Each Time You Ask, We Are with You

You are holding the light. You are beaming light out when you pray, when you meditate, when you send us and our legions to places of struggle. We easily overlight an area, an entire region. We soften the atmosphere around the animosity. Then, within the moment, in the face-to-face, as you say, we can inspire a wider view. Old patterns of attack give no satisfaction. The action is hollow. You cannot focus on the details of a problem to uncover a solution.

At this time in your world’s transformation, another perspective, a broader expression acts as a softening agent. In the constriction of struggle you can cut yourself off from your connection to your Source. But with your thought of us, your wish for support, your cry for help, we are there. Each time you ask, we are with you. You are not alone.

The Mother’s grace is around you as her Plan is unfolding. Within the turmoil, the ceaseless love of the Mother is outpicturing through you in waves of understanding, compassion, and relief. There is no end to the love being sent to you. We are transmitting the Mother’s love as we watch over you.

If a critic within or outside says this is too simple an approach, we ask you to breathe for a few inhales and exhales. Then we ask you to focus. Your good minds and hearts can find one thing to be grateful for: a window of blue sky, one green sprout in the snow, a bird on a wire. Your beautiful world is around you. Find it in some small way. Look and see. Within the safety of our embrace, you can watch the change.

You were not meant to live in struggle and adversity. You were meant to live expressing light, your divine essence. We do not generally discuss suffering because it is not our best focus and service. We do not lend more energy to an already too-well-fed aspect of the illusion. We do not suffer. If you have your attention on adversity, it drains you. We fill you up, always. Let that be your inner question to yourself: Am I drained? Am I filled? Such a small noticing will lead you even as old ways of thinking and acting fall away. Where will you place the power of your focus?

Now you are going to place your attention on your hearts, with your Angels. You are going to breathe and you are going to relax. This you can do—always. This you can do with us. We hold you; we hold your hearts. We love you as you grow in trust. This is how it is accomplished.

Dear children of the increasing light, your Angels are woven through your life. This very moment, feel us. We are with you now. We love you so much.

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You Are Part of the Radiating Peace

Love and Peace. It may not seem so on the surface, but let yourself feel and receive the great breeze of peace. It is a gift from Archangel Michael. From his mighty being, it floods the world. It touches everyone. When you breathe, it moves through you, saturating your every cell. By your own breath then, you are carrying peace.

This establishes peace in you and on your world. Let yourself have it now. Radiate it forward for the good of all on this day that is also centered on loving expression. Bless you, love-holders and peace-carriers. Now it is time.

The heart of the matter is this: You are not the same as you were even a few months ago. Your body is receiving highest frequency light, which translates into pulses that instigate a higher integration of function. There are new ways your body sends messages to its parts. And new energy centers are being brought into finer function, coordinated with your not-so-ordinary body. This has never been done before. In this transformation, each body responds differently.

You are accommodating this energy and will continue, aided by your Angels and body guardians. You may experience shifts in your equilibrium, your sleep, and in your senses—how you perceive, what you notice, where you step.

The dynamics of your life are in flux. What you care about is changing. Where you put your attention is moving now ever more towards beauty, truth, harmony, equality, and freedom. The deepest values of humanity center on peace. And peace is being realized now, individually and in the collective. You help the rising energy by receiving it and accommodating it.

Archangel Michael’s proclamation establishes peace. His great blue breeze of peace touches everyone, touches you. Do you not feel it, even in the midst of your activity? Something is settling, underneath the story. You have been preparing for this peace. Now you are establishing this peace, by your very breath. You are grounding it. You are expressing it. Yes. It is so.

Take care on this day of good heart. Be calm. You are part of the radiating peace. We bless you now and always. We love you.

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Being Such Carriers of Light

We bless you for being steadfast as the very air around you changes. Those of you in the snow countries, know that the snow is receiving the new light frequencies. Each individual snowflake is assisting in the deep assimilation of light. The natural aspects of your world reflect your progress to more clarity, more openness.

The Mother has called these waves of highest energy coming to you, moving through you, a tsunami of love. These powerful waves from the heart of the Mother flow into the great heart of Gaia. And you, dear Children of Light, are in the corridors of light, receiving directly, receiving indirectly, receiving purely, receiving now. This is what you came for—to receive such lovelight. Sometimes you need only sit and let the waves move through you. Often that is all you can do.

In the waves of light and in the troughs in between you may feel the whole range of emotions. Some say old vasanas, hidden motivations and agendas, sorrows and losses, old ways of operating for self alone rise up in order to fall away at this time. In the midst of such tremendous clearing you may feel shaken, untethered, battered about.
Then call on us, call on the Mother. Let us ease your experience.

You are part of and instruments in this massive transformation. You are integral to this change. You are this change as it is made manifest in your lives. We bless you that you take the responsibility and the grace to be such carriers of light. Be honest with yourselves as you notice old interests falling away. Old concerns vanish and optimism rises. Be clear. Wisdom is in the light and it informs you. Your lives will reflect what your hearts already know.

