You Are Kindness in Your Soul

Your kindness is in your soul, which shines so brightly and full of light. This is so. Coming now through some last vestiges of “who you are or who you think you are” or more precisely, “who you were formed by in this lifetime and how it affects you still.” So this is a big energetic position. And it is more than that. It holds all the wishes for humanity, for both sanity and delight. Kindness is still stunning to you; yearning to be it, but not bred by it. You were forged in fire, but not tempered by kindness, so you want that taming. This is what you do with our love. Receive it continually; it is ever present.

To say you are not shaped by the container of your family and upbringing would be illogical and in error. But it is not your whole shaping. Your heart and sensibilities have been groomed by your choices and your allies, your friends, and all that you love.

What you linger on, what you align with, what you say, and what you do—these color your daily vibration, your set point. In this struggle you are brave, inward, and determined.

You have your DNA from your lineage lines. You also have your tendencies and habits. In all this you are part of the clearing and the healing. You are part of the rising energy. You are part of the peace.

Yes, the energy has been very strong and challenging. Now you are stabilizing at new frequency levels so that you can accommodate more in your continuing growth. This time will be remembered for its deep and dramatic changes, in you and through you. Let the sun be another kind of fire to warm you. You can see blue skies, clear air, new decisions, fresh outcomes. You are doing so well.

You have the opportunity to live in the moments of kindness within your days.

We welcome you into this expanding peace.
We love you.

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2 Responses to You Are Kindness in Your Soul

  1. Thank you my dear Angels. Your loving, comforting words full of kindness are wonderful to me and the people around me get it too!!!! Merci de tout coeur!!!


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