world.


The inspired image of the fingers of God and Human nearly touching. Can you feel that spark of light reaching you? The Great Mother, Mare, the sea of love, behind you, at the back of your heart. The pure light enters, each time new and familiar. This grace is so vast, yet the stream touches exactly you, all of you, each of you.

The splendid unfolding is purposeful and we are with you through it all. You know the feeling of being in a river of light. When you bless, when you pray, when you send lovelight assistance. You know this. Also the contrast when you are out of the stream. When the words fall short of clarity, when you cannot express from your heart, when small irritations take your attention—however you speak or not, we are with you. When your voice is raised, or your hand, or your ire, that is the moment to stop. Even one breath will help. Stop. Do not rush ahead. Ask for what you really want: Alignment. Centered peace and deep quiet. Then without much effort, the Yes of Being is known again.

It feels that the world turns as you turn and vice versa. You are very deep in the matter of change, as is the magma of your blessed Earth. You have trusted so far and so widely, you must trust now, this little while longer.

The heads of state meet under many contexts and guises. The crumbling and repurposing of your governmental structures, your banks, your corporations continue. Inside of each of you the same subtle and dynamic reframing is going on. These kinds of changes will allow you more wide understanding. You become able to see the connection between early decisions made unconsciously and the ways they still tug at you when they outpicture in your life.

It is all good from the point of expanding awareness. Every experience and every perception can serve you. We suggest the simple practice of remembering, recalling, re-feeling the huge Light of Being. That is where we connect. We love you. We love you always. Feel the blessing of your life.

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You Are the Light of the World

Lotus blossum



May the field of the Heart be opened wide.

May we see Reality’s Light.

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Dear Ones with tender hearts,

We love your aliveness. That you feel is more important than only feeling good. Your feelings allow and facilitate the movement through you of waves of energy. Old waves, old ways. You are in a very important transitioning phase/time. It cannot only be easy. There is roughness as cellular functioning continues to change.

Every time you stop, breathe, and call us in, the whole of your field softens. You become again a live flow with no resistance, even for that moment. This is your natural state. You become familiar with it. Yes, this is more like your life as it will be—this gracious ease and feeling of support. These are always with you.


Each time you cry in anguish and then call for help, you choose movement and release over stagnation and holding on. Each time, each small moment, you go for your own growth through, but also help the greater collective. When so many are running around and doing, you are sitting, crying out, and letting go. Then you may take in one more breath of peace. Let it continue.

Your full consciousness is calling you forward. There will be a time for knowing with certainty. Now within your waves of challenge is also a drop of calm. One more wave you survived. One more instance of emerging. Come. Breathe again with us. Shall we go out now together into this day? We love you.

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This Stopping Keeps You Steady

In these many rumblings there is calm also. One heart at a time—yours—is able to be that. Your intention is key now, your focus. Let us help you in the ways that are familiar and simple to do. As an example, when you are at a red light and you are stopped from motion, stop from emotion too.

Close your eyes if you can. Take a breath. Call us in. Invoke the great I AM Presence, the great stabilizer of all things. Feel the pure light enter you and flood you from crown to root and (through your car) into the Earth. Connect to Gaia, your mother here. Your moment of clear energy helps more than you; it helps those streaming around you in the traffic. It helps the people walking. It helps the intersection too. Truly, your focused attention for the minute or two of stopping will allow you to then continue on with a stable yet subtle grounding.


These are times of great upheaval. Nations are fomenting in change. The good life we have long spoken of is emerging—yes—out of the rubble too. Do not look to the old systems to support you. The new ways of thought and clear action rise from you as you take the one new first step.

We can see your progress in terms of your radiant light and thoughtful heart. Yes, you strive to be always better—and you are. But your perfection is not based on the actions you take or even the words you say. You are inherently so excellent in your being that we could say, not really facetiously, that you could not be more perfect. But in your realms of still-density and distraction, you feel so far from perfect. The deeper truth is that perfection cannot be found nor housed in a strictly third-density life. The restrictions on you are too great. But as you are no longer living solely in third density, you have increased instances of insight, clarity, pure knowing, and soul-supported doing. This is what we see. This is what we applaud. This is who we love: You as evolving Beings of Light who are finding you can shine even in a moment at the red-light corner.

This stopping keeps you steady. Steady as our love for you, which is always, real, present, and in perfect connection to all. Bless you now.


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Your Finest Moment: Here with Us

The rightness of Angels is apparent to your Self, your soul, and all your bodily systems. You feel it. Each level can recognize, be in resonance with the truest aspects of the universe.

 You are truly letting eons of old feeling-material roll out of you. You cannot see it, but the waves of cellular memory have been activated by the cosmic sky story. As your Earth allies align for the good of all, the galactic vibrations make it necessary for each One to let go and allow and also to pay attention. The stories of not-having come to be released. It is time. You have and will have more, much more than enough. Be not afraid now.

When you allow us conscious play in your everyday world, so much good can happen around you and through you. This is a way that you hold, spread, ground, and deepen the growing awareness of goodness. From you it radiates out.

Imagine a wave of coherent resonance encircling this shining planet.

aura of light

So the message of the day: Be happy. Be lively. Be here now. Breathe and be present. Anything we bring to you, any idea we waft through you is to embolden your cognition. Your thinking is uplifted. Be happy. Be grateful. Smile on your life.

When you smile as you do now, softly, it is your finest moment: Here. With us. You can be nowhere else. We have you as you have us. Exponential growth.

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One Year with the Angels

One year ago today we published.
Since then we have been with readers all over the world.
The blessings continue. Every day.

Won’t you join us?

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Grace in the Trembling

We greet you with your closest breath. So near, even nearer. To your dreams and wishes also; we hear your calls. So you do right to call, in whatever way it leaps out of you. Call us. Send us. [Whenever you don’t know what to do for yourself—Call us in. Whenever you don’t know what to do for someone else or any place that troubles you—Send us out.] Unrecognizable turns that can have great impact come from such moments.

Bless you all as you go through these tense and dense unravelings. The old ways, thoughts, and paradigms serve you less and less. You begin to comprehend this in retrospect. Again, great leaps can come from small intersections (time with space). We understand the dilemmas of steadiness amidst rapidly changing circumstances. Experienced as energetic waves, they allow these old ways to be shaken out again—and one more layer is released.

It is your own story you are living, and the release is personal, yet the good that comes is for many. This you must know. All who are alive now are participating in the global event of great Gaia’s exquisite rise in frequency. You are all active in the energetic web that is consciousness evolving. Now slipping forward is also easier and many will go. It is not everyone’s “cup of tea” to rock and frolic as the new rolls in. Yet it is and it will continue.

There is a quiet, subtle perfection in the way the angelics can assist. As you get used to talking with us—your own Angels especially—you begin to allow us into your larger awareness. So the inside of you evolves to entrain with Earth/Gaia. We can help in every possible, unique way.

Let this way of seeing—things work out for you—let this manifest in your life. It is so perfectly precise how each story evolves. Every moment or episode or vasana that arises is brought in touch with the Light that you are now. And so the old lessens. Each step you take helps everyone, everywhere. All the various kinds of letting go occur for the best good of all. Each One of you on a web of interconnectedness; each moment the thrilling ripple of grace there for you.


We love you.

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