Be Brave Still

You have been brave this month. You have found your courage. And you have stayed connected to your heart. This is the threshold and the doorway now. It has ever been, and now even more so. We applaud your steadiness while attacks, verbal and otherwise, have been waged. Your visions will see you through, with your minds setting the words and actions after the fact. Be brave still. You were made for this time; you are here for it. You are not alone in this endeavor.

While the tumult is crashing beneath the surface, we ask you to be aware of the still quiet graciousness in your lives. You have food. You have water. You have a breeze. You have, some of you, the sea, or the mountains, or the forest. You have a calm lake. You have birds returning to feed. You have the sun rising and setting.


You have help. You have encouragement. You have support. You have gifts and skills and resources. You have us, your Angels, to call upon. You have the enormous, continuing love and clarity from the Mother. You have a connection to Source at your core.

You have the fruits of your labor and the songs of your soul. The most impossible possibilities arise within you and through your collective efforts. Now is not the time to give up hope. Your calm appreciation and your steady goodness will see you through.

We love you, dear Ones. We overlight you and send you our unending love.

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All Will Be Well

You are our dear Ones and we only see you in grace. We support your growth in many ways. When you ask for comfort, it is immediately given. When you ask for clarity, the whirl of others’ thoughts and determinations stops and you are in the pure moment. From there you know what is next to do or say. Doubt is not real in such a configuration of spacetime. Drop into your whole heart. Be glad you have the opportunity to notice, to ask, to open, and to hear, to feel again the trust underlying all that you do.

Ones in other dimensions who love you, who are devoted to your world’s good, they work hard to create larger energy grids above and below your present reality. They help structure the environment that will hold you and receive you as your old world crumbles.

You have had now some sense of the turmoil that is possible. You have seen faces showing anger, sorrow, grief, and greed. Know that such tactics also move the changes forward. Throughout this phase of shifting, know in your heart that you are safe. You are nurtured. You are fed by much more than food. For so long you have been ready and alert to subtle changes—in yourself and in the world before your eyes. Now you see more changes on the surface. Your structures of governance are currently in play. In all of it, who you are and what you really have of value is your light, your consciousness, your growing sense of self. Bless you all in this time of flux.

The ways of energy use are demonstrating dramatic change because of new possibilities in technology. With the help and whispers from the Company of Heaven the right people receive the ideas and build. Many inventions are already made, with more coming every day. Such innovation moves fast. All to the good.

So even on this one day you have reason to be grateful. You are never alone. Greater forces than you can perceive are guiding you. Those of you who perceive some of this grace know it for sure and can inspire others.

Keep on in your lovelight life; that is the best way. Our love is with you, surrounding you, assisting you, supporting you. It is so.

All will be well. All will be so well, our dear and precious Ones.

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Good Is Happening (Redux)

Good is happening in you, around you, and through you. When you allow the unlimited goodness and well-being of the universe to flow in your life, you add to it. Being in a human form at this time, you can allow the power and focus of enhanced awareness to operate within your third-dimensional framework. This is how higher dimensional awareness grows. We encourage you still to speak out your gratitude, shine out your pleasure, sing out your joy.

You live in ease and grace because these are some of the constituent qualities of the Mother’s gift of love and clarity. Living them is your birthright. Receiving them now is your joy and Her joy too. The higher loving qualities of compassion and forgiveness guide you through narrow mindsets and limiting beliefs. Be clear and easy. All is unfolding well and in good order.

The changing world is also within you. Read the signs as they come. This practice allows openness and receptivity. We are with you in all the options and possibilities.

As the days of summer advance, let your heart remain open to the warmth and golden light. Enjoy the soft breezes, the sudden rain, the horizon winking at you across the water. Lands you know and lands you do not know are before you, ready to be appreciated. The fields of amber wheat, the soaring swallows, the berries ripening on their tiny stems all demonstrate the richness in an afternoon. This is your life on Earth today. No fear, no worry, no doubt; rather trust, graciousness, and blessing.

When we say, “Things go well for you,” it is true because you affirm, you believe, you attract, and you know. It can be so for Everyone. We delight in helping you have your dreams come true. Call us in and say your true-heart wishes for the good of all. Take pleasure in each offering, each unfolding. In every blade of golden grain is a promise kept. Be glad you are alive and open to the daily show of miracles. Be glad. We love you.

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Connected at the Core

We are with you on this first breath of fresh freedom from the Mars energy. Oh yes, war was playing itself out in countless ways. Now you will see changes, soon and many.

You are so sensitive, so tender in feeling, a perfectionist when there is scarce perfection in your tumbling world. A bit like the dandelion flower fluff. Connected at the core, fed from Source; each One so light and able to fly free, each capable of starting a new plant, or plan, or dream, within the winds of change.