We are with you in your moments of clarity; we are with you in your moments of doubt. We are your Angels. We are with you in these greatest of times, momentous times, right now. Yes, dear Ones, this is the time and we are with you. We love you.

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You Are Our Forces of Light on the Ground

Your world changes daily. Now the light quotient is so great, we say the Light Victorious. It is made up of each of you shining your light in your life. Many are having experiences of things going well, projects moving smoothly ahead, plans materializing. Longtime dreams are coming into focus to be realized.

Dear People of Light, this day may be your day, when a quiet understanding floods into you: I AM doing well. I feel more ease. I understand better my place in the world. I know what I can do to assist in the transformation. I know I AM part of the community of light workers. Things go well for me. Things go well for many.

Not everyone can see the increasing light, the ease that is before you, but you can. So we ask that you find your steadiness and truth in it and keep the light bright. Turn up the flame of your heart and let it shine. Others look to you. You carry the hope for those you do not yet know. You do. Each One reading these words.

You are our forces of light on the ground. Holding the light, noticing the light, sending light—these are your tools available always and easily. You may think it is nothing, but it is quite something. Every time you consciously choose to have your attention on light, the power of the light for clarity and healing, every time you have your attention on the lovelight, you enhance it. Such a small thing—your moment.

You help all the people in your life. You help your community and your country. You help the entire planet rise in frequency by your act of courage in choosing the light.

We bless you as you go forth again this day. Yes, soon there will be a time when this work will be visible to all, but even now you have your silent knowing. You are contributing to the New Earth.

A moon has just gone past fullness. Yet your own true fullness is coming on now. We see you in your magnificence. We love you in all your phases of growth. We love you now and bless you.

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Let the Light Pour through You

We love you and your fine tuning. Let this beautiful lovelight pour through you as you work. Being in our “field” is deep and calming, peaceful, soothing. You may not want to be in the Mall or the dance floor after such a night as was brought on by the Moon. But a walk in the sea air or in the forest or through a meadow or holding a baby. Pure and natural is what feels best after being awash in grace.

You are all getting ready and you know not exactly for what. You prepare internally by your practices, body postures, meditations, prayers, intentions. You eat with care. You drink clear water often. Mostly you sleep deeply, for there are healing journeys you participate in with the Mother and with us. Things speed up. Days are getting longer, the Sun sets later, and the huge full Moon was red in the sky.

Dear children of light, we are with you. Instances of grace and perfect timing occur frequently. Your old patterns of thought, annoyance, and disturbance are less, and it all happens in quiet ways. The increase in light in your body, in your cells, in your consciousness is unmistakable. Your growth is steady now. Yes, there will be waves of change, for this is a momentous time. You are ready. The onslaught of light is no burden. It is joy made manifest in your days. That connection with the morning towhees, with your frisky dog, with the children in the park, with a friend without saying a word. Your lives are connected and the connection is love. It is lovelight. It is heartfelt. It is who you truly are. We are with you as you grow accustomed to it—to grace, to blessing, to love.

This very day be in peace with yourself, your heart, your beautiful, emerging world of light. All will be well. In the heart, all is well right now. Go in peace. Be in joy. We love you.

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Angels Are My Familiars

Angels are my familiars.

I open the top of my heart and they fly out.
See them as light streamings—instant and in perfection.
Feel them as soft feathers
like those of the grey wren.
Ever new,
the frictionless outpouring. Sourceless.
Through me,
I allow it to the last.
My great glory
and the crumbling of my fallen edges.
Claim nothing!
Streaming familiars.

Quivering on the wide quiet dawn,
we see the upcoming silver light
before the world does;
it is us dancing
without question.

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Do Not Begrudge Yourself the Light that Is Available to You

We love you. We see you from our view of love. And so we see you whole. We see you splendidly alive. In your world of distraction and corruption, it is most excellent if you still can look out of your window and see a bird in flight.

Any time you stop and breathe, gaze outside yourself or center within, you can come back to your true self, your natural self. Your greatest ability is to be aware. Your turning or returning to us is natural. It is deeper than you know. What is important is that you are attentive. You might even be expectant. Your more innocent self is ready to be amazed. Our love is ever-present. Let yourself have it.

We suggest a very simple practice. Take one minute to stop and state your intention to connect with your Angel and the Light. Say it out loud, “Dear Angel, Thank you for letting me feel you, feel your Presence, feel your love. Thank you for your light.”

If you will say this from your heart each day, you will feel more certainty. We are holders of your joy, awaiting your receiving it.

In the morning, when you wash your face, when you do all of your ablutions, imagine that you are washing your doubt away with each splash. When you look in the mirror, allow the felt presence of your own Angel, that flash just out of your field of vision.

To really populate the globe with Angels is easy. The more conscious you are of the presence of us and the many beings of light who support you, the more you are contributing to this rich and nourishing environment. We will come with every wish, every invitation, every flicker of hope. Our joy is to attend to you and love you.

Yes, dear Children of Light, these days are exceedingly full of possibility.

Invite us in. Let us into your life today, an honorable day to begin again.

We love you and bless you now.

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