Hope and Expectancy

Your hearts are tender now in these remarkable times. You feel hope. You feel optimism. And you feel concern. It is reasonable to be roused by injustice. Your hearts are leading you. Peace among nations begins in your hearts. We are pleased to see you as individuals turning toward peaceful means; this is the way massive shifts occur in populations. There are more grassroots movements for positive, sacred action. You will see the results as the balance shifts. This will become a most transformative time.

Yes, there are many people—both young and old—passing into the light. These souls have finished the work they could do in body and now continue their service from the other side. There may be sadness, but a deeper knowing in the hearts of the family members is being felt and recognized as true. This change in the patterns of sorrow is a great advance, which is also happening person by person.

You continue to outpicture and build your new world—Terra Gaia. Inventions for the good of all, beautiful buildings wherein good heart gatherings will be convened, systems of transport that do not rob your great Earth of her riches. Your discoveries, your insights, your creations in art and music and all the forms of self-expression are being enhanced by the greater light you now carry. You are becoming Ones who hold so much light it is now impossible for you to be destructive to yourselves or to your world.

Because you are reading these messages, you are in more ease with your own Angels. Calling on us allows grace to pour into your lives. Saying to your friends, “Yes, I know I have Angels who are with me and love me,” opens them to more ease too. This is both a sudden and a gradual unfoldment. Great leaps of thought and insight come to you. You simply know things that before you did not. You know and trust yourselves more. And you know you are not alone.

We bless everyone who walks in the beauty way, the way of spirit. Notice all the ways in which light increases. You begin to know this from your own lives.

We love you so much. We are with you. We bless you now and always.

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