You are carried, as you know, by greater winds and galactic currents. Great beings of light are pouring into you again and still profound energy fused with love. They assist you and uplift you.

Our active presence in your life is one of the gifts you have and share. The trees embrace you with all their green out-breathings. You have a body that works well, a quick mind, and keen perceptions. All for getting clearer and living deeper in the holy thing called human existence at the crux of humanity’s transformation.

Keep your light shining, your eyes clear and bright. Keep your kindness fluid. When you are able to express from your heart, do it. Let the residue of the past fade.

Now and always the Violet Transmuting flame can help. It will be all right. This we promise. You are safe. You are loved. You are capable of receiving powerful energetic transmissions that you spread by your heart-thoughts.

Be glad and proud that you are doing so well in the midst of crazy times. You are doing your lovely and brave life, on purpose, with kindness, integrity, and beauty. It is wonderful to see.

Be glad for your life. This life, here and now. It is good. You are being fed by more than you know.

We love you without end.

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Invite These Blessings into Your Conscious Awareness

The trees drink in the light. They serve you in your transformation as they receive the light without effort. You do the same. Your daily life can include a deep and nourishing connection to the wisdom of the Earth.

Your real eyes are equipped to take in the light, fine-tuning you as the stream inflows. Light is both particle and wave, so you can receive in many ways. Much comes in now through your crown, that natural aperture where the top bones of your skull flex. When you were born out of your mother, the space was soft and pliable. Third-dimensional living has toughened the area. Yet now the light softens it, widens the field and the possibility of more light entering.

Your eyes also receive. When pure light enters you through these apertures, it touches the back of the retina to enhance your finer perceptions. Do you not notice more shimmering, more glistening in the air, on the water, on the branches and the wings of things? It is so.

Your skin takes in light and radiates its fullness back out. You become more translucent. It is marvelous to see as you grow in this wondrous way.

The light moves in and through you. It happens in your ease. Another great gift of the Mother, that you come closer to her by becoming more like her, more of her. We, your Angels, are made of her lovelight. So you come closer to us, closer to our realm, as you allow and become more light.

The simple statement, I AM Light has vast and powerful ramifications. Say it and notice. Our suggested practice of starting your day by aligning with the great I Am Presence directly and continually fills you with light.

So be blessed, dear Ones of Earth; you grow so quickly now. Your world is changing under you, around you, and most especially though you. You participate in this transformation by your will and with your intent. Let it be. Let the great light be with you now.

In love for you, in response to your call, in alignment with the great Plan of the Mother, we bless you now. We love you always.

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Rituals of Light

We bless the many rituals of light celebrated in all parts of your world. In the northern lands the day is at its longest; in the southern lands, the light now begins its ascent. In all your many worlds, the true Light is on the increase. Be glad you are alive this day no matter your circumstance, no matter the weather or the region. In all places now the impeccable lovelight is rising. So much good work has been done and it shows.

In your rituals, gatherings, and blessings, the ancestors are rejoicing also. Their long and arduous work has been done so that you might all be here now in gladness and deeper knowing. We wish for you to feel it in this moment, the gracious ways the cleansing and renewal are occurring.

It may be wild on the outside, but the indwelling light is with you. As you make note of the turning wheel of light, also notice the turning in your selves. Each of you is stronger, in a way specific to your life and your path of growth. It is thrilling to see how you are growing.


Oh beautiful people of the world, in your many forms and guises, let yourselves live in more trust now. It will be all right. Call on your Angels as proof and reminder that you are not alone. Then breathe and radiate what you know. In your life and in the great wheel of time, the movement is perfect. When you feel the simple and subtle rightness of this day in your life, you will be in synch with the universe. Bless you in the Light.

We love you.

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The Air Is Vibrant

The air is vibrant with expectancy. Now. This now. This day, this time. The sky is nearly clear above you. With the new moon state your intentions for the good of all. It is not the time to fret. You have made it to this time and you can be exultant. There is only good to come.

It is for you, our dear deserved Ones. Prepare your hearts for great joy. How to do this? Enjoy the small, everyday pleasures. Your favorite cup of coffee. Your food prepared well and with love. The swift birds who flit so close to your open window. The friends who wish you well. All things that deepen your happiness.

Stay in this ease as the sun moves across the sky. Let it be a day in continuous flow, a river of grace and steady support. A day of genuine richness, like the greening forest trees that weave you into their web of energetic life. It has already begun and so it will continue.

When you sit at your desk, ride in your car, kneel in your garden, or read these words—remember to ground the light. Remember the great I AM Presence. Invoke it often. Let the Violet Transmuting flame burn up anything that is not of love. Make your decisions from this place of clarity.

Drink in the light. Sink into the light. Ground the light. All is bettered by this one action in your heartmind. Call in your Angels and the great I AM and you have all you need. We are with you now in unending love.

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