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Each Monday Morning

We are with you in the morning and in the clear night. We tune to your sleeping mind to send you pictures of things to come. As you integrate such images and ideas, your vibration accommodates them and rises. Then … Continue reading

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You Are Always Shining

In our eyes you are always shining light. That is the largest part by far. The small thoughts of grumbling or finding fault are very old habit patterns—some of the oldest, we might say. So if you are aware how … Continue reading

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There Is Nothing to Do

We are with you now. Feel us. Feel the softening surround and enter you. There is nothing to do. No action is required of you right now. Be the place where our true lovelight reaches you, surrounds you, penetrates and … Continue reading

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Quietly Shining

You are quietly shining. The quality of light so many of you are now displaying is truly wonderful. It means the amount your bodies can carry as “normal” has increased again. You are nearly all light, as we see you … Continue reading

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Of Great Benefit

Your clear knowing and quiet telling of experiences—these are helpful. What is most useful and beneficial is your knowing. Each prayer, each instance of sending light amplifies the energetic grid. All the great beings who are assisting humanity at this … Continue reading

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We love you

We love you regardless of your work or your service or even your feelings of satisfaction. What we see and support is your light. Your fears and doubts only support a less-than-true illusion of you. Does it feel good to … Continue reading

